Meet greet jkt48 melody

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meet greet jkt48 melody

JUMP greeted and played with fans during their fan meet here at The Mira Hotel, in Hong Kong. Tune in to @GEMtvasia's LIVE telecast of #THEMUSICDAY from Japan, today at PM (PM JKT/BKK). JKT48 is an Indonesian idol group whose name is derived from its based city of Jakarta the first AKB48 sister group outside Japan and adopts the concept of " idols you can meet",[1] replaced Melody Nurramdhani as the winner of JKT48's second Senbatsu Election. A JKT48 member greets fans at an autograph event . Shania Junianatha dalam suatu acara meet & greet JKT48 di Jakarta Melody adalah anggota tahap pertama JKT48, sebuah sister group dari.

The rest of the girls — recently accepted via a nationwide Third Generation audition — are currently bearing the Trainee status and some of them are expected in time to be drafted into a soon-to-be formed Team T.

Each of the teams have their own setlists to be performed routinely in the Theater, for example, Team J is currently performing the Dareka no Tame ni Demi Seseorang setlist, while Team K is showing Seishun Girls Gadis-gadis Remaja and the Trainees got their own training setlist Pajama Drive.

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The songs in each and every setlist is different, and of course to preserve the exclusivity of the setlist, there are only very few songs included in the setlist which can released to public outside the theater. While it might be true that we can always accept JKT48 as mere celebrities or pop idols, there was and still is a grander scheme brimming behind their cheerful image, which has smartly and successfully blended the concepts of economic and cultural diplomacy, and had been executed flawlessly by Japan, both by their government and the private sector.

Their latest visit to the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo, July Often we think that cultural diplomacy always deals with traditional culture which of course has its intended effects but does not have the attraction to broader and arguably younger audience.

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This is where pop culture comes into play. All of these shortcomings can be cut short with a strong presence of pop culture diplomacy.

meet greet jkt48 melody

The simple fact that a pop culture icon exists can almost instantly create a strong rapport with the people of the intended country, especially when their hearts and minds are already taken. After an arguably slow start with only Pocari Sweat ads inJKT48 has gradually developed a stronger fanbase and this led to more trust given to them in the next year.

Bouncing around, happily chatting with the other members, energetically dancing on stage, singing with all of her might—Nabilah is someone who is always functioning on all cylinders, both around her friends and in front of the audience.

meet greet jkt48 melody

Her confidence on stage likely comes from her years of participating in beauty contests and commercials prior to joining JKT She referenced her struggles to emote frequently, saying that for a while, she would simply keep the same expression from song to song, but through practice, she has learned how to change her expressions, mannerisms, and even dance moves to better convey melancholy and sad songs.

Nabilah also mentioned that at the beginning when the JKT48 theater first opened up, she noticed that she had trouble synchronizing her dance movements and capturing the attention of the audience. She credits hard work and practice to helping her to improve her skill. Nowadays, her stage presence is distinctly powerful.

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She clearly has honed her skills on engaging the audience. This performance just a little preview, but still great! These girls were on FIRE in this performance! Just look at her from 2: She may be silly off stage, but when you see her come to life in front of the audience, you can tell that she has unshakable drive.

meet greet jkt48 melody

Vocally, Nabilah has a distinct singing voice.