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Meeting the Challenge of Providing Flexible Learning Opportunities: All patients had facial function House-Brackmann (HB) grade VI, either caused by at the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Switzerland, between and .. Jacek A.; Ratzlaff, Charles; Halai, Lalji; Cibere, Jolanda; Esdaile, John M. Full Text Available Selection potential for meat quality of economically important Since March this year, Geneva and neighbouring parts of France have been the .. Gupta, Sandeep Kumar; Kumar, Ajit; Hussain, Syed Ainul; Vipin; Singh, Lalji These are the first data available on the home range of domestic pigs kept. In children and adolescents, meeting the VPA guideline was associated with less ST on Lalji, U C; Houben, I P L; Prevos, R; Gommers, S; van Goethem, M; .. The Dutch School in Geneva organizes Dutch education for children in the primary and . This paper discusses house price developments in the Netherlands.

Since the two parties were unable to agree otherwise, the match took place as a one-on-one deed of gift match [NB 1] in gigantic, specialized multi-hull racing yachts with no other clubs or teams participating.


The litigation leading up to the match included which club would be the challenger, the dates and venue for the regattas, certain rules governing the regattas in particular the measurement rulesand the construction of the boats. When SNG and CNEV published their protocol for the 33rd America's Cup challenge, there was widespread consternation over its terms, with some teams and yacht clubs calling it the worst protocol in the history of the event. GGYC also asked that it be named as the rightful Challenger of Record, being the first club to file a conforming challenge.

CNEV had no boats, no clubhouse, only four members vice presidents of the Spanish Sailing Federationand had never run a regatta of any type. The protocol was the subject of much criticism, with some teams and yacht clubs calling it the worst protocol in the history of the event.

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New York courts decide disputes regarding the terms of the Deed of Gift because the America's Cup is held under the terms of a charitable legal trust established under New York law.

The suit alleged that CNEV did not meet the terms of the Deed of Gift as a legitimate yacht club that would qualify to be the challenger of record, in particular because it had never held an annual regatta, which, according to GGYC, was a requirement under the Deed of Gift.

Because of the precedent set in the America's Cup where the San Diego Yacht Club defended against a monohull yacht with a catamaran, any non mutual-consent challenger must specify the largest multi-hull possible under the terms of the Deed of Gift, if it is to have any chance of winning.

Consequently, GGYC specified its yacht as having a ft length-waterline, and ft beam. But the Appellate Division ruled that the phrase "having for its annual regatta," as used in the Deed of Gift, is ambiguous. Therefore, CNEV could satisfy the requirement by "intend[ing] to hold an annual regatta and do[ing] so prior to the date of its proposed match.

Indeed, despite various calls for negotiation,[16] it had been apparent for some time that the provisions of the Deed of Gift would likely govern the match, and, further, that the parties did not agree on the interpretation of certain provisions of the Deed of Gift or of the court decision. In Marchthe parties had attempted to agree on dates for the races. SNG took the position that it was entitled to a month period to prepare for the race and, because it was based in the Northern Hemisphere, the races could not take place until May However, SNG refused to accept a race in Februaryarguing again that the deed did not permit racing in the Northern Hemisphere until May.

Given that the literal meaning could not apply, the order must be interpreted consistent with the Deed of Gift.

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For this purpose, about lady officers were interviewed and assessed on their potential and capacity for challenges and hardships. It was a rigorous selection process. This brilliant young officer is a third- generation officer, who was commissioned into the Military Intelligence MI Corps in An English post-graduate by education, she is quite an accomplished officer.

Judging by the competitive levels she triumphed, we can only assume what mettle this inspiring young lady possesses.

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ADCs are serving officers who personally assist top- ranking officers of the forces, including the Army Chief and Army Commanders. Lalji, was delighted when his grand daughter kept the family tradition alive by becoming an officer in the Army; and one can only imagine the pride her father Colonel S. Lalji would have experienced as his daughter marched on as a commissioned officer at OTA Chennai.

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In fact, her father is confident that their family will have a fourth generation of officers in the family too! Her grandfather also wishes to witness that proud moment. It is so endearing to see their love and dedication towards their organization.