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meet cute movie examples

A 'meet cute' is a plot device enabling the first meeting of a film's romantic lead characters. The rest, dear viewer, is history. “Well, this was some meet-cute,” he observes. She doesn't know the term, so he provides an example: “It's how two characters meet in a movie. Cute The Best Meet-Cutes in Film History. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert described the meet-cute quite simply as “when boy meets girl in a cute way.”. A meet-cute is a convention, mostly used in movies, that sets up a situation where two potential lovers have a memorable.

Dan is pretending to be Anna, and sends Larry to where she's likely to be. He meets her there, and despite some initial confusion she very quickly figures out that Dan must have been pretending to be her.

She and Larry then hit it off really well. Cited in the commentary of the Dirty Harry movie Sudden Impact when Harry and Sondra Locke 's character Jennifer Spencer meet for the first time Hardball had Keanu Reeves' character Conor meet his eventual love interest after she unintentionally smacked him with a door. They bump into each other when Van is on his way to work and Judy is on her way to look for a job.

He knocks her hat off, accidentally puts a bird on her head, and then her skirt gets caught in his bike wheel as he drives off leaving her in her bloomies. Judy then gets a job at the same store as Van. You've Got Mail does Meet Cute as well, just updates it to In ScroogedFrank Cross meets the love of his life when she walks out of a store and whacks him "right between the eyes" with the door.

She nicknames him "Lumpy" after the incident. Do you shop here often? Because if you do, I can walk on the other side of the street. Frank and The Ghost of Christmas Past: Badum bum bum In Notting Hillthe characters played by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts meet when he smacks into her as they both round a corner from opposite directions and he spills juice all over her blouse — setting up both the need for him to invite her to his house across the street to clean up and his charming clumsiness.

The best part is that as we track them both heading for this collision, Hugh Grant's character seems to be avoiding looking straight ahead, for no particular reason.

Dylan and Lila have a Meet Cute. She runs into him and knocks him flat, with her landing on top, which is about the cheapest Meet Cute you can buy at the Movie Cliche Store.

The 20 best meet-cutes in rom-com history

In Desert HeatRhonda and Eddie Meet Cute in a diner complete with name mix-ups and being unable to take their eyes off each other. In The Number 23the hero and his wife first meet when he bumps into her in the street and she drops her cake box. Played with in Godzilla to make a Kaiju version. They trade it from mouth to mouth like a kiss before the female takes it to feather the nest.

The resultant product is called a "meat Q-tip" sandwich, shortened to Meet Cute. Town prostitute Callie Travers tries to engineer this by 'accidentally' bumping into the Stranger and starting an argument with him. The Stranger is not amused, dragging her into a nearby barn and raping her. Zabriskie Point features an elaborate and jokey version where the boy is an outlaw flying an aeroplane on the lam across the LA desert and the girl is driving a car cross-country on an empty road below.

The boy catches the girl's attention by flying really low in a series of stunt flights to get a closer look. In ArielTaisto meets Irmeli when she gives him a parking ticket. Lenormant and he's trying to fix his cardboard boots after they got wet. In Irreconcilable DifferencesAlbert meets Lucy while he's hitchhiking across the country. She drives through a puddle and splatters him with mud.

In April ShowersApril and Sean first meet during the theater group's initiation ceremony.

meet cute movie examples

Harper and Charlie first meet when arguing over buying food from a delivery man. Rocky first meeting aside, they prove to get along well later on. They later try to invoke this when trying to set up their bosses.

They decide on locking them in an elevator. In Margarita With A StrawLaila first meets Khanum after pulling her to safety when a protest turns violent and Khanum is left disoriented from tear gas.

Literature In A Brother's PriceJerin meets Ren when he sneaks to the kitchen to get something to eat he hasn't eaten all day because he didn't want to show his face with so many strange women in the houseRen startles him, and he nearly falls into the fireplace, so she has to catch him.

meet cute movie examples

Subverted in American Gods. Mister Town meets Laura by the side of the road and offers her a lift. Within the span of less than an hour, they make playful banter and run through the rain with newspapers held over their heads, laughing. The character is convinced that he's found true love for the first time in his life.

Then Laura kills him just like she killed his friends. Of course, if you've read the novel faithfully up to that point, you already know that Laura is Shadow's undead wife who's willing to murder others to help him, so you know from the start that it isn't going to end well for the hapless guy. Pye met their mother the soon-to-be Mrs. Pye when, for kicks and giggleshe decided to run "up" the "down" escalator in what he thought was an abandoned subway station.

Naturally, he ended up running down their mother-to-be, who was riding "down" it. Piper to Jason in The Heroes of Olympus. The Wheel of Time has several. Rand meets Elayne after climbing the wall of her palace garden to use as a vantage point and falling down the wrong side of it, Mat meets Tuon properly when he encounters her while trying to escape a city occupied by her troops, Bayle Domon meets Egeanin when she boarded his ship to inspect his cargo, etc. Jack and Ellen's first meeting in The Warrior Heir is relatively normal, but their introduction to the other's secret identities comes when they are thrown into a ring and forced into a duel to the death to determine which of the two wizard houses would gain supremacy for the next few decades.

Ellen ends up saving his life in the duel instead of killing him, due to developing a crush on him during their normal time together. Seph and Madison in the next book meet when Seph tries to use magic to get information out of Madison and she drains his energy through the spell.

Lampshaded and referenced in Gravity's Rainbow: It was what Hollywood likes to call a "cute meet," out in the neat 18th-century heart of downtown Tunbridge Wells, Roger motoring in the vintage Jaguar up to London, Jessica at the roadside struggling prettily with a busted bicycle, murky wool ATS skirt hiked up on a handle bar In Masks of Aygrima: Mara meets her Love Interest Keltan when she's sneaking around Tamita at night and hides in the coal cellar he was hiding in, forcing him to threaten her with a knife in order to stay hidden.

When they meet later, they quickly become friends due to the previous incident being Nothing Personal. A Song of Ice and Fire: A dwarf boy and his athletic older brother run into a girl pursued by bandits. The older brother fights off the thugs and the younger brother comforts the girl.

Boy and girl like each other and get married. This is how Tysha and Tyrion Lannister with the brother being Jaime meet And then it doesn't go well. Averted later on when it was revealed by Jamie that it in fact wasn't a date prank, and that Tysha in fact did love Tyrion In the novel Variable Star by Robert A.

Heinlein and Spider Robinsonthe protagonist refers to this trope by name when describing his initial encounters with various women. A Novel" where the narrator meets friend he ends up falling for when she persistently IMs him out of the blue with different screen names.

He's never met her, except possibly in passing, and he has no idea who the names belong to. Justified in that the author met a female friend albeit, one he never dated that way, and the book is assembled from fictionalized versions of real events. Subverted in that he met her that way years before the events of the novel, they never got together in that time in fact, he was sort-of seeing someone for part of it and the plot of the book is partially about him trying to tell her his feelings and that the book ends intentionally ambiguously with regards to whether they ever get together.

Annie on My Mind has a very peaceful meeting They then proceed to act out swordfighting in the Arms and Armor hall. It's a Meet Very Cute. In The Phantom of the Opera Christine and Raoul meet as children when he rushes into the sea to save her scarf. Raptor Red has a series of these with a male raptor, where a series of unusual circumstances prevent him from carrying out the normal courtship ritual.

When they first meet, for example, they happen to be hunting the same dinosaur. In The Crocodile on the Sandbank, Amelia Peabody and Emerson first meet in a museum, where they promptly have a blazing row over antiquities.

By the end of the book they're happily married and expecting their first child. Discworld Verence and Magrat's first meeting in Wyrd Sisters probably counts, at least on the embarrassment front; she's soaking wet after spending the morning gathering herbs and he's, well, The Jester in full uniform, which is embarrassing enough for anyone. And when he realises he's disturbed a witch, he runs away. She then starts criticising the co-star she hasn't met yet, which is him.

Possibly Holy Wood magic insisted on the movie trope. He invoked Commonality Connection on their anti- Meaningful Namesexplaining that "Sherlock" means "the blond one.

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When Blomkvist becomes aware of her actions, he decides to retaliate by barging in on her apartment unexpected for added awkwardness, in the movie, he manages to catch Salander in bed with a girlfriend. Surprisingly, this does not stop them from developing a rapport, which leads to him enlisting her aid in finding out what happened to Harriet Vanger. Later, she decides to make their relationship sexual.

The sequel relates that she first met her on-again-off-again girlfriend Mimmy after getting so drunk at a gay pride parade that she felt an irresistible urge to embrace the cute talking lemon in her vicinity. Said lemon was actually Mimmy in a costume. A platonic version occurs in Tales of the Citywhere future best friends Michael and Mary Ann first meet when Michael's then-boyfriend Robert asks for advice on making hollandaise sauce, and she thinks he's hitting on her.

Later, after she moves into Mrs. Madrigal's building, she discovers that Michael is her neighbor. Cordelia Naismith is the commander of a Betan scientific survey group and Aral Vorkosigan is the commander of the Barrayaran taskforce that just attacked her base, killing one of her men and landing another with serious brain damage.

It's Love at First Sightat least on Aral's side, and he proposes marriage about three days later. In Relativitywhen Greg meets Sara he knows he's going to fall in love with her, partially because when he dropped a bunch of empty take-out trays on a busy street, she was the only person to stop and help him gather them up.

meet cute movie examples

She's on an multispecies alien planet which she knows has no contact with Earth, trying to communicate with a shifty humanoid alien in pidgin the Doctor has disappeared and taken his Translator Microbes with him. He's an Alien Abducteewho is partly fascinated by the first fellow human he's seen in years, but is mostly amusing himself playing along with what he considers her patronising attitude to the natives.

She is not happy when she figures it out. Belligerent Sexual Tension ensues, and at the end of the book they decide to get married. Lampshaded by name in what turns out to be a dream sequence in Kim Newman 's horror novel Bad Dreams.

Live Action TV A rather interesting variation less "Meet Cute" than "Meet Morbidly Fascinated" happens in Babylon Berlinwhere Gereon Rath - a police inspector working in the vice squad - and Charlotte Ritter - a seretary working for homicide - collide after getting out of the paternoster an old-timey liftand spill their respective departments' evidence photos all over the floor.

As they try and figure out which of the scattered pictures feature grisly murders and which depict perverted sex crimes, they use the chance to make introductions.

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A very strange example in WorkaholicsAdam meets a homeless woman after buying beer at a convenience store. She tries to steal the beer, he tackles her, and they scream in each other's faces. Lampshaded in Lucky Star: In Basiliskduring their first meeting, a hiccup causes Oboro to stumble and spill a tray of tea she was serving all over Gennosuke.

Most of Love Hina is filled with this trope Keitaro and Naru get it most often, particularly in the episode where they both decide, separately, that they need to go on vacation, bump into each other, both break their glasses, and have to spend the day together, doing romantic stuff, only to find out when they've regained their glasses who they are, and spend the rest of their trip escorting an anemic girl back to her home island. Makoto in The Girl Who Leapt Through Timeafter several failed matchmaking attempts, uses her time-leaping ability to forcibly arrange a Meet Cute for Kousuke and Kaho by putting them in just the right positions for Kousuke to get involuntarily tackled into Kaho by another student.

This ultimately leads to Kousuke and Kaho dying in a train accident, and Makoto later undoes her meddling in favor of a much simpler approach. In Code Geasshow Euphemia and Suzaku first met. With her jumping out of a window several stories above ground and landing in his arms.

Then again, everything about Euphemia tends to be played as being Moe Moe. In Kare KanoYukino's parents were childhood friends who bumped into each other on her mother's first day in middle school.

The way Sena and Suzuna meet in Eyeshield Seriously, the artist should have put a big fat "Love Interest" label on her forehead.

The sad part is that being a shounen sports manga, nothing was ever done with them. Not even in the Distant Finale. Double Arts reveals in a side comic that Kiri's parents met this way. When a super-tall boy and a super-tiny girl trying to enroll in a seamstressing school misestimate the "normal" sizes of their trial garments Subverted hard in Darker Than Black. Li ends up saving Chiaki several times just by being in the right place at the right time, including once with a Fake-Out Make-Outand eventually promises to help her escape the country.

However, "Li" is just the civilian alias of Hei, a. He was stringing her along purposefully in order to learn what she knew. And on top of that, it wasn't even the real Chiaki- it was a Doll programmed with her personality as a decoy to draw him out.

In Saiunkoku MonogatariShuurei and Ryuuki meet when she tries to get some cherry blossom petals to float in her tea, but can't reach any. Ryuuki stops to help her out, but a strong wind make him accidentally break the whole branch off. They end up having tea and Shuurei's home made sweet bean buns together. Of course, Shuurei was in the garden in the first place specifically to meet Ryuuki, making the encounter semi-planned, but the "cute" of the Meet Cute happened purely by accident.

In Sailor MoonUsagi and Mamoru meet when she accidentally hits him with a failing test she'd tossed over her shoulder. This repeated several times in the anime with her hitting him in the head with flung shoes, maintaining the Slap Slap Kiss dynamic they had for much of the first series.

They even met again at the finale of the first series, after everyone has lost their memories, and yet she meets him again as the same stock footage of the test paper incident plays from the first episode - making this a reMeet Cute. Rei tries to invoke this trope when she develops a crush on Mamoru, by attempting to run into his arms and blush accordingly. It totally doesn't work -- he steps on her when she falls. Rei, ever the trooper, goes with it anyway.

ChibiUsa finds a little boy's keychain when he drops it. Cue bishie sparkle when she sees him and he seems wonderful ChibiUsa is not amused. Haruhi stumbles into the Host Club while looking for a quiet place to study and is mistaken for a boy. When Tamaki finally finds out Haruhi is really a girl he's left speechless and blushing. We even get two different versions: While Meet Cute tends to force a coupling, Haruhi's initially disinterested in all six boys in her Unwanted Harem and relationships in the manga seem develop pretty naturally.

Hellsingof all things have two examples both fit the Boy Meets Ghoul trope too. First one, manga only, when Alucard and Integra meet which includes an oddly endearing and awkward scene of Integra asking his permission to sit next to him when he was a corpse and curls beside him, wishing he were a Knight in Shining Armor that would save her. Although it's not even hinted at I don't think in the main continuity, Kyon of Suzumiya Haruhi has two encounters that fit this bill with Nagato during the movie.

The first is when he helps her get a library card, told in flashback, since he doesn't remember the event. Nor did she find out his name. The second is when he enters the former club room to find only Nagato sitting there and finally introducing himself to her. She then sets the remains on fire. Becomes a driving plot point in Arashi no Yoru nias a wolf and a goat meet in a pitch-black barn one night and become friends, each oblivious to the other's species. This is the setup for their forbidden friendship.

In XYuzuriha meets Kusanagi when he kneels down to pet her spirit dog Inuki, posing himself as the first person, other than her, able to see and touch Inuki. She almost immediately falls into him, in slow motion, and embraces him, Tears of Joy in her eyes, both of them surrounded by hovering white feathers. After excusing herself, she runs away to meet with her comrades, leaving an utterly confused Kusanagi behind her. In general, this trope is invoked by the Literature girl, and recognized by this name by the boy Hidenori.

She was a captured superheroine, he was the minion tying her up. They don't like to talk about how they met. Girl meets boy, boy asks girl out, boy turns out to be a vampire wanting to feed, girl turns out to be another vampire who was actually looking for a date, they decide to go on one after all. The girl vampire, who is firmly convinced she's in a romantic comedyeven calls it a Meet Cute.

Fan Fic Edit In Dept Heaven Apocryphaflagship couple Milanor and Nessiah first met up having to wash dishes together as a punishment for falling asleep during the school's opening ceremony.

They got into an argument, after which Nessiah wound up hospitalized due to using too much magic, and the two of them became friends there. They didn't actually become a couple until a bit later on, though.

Meria and Seth first met while the latter was on the run from some teachers after destroying one too many precious objects. Their relationship didn't last too long, unfortunately. Not exactly a direct meeting, but the first meeting of Adam Squall and Violet Parr turns out to be fairly awkward, especially because Adam had just turned back into a human.

It's implied that the two of them hooked up shortly afterward, though, although whether they formed a genuine romantic relationship remains to be seen. They hit it off quite well after getting over their initial shyness. Early in the film, Gene Kelly 's character is running from a crowd of fans.

He's jumping from the roofs of cars, taxis, trolleys, etc. The driver, played by Debbie Reynoldsaccuses Kelly's character of being a no-talent hack, and they yell at each other before he leaves. Needless to say, they end up romantically involved.

This makes it Older Than Television. The trope's prevalence in Old Hollywood made it a requirement for inclusion in The Artist. Peppy drops her autograph book, ducks under a cop's arm to retrieve it and stumbles right into George, touching off both their relationship and her career at the same time. Subverted in Gone with the Wind. Kal Ho Naa Ho must take this to the extreme. Aman yells at the Kapoors for their awful singing, and their arguing gets Naina's attention. Of course, he doesn't get her.

Played with in the movie Made In Heaventhe couple meets, falls in love and gets married in heaven. However, Annie is sent down to earth. Mike goes down to find her, and must Meet Cute by the time he is So, basically, Meet Cute drives the main plot of the entire film. A Double Subversion occurs in True Romance. Clarence and Alabama meet cute in classic style, complete with spilled popcorn, bonding over Sonny Chiba movies, and romance in a comic-book store.

Then it turns out that she's a call girl who was hired specifically to meet cute with him. However, they do eventually fall in love with each other for real.

The The Truman Showbeing a TV show in which the main character was unaware of his reality, played with numerous tropes like this. Truman's hand-picked cheerleader love interest in his high school years, the woman who eventually would be his wife, was set up to meet him in an artificial Meet Cute; she tripped and fell right in front of him.

It didn't work, and an incidental background extra who happened to be nearby at the time was the one he truly fell in love with, and after she was forcibly removed from his made-up world, he nursed a secret, almost obsessive love for her for his whole life. In Can't Hardly Waitthe main character finds all the signs of his one true love in his freshman year, up to eating the same flavor of Pop Tart Of course they get together at the end of the movie, though.

If Will and Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean don't count, nobody does. Especially since that was a Rescue Romance both ways. But even though they met as small children because he was fished from the sea after a pirate attack, it's implied that went through the normal steps of being childhood friends before the romance started. Not that there's ever any real doubt about who ultimately ends up with whom. In Disney's animated One Hundred and One DalmatiansPongo the male dalmatian intentionally arranges a Meet Cute for his owner and Perdita's owner by tangling his leash in their owners' legs and pulling them into a pond.

This is a staple in many of the classic screwball comedies: It Happened One Night - Clark Gable, playing a penniless, cynical reporter, and Claudette Colbert, playing a spoiled runaway heiress, meet on a bus.

They argue over who should get the last seat, and Claudette Colbert ends up falling asleep on his shoulder overnight. Colbert likes to sleep in a man's pajama top but doesn't wear the bottoms, so she wants to buy only a top. Cooper sleeps in pajama bottoms and doesn't want to buy a top. Since the store sells pajamas only as top and bottom sets, it's inevitable that she and he will choose a pair they both like. This movie was directed by European-born Hollywood director Ernst Lubitsch, who inadvertently invented the term "meet cute" because he had difficulty speaking English.

Bringing Up Baby - Cary Grant's dorky paleontologist runs into Katharine Hepburn's madcap heiress on the golf course; she mistakes his ball for her own, and he follows her around trying to convince her that it's his ball, not hers. She then drives off in his car, with him teetering on the running board.

The Lady Eve - Barbara Stanwyck plays a femme fatale out to snag rich men so she and her father can cheat them at cards; Henry Fonda plays a naive but wealthy heir to a brewery.

Wanting to make lots of money off him, she deliberately sticks out her foot and trips him, then berates him for breaking the heel off her shoe. He accompanies her to her cabin, where he puts a new pair of shoes on her feet himself as she aggressively flirts with him. Deeds Goes to Town - Gary Cooper plays a naive country boy who suddenly becomes a millionaire. Once he moves to the big city, the cynical reporter played by Jean Arthur wants to meet him so she can do a big story on him -- so she pretends to faint outside his mansion, and he gallantly comes to her aid.

In a scene from the upcoming movie My Best Friend's Girl, Dane Cook's character actually talks about this trope and calls it Meet Cute, saying it's common in Rom Coms because all girls want that funny, witty guy, charming, dorky guy.

He then goes on to invoke this trope by running with her on the track and falling over her then being struck by her beauty when she tries to help him up. Amusingly in the commentary Bill Nighy tries to reference this trope but calls it a ' sweet meet '.

He is promptly mocked. The film whose review gave us the quote at the top of the page, Serendipity, consists of a couple meeting cute for the entire first half of the movie, before trying to Screw Destiny for no particular reason by testing how badly fate wants them to be together The answer: The Holiday explicitly spells this out via an elderly screenwriter who's probably been in Hollywood long enough to name most of the tropes found in the film.

One of the female leads has a meet cute with him that leads only to friendship, but she has another with Jack Black that leads to romance.

Played with in Back to The Future. In the beginning, Lorraine reveals that she met George this way and they don't have a particularly good marriage. When Marty goes back in time, he meets her the same way and she falls for him instead. So basically Lorraine would have fallen for whoever her dad's car hit that day. Doc Brown explains this onscreen with the same implications. Of course, once Marty gets involved, he turns it from Meet Cute into a Rescue Romance and things turn out to go surprisingly well from then on.

Alex meets Lara when she saves him from choking at a press freedom rally. Brutally subverted in the movie Red Eye. Lisa meets this charming guy at the ticket counter, they have a drink and flirt at the airport bar, and end up sitting next to each other on the plane. Too bad he's a Psycho for Hire who may or may not be a Stalker with a Crush. She probably should have guessed as much when she found out his name was Jackson Rippner.

Played with in 50 First Dateswhere a woman and a guy meet in standard fashion, in a bar. Except she got a brain injury that kept her from converting her daily short-term memory to long term.

The rest of the movie is him making her fall in love with him. They even marry and have kids. Rakesh and Vimmi in Bunty Aur Babli meet in a train station after they both fail to get the jobs they really wanted. Vimmi lies to Rakesh, saying she's going to be a model. Rakesh congratulates her and then she starts bawling in a really loud and annoying way.

Lampshaded and subverted, given what follows in Disney's Enchanted after Giselle falls into her Prince's arms. Even though they didn't end up together, Bud and Doyle meeting those two hot scientists in Bio-Dome is a definite Meet Cute. Non-romantic example in Star Trek. Kirk and Spock's first meeting involves Spock getting Kirk court-martialed for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test.

The writers have actually stated that the heart of the film is them falling in love with each other - but in a platonic sense. The events of The Adjustment Bureau are kicked off with a meet cute, when David Harris is in the men's room nervously preparing his "defeat speech" after losing the senate vote - and dancer Elise pops out of a stall, having hidden there to avoid security.

This meeting was pre-approved by the eponymous bureau. Their next meeting, however, was not. In Closer one of the couples if you can call them that meets when Larry chats to Dan in an online sex chat room. Dan is pretending to be Anna, and sends Larry to where she's likely to be. He meets her there, and despite some initial confusion she very quickly figures out that Dan must have been pretending to be her. She and Larry then hit it off really well.

In TangledRapunzel knocks Flynn out with a frying pan when he intrudes into her tower. Cited in the commentary of the Dirty Harry movie Sudden Impact when Harry and Sondra Locke 's character Jennifer Spencer meet for the first time Hardball had Keanu Reeves' character Conor meet his eventual love interest after she unintentionally smacked him with a door.

They bump into each other when Van is on his way to work and Judy is on her way to look for a job. He knocks her hat off, accidentally puts a bird on her head, and then her skirt gets caught in his bike wheel as he drives off leaving her in her bloomies. Judy then gets a job at the same store as Van. You've Got Mail does Meet Cute as well, just updates it to In ScroogedFrank Cross meets the love of his life when she walks out of a store and whacks him "right between the eyes" with the door.

She nicknames him "Lumpy" after the incident. Do you shop here often? Because if you do, I can walk on the other side of the street. Frank and The Ghost of Christmas Past: