Meet dave dancing scene caddyshack

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meet dave dancing scene caddyshack

10 best Caddyshack scenes, quotes in honor of its 35th anniversary crazy dance on the golf links – Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik – "Bushwood Country Club," Retro travel posters inspired by pop culture by illustrators Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo. .. Mid-Century meets Industrial Kitchen. Meet Dave Soundtrack. (). Show all . Dancing on Ice (TV Series) ( performer - 2 episodes) . Caddyshack (performer: "Boogie Wonderland"). Caddyshack () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Dangerfield is at his best, delivering his classic lines ("this meat's so tough you can see where the jockey was There is not a single scene without comedic chaos. . Caddyshack had this stuff, plus a mischievous, dancing gopher. . Dave January

The story here revolves around a young man named Danny Noonan Michael O'Keefea caddy at the upscale Bushwood Country Club, who is bucking for a caddy scholarship to get him into college. Smails responds by letting Danny mow his lawn and attend a christening ceremony for his new yacht. So Danny takes some advice from Ty while caddying for him; advice which just may ultimately have an effect on whether or not he gets his scholarship. But then again, you never know; it's that kind of movie.

And there's no getting around it, this is funny stuff. The humor in this movie runs the gamut from broad to subtle, with at least two sight gags thrown in that identify it as belonging to the genre it helped create.

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Rarely does a comedy or any film for that matter have so many actors who fit their characters so perfectly as in this film, beginning with Chevy Chase, who embodies the slightly skewed and off-center Ty Webb so well it's almost frightening.

Webb is a guy who veritably floats through life in a perpetual Zen-like state of distraction, and it makes you realize that there probably really are characters like this walking around in the real world. But if the existence of a Ty Webb type is only highly probable, there's no doubt whatsoever about the fact that there are guys like Al Czervik amongst us.

meet dave dancing scene caddyshack

Rodney Dangerfield plays Czervik, the obnoxious, fun-loving, high-rolling land developer with a specially made golf club and an eye on Bushwood. In Czervik, Dangerfield creates a character who is outrageous, droll, lacks any taste whatsoever, and is entirely hilarious. It is, without question, the best character and performance of Dangerfield's cinematic career, and -- like Chase-- it's almost scary the way he fits into the character so naturally and completely.

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He rode northbound up Meridian and crossed over Mission St. Then he rides by some California houses before crossing through the gates of the country club.

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Well really he is riding through the gates to Bel Air on Sunset Blvd. Then he arrives at work. Then we see him out on the course with Ty Webb.

The vehicles going by in the background are driving north and south on SW 88th Ave. Then we see Judge Smails arriving thru the gate. You can almost make out the sign on the right side of the gate that reads Bel Air, West Gate. Then we see the Judge witness massive course destruction at the hands of a gopher.

meet dave dancing scene caddyshack

The flag indicates the 14th hole but that does not match up. Exact location unknown, so far. The grounds keeper blames it on the nearby construction. Looks like a shot from California.

He finds him, well, cleaning his balls. This was filmed at Rolling Hills near the main club house by what is the tee for the 10th hole. There appears to be some type of tower perhaps a water tower in the background behind what what may or may not be a tennis court.

The tower no longer exist. Looking at satellite pictures from and comparing them to today. It is clear that development has encroached on the course. Then we go to the Caddyshack. There is a sign on the left side of the building pointing to the left that reads Maintenance Area. This was filmed at Rolling Hills by their maintenance buildings. Then on the same course we see an elderly couple golfing.

meet dave dancing scene caddyshack

At one point we see the caddy shack in the background. They are on the 17th fairway. Then we go back to the caddy shack where we learn the price of coke has risen and the Caddy scholarship has again become available. Then we go to the club house. Ohh it looks good on you though.

Then we go to the front of Rolling Hills where Rodney arrives. Then we go out on the course where we meet Lacy Underall. This was filmed at Rolling Hills. They tee off on what is now the 4th hole near the club house.

They are walking eastbound down what is currently the fairway of the 8th hole of Grande Oaks, the former Rolling Hills. This is the far north- west corner of the course and they are walking along the northern border. At one time you can see a sign in the background that reads Harvest. That is a real sign and is still the name of the complex seen in the background. SW 30th Street is also seen in the background.