Meet canadas new high tech plastic currency

CGI Group promises about new high-tech jobs for Quebec - BNN Bloomberg

meet canadas new high tech plastic currency

This new Polymer Ready Bill Counter provides fast and accurate counting of both paper and new polymer Canadian bank notes. . This creates a reputation which allows us to attract investors for private meet . and marketing communications for world-known high-technology brands and global crypto and fin-tech startups. Oct 9, CGI Group promises about new high-tech jobs for Quebec. The Canadian Press. The CGI headquarter is seen Thursday, May 31, in. Nov 18, That's just what the Bank of Canada is planning to do, and the first in an all-new line of plastic money will begin rolling out to consumers this.

What do bigger cars in India, toys in Canada and companies in the cloud have in common? They're all trends that have helped to fuel the best performing mutual funds in Canada over the past 15 years, according to Globefund.

Excel India Fund This fund takes the top spot among the mutual funds accessible to most investors, with an average annual return of 15 per cent after the 3. Story continues below advertisement Portfolio manager Atul Penkar describes his investment style as growth at a reasonable price.

Canada looks at tackling global issue of plastic pollution in oceans |

In addition to outperforming the volatile Indian equity market, vigilant risk management is essential to keep returns steady, Mr. What is more important is the asset quality is incredible," he says.

Penkar says much of the company's rapid growth can be attributed to its ability to get ahead of the shift from smaller cars to mid-size and entry level SUVs. Because of the scale of operations they have, they have been increasing their margins," he says. With a population of more than 1.

meet canadas new high tech plastic currency

The nation's GDP growth has been around 7 to 8 per cent consistently, he says. Dynamic Small Business Fund Closer to home, the second-best year mutual fund performer is the Dynamic Small Business Fund, with an average annual return of The portfolio is managed by a team at Asset Management LP that searches for smaller, undervalued companies.

Start-up devours pollution with new plastic recycling method

There is a lot of value in active management, doing analysis that is not being done by the street and gleaning insight that isn't otherwise widely known," says co-manager Tom Dicker. Dicker attributes the fund's success to a decision in to broaden its mandate, "from being primarily a Canadian fund to owning some U.

It's still high quality and a company we understand well. We still think there's upside," says Mr.

meet canadas new high tech plastic currency

Like the Indian equity market, small caps can be volatile, making risk management essential to long-term returns. Hide Caption 9 of 14 Photos: The plastic age Burning problem — In many of the worst affected countries such as China and the Philippineslocal people lack the infrastructure to properly dispose of plastic waste. In some cases they burn it, releasing dangerous gases associated with cancer.

Canada's High-Tech Plastic Currency

Hide Caption 10 of 14 Photos: The plastic age Plastic people — There are also concerns that people are consuming dangerous plastic through contaminated fish. A survey published in Scientific Reports journal revealed that a quarter of market fish in Indonesia and California contain plastic.

Canada looks at tackling global issue of plastic pollution in oceans

Hide Caption 11 of 14 Photos: The plastic age Picking up the pieces — There are different ideas about how to address the crisis. National and Atmospheric Association favors beach cleaning and public education at local level, combined with challenging policymakers and plastic producers to promote conservation.

Hide Caption 12 of 14 Photos: The plastic age Recycling efforts are becoming more creative.

meet canadas new high tech plastic currency

Plastic waste is now converted into building materials in Cameroon and the Philippines. Charging for plastic bags and bottles and bags has helped to reduce waste.

Hide Caption 13 of 14 Photos: The plastic age Far out — Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat has a more ambitious vision. He has designed a huge trash-eating machine that he intends to deploy at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Hide Caption 14 of 14 This feature is part of Tomorrow's Heroa series profiling young innovators transforming the world for a brighter future. Discover their stories here. CNN Our appetite for plastic continues unabated. But rather than make more, what if we could make do with what we have?

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Recycling plastic has been a stop-start endeavor, plagued by limitations caused by the large variety of plastics we churn out, waste contamination, and the energy-intensive processes which can make recycling an economic moot point. But with the help of a chemical process, year-old Canadian Miranda Wang and her company BioCellection want to change that.

Closing the recycling loop Stability is one of plastic's greatest attributes. It's also plastic's greatest downside.

meet canadas new high tech plastic currency

Read More Meet Amber Yang. She's trying to prevent a space debris catastrophe Unmaking plastic is tough. There's limited evidence some plastics can biodegrade one solution requires mealworms but largely plastics photodegrade in the sun. It's a lengthy process, and the truth is we can only estimate how long it takes. What's certain is that plastic is outliving millions of birds dying with stomachs filled with detritusor ocean life consuming microplastics flowing up the food chain -- all the way to us.

With 8 million metric tons of plastic finding its way into the oceans every year and millions more piling up in landfill, recycling is of vital importance.