Meet domainers 2012 jeep

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meet domainers 2012 jeep

10 February Cenzic Expands White-Labeled ClickToSecure Cloud Solution to Meet Web Application Security Demand Globally Tocquigny Develops TripCast iPhone App for the Jeep Brand BUSINESS WIRE)-- NameMedia today announced the launch of Domainer's Advantage, an interactive knowledge. .com/alachua-county-school-calendarmeet-teachers-middle-school. pdf pdf. Cross Media to unveil top brands' latest multi-channel marketing strategies to the Yahoo! board at the upcoming annual meeting of Yahoo! shareholders. Ms. Hart Tocquigny Develops TripCast iPhone App for the Jeep Brand BUSINESS WIRE)--NameMedia today announced the launch of Domainer's.

Internationalized domain name

It appears that not even The General can resist the lure of eBay these days, as it has entered in a partnership with the online auctioneer as a way of selling off its entire inventory of GM Certified Used Vehicles that are currently sitting at over 3, GM dealer lots in the U.

The CPO Showroom enables consumers to view certified pre-owned inventory from dealers within their local area via a classified listings format. Consumers, in turn, can communicate with dealers directly via email or a toll-free number and through the eBay Motors platform.

We now offer our dealers the most comprehensive program in the industry, listing their inventory on more than websites. Chrysler's deal with eBay is not exclusive, per the company, which has similar deals with the likes of Cars. EBay already gets million visits per day. Dealers then talk to potential customers through their CRM systems and consumers can talk to dealers through the eBay Motors' platform.

Ebay says dealers can add additional packages and features, such as eBay Motors Local Market, a subscription-based service wherein dealers can upload their used-car lot CPO and non to local area buyers or list specific inventory units. Virtually every automaker spanning the range of market segments has a CPO program. Chrysler says its CPO sales have set sales records every year since its launch.

meet domainers 2012 jeep

The Auburn Hills, Mich. I wish I had more time to take a camcorder on the street and make my points. How many know that you don't have to manually build email distribution lists? Can back-up their stuff?

meet domainers 2012 jeep

Or could explain their phone bills and contracts? If asked, since Google is free how does it make all that money? And could they guess who Google's biggest account is right now and what keyword drives the demand? In various company ownership transactions set out in evidence, Mr.

The Respondent says that the pay-per-click advertising on the site at present is provided by an automated service of Yahoo that places advertisements and links according to keywords.

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According to precedent the Respondent is not responsible for their choice and Yahoo is able to remove any that are inappropriate. The domain name is parked and the incidental revenue from click-through is trivial.

meet domainers 2012 jeep

The Respondent strenuously denies ever having been associated with spam, fraud or illegal activity. Discussion and Findings Paragraph 4 a of the Policy states that the respondent is required: The dispute is properly within the scope of the Policy and the Panel has jurisdiction to decide the dispute.

The Frager Factor:

Identical or Confusingly Similar The Complainant must prove that it has rights in a mark and that the disputed domain name is confusingly similar to that mark. The Complainant submits in evidence copies of a number of trademark registration documents, establishing satisfactorily that it is at present the owner of the trademark GEOPOST. It is noted that the trademark registration date is later than the domain name registration date. Paragraph 4 a i of the Policy does not require that the trademark was registered prior to the domain name, but is focused on the narrow question of whether the disputed domain name is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark.

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Rights or Legitimate Interests Paragraph 4 a ii of the Policy requires the Complainant to prove that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name. This is inherently difficult to do comprehensively because it requires the proving of negatives.

Usually it is approached by the Complainant making out a prima facie case to that effect, which the Respondent has the opportunity to disprove under paragraph 4 c of the Policy, which reads in part as follows: The Respondent is not using the domain name in connection with a bona fide offering goods or services, but has parked it.

The Respondent sets out to show that it does have rights in the disputed domain name. The Respondent says the domain name was first registered on June 11,and it was not until more than 20 months later that the Complainant applied to register the GEOPOST mark on February 23,according to the record supplied by the Complainant. The Complainant argues, on the basis of Whois documents submitted, that the domain name was not registered or acquired in the name of the Respondent on June 11, as claimed, but later, between September 14, and June 11,which would be after registration of the trademark had been applied for.

meet domainers 2012 jeep

The Respondent posits that it has owned the domain name since June 11,and that ownership has not effectively changed since then, by the following reasoning. In AprilMail. The article appears to be a factual and responsible business report and there is no evidence to the contrary.

Having regard to all the evidence, the Panel is satisfied that in this particular case the disputed domain name has remained under the effective control and beneficial ownership of the same guiding mind since its first registration on June 11, The issue of the relative registration dates of domain names and trademarks has been well canvassed in Deutsche Post AG v.

D involving the present Respondentwhere the panel said: Dwhere the panel said: Registration of a domain name prior to the registration of a trademark might not necessarily grant the registrant rights exceeding those of the trademark holder. For example, a registrant may have anticipated the formation of a new trademark through a possible merger of businesses, or may have heard of a business plan and registered the probable new trademark as a domain name MedTel Outcomes, LLC v.

In the present case there is no evidence to suggest such activity or any other nefarious scenario. The scale of the interval of 20 months between registration of the disputed domain name and the later registration of the GEOPOST trademark by the Complainant argues against any attempt to target or preempt the Complainant. In the terms of paragraph 4 c i of the Policy the Respondent is found to have made demonstrable preparations to use the domain name in connection with a bona fide offering of goods or services, well before any notice of the dispute.

Furthermore the Respondent is found to have registered the domain name in circumstances and at a time when it did not appear to infringe any trademark of the Complainant.

meet domainers 2012 jeep

Inevitably the Complainant has failed to establish its grounds under paragraph 4 a ii of the Policy and must fail in proving its case overall.