Meet greet emblem3 imagines

reality ruined my life, Meet & Greet - Niall Horan Imagine for

meet greet emblem3 imagines

Explore Abigail 's board "One Direction Meet & Greet" on Pinterest. 1d Tour, Meet, One Direction Imagines, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, 5sos, Celebs, Vegas. Read Niall Imagine (Meet and Greet) from the story One Direction Imagines by RebeccaLynn1 with reads. stir-fry, zayn, crying. Niall's POV The uproar of f.. . So I got the chance to meet Liam Payne today!! And let me tell you: that!! shit!! was!! good!! So basically what happened was we got there around 3, and they.

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After waiting in a large room with a few other people for around 20 minutes, you finally heard the doors opening and saw a few security guards walk into the room before stopping by the doors and waiting as the boys walked out behind them. Your cousin was squealing, her hands covering her mouth and eyes watering, and her excitement was contagious.

meet greet emblem3 imagines

As you and your cousin were standing, waiting for your turn, you suddenly realized that Harry was glancing at you when you looked up from your cousin to look in their direction. And finally it was your turn to go up to the boys. You stood awkwardly to the side, smiling shyly when Harry gestured for you to come over. But you did realize how your heart seemed to skip a beat or five when Harry grabbed your hand. Your cousin immediately began to pout and you took her hand as you smiled at her face.

The boys smiled and told her they loved her too as you turned to your cousin, your back to the door where the boys were leaving. You look at your phone. It is nearly time to leave for the meet and greet. You go into the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror to double check everything is perfect.

Harry Styles Imagines🌸 — Imagine: You meet Harry at a meet and greet and he

As you look into the mirror you see that your hair is placed into a neat bun with a braid on the side of your hair. The outfit that your are wearing is exactly how your wanted it.

Your little black dress complements the silver high heels that you are wearing. Once you have made the decision that you look ok, you head towards the front door, to your car.

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The whole car trip you play One Direction songs, getting yourself even more hyped up for the meet and greet. As you park outside of the meet and greet building, your heart begins to beat faster.

This is the moment you have been waiting for. A receptionist is looking over at you from her desk. As you walk over towards her, your smile broadens.

meet greet emblem3 imagines

You are only seconds away from meeting your idols, your heroes. You walk through the door and you see all five of the One Direction boys standing there. Their smiles directed at you. You felt tears welling up in your eyes when he smiled, looking around the room at all the girls crowded around, wanting to meet him and the three other men walking in behind him.

You had to remind yourself to breathe as he approached you first, grinning at you. You were trying to form words but your throat had closed up and your chest was beginning to tighten.

meet greet emblem3 imagines

He stopped in front of you, his smile beginning to fall when he seemed to catch on to your panic. The second that tattooed, ringed hand rested on your skin, your chest closed up completely and you were starting to see spots. He frowns and looks around for security. They nod after they see you starting to hyperventilate and gesture for him to follow. He puts his hand on your back and leads you from the room.

Once you are outside in the fresh air you started to feel a little better but were still having trouble breathing.