Meet me in outer space tattoo ideas

70 Outer Space Tattoos For Men - Galaxy And Constellations

meet me in outer space tattoo ideas

In response to a question about her tattoo on tumblr, she quoted “If I find in myself a desire which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only explanation must be. Oct 6, Space tattoos are as mysterious as the universe that they represent, and and this is just a small fraction of the bodies that you find in space. Jan 27, space with women portrait sleeve tattoo - 40 Space Tattoo Ideas the same skies and see the same stars.

Mysterious and pretty tattoo by Marcin Surowiec. Unique cosmonaut tattoo by Mike Moses. Epic sleeve by Nika Samarina! Illustrate perfectly the foreign phrase 'to have head in the stars'. Out of this world work by Rom Azovsky! This is so poetic and perfect! Cute little tattoo by Sasha Unisex. Another impressive sleeve, by Sean Ambrose this time. Corset effect unveiling the Milky Way. Outer space tattoo Pretty sidepiece, the hair is matching the tattoo's colors!

Epic badass Star Wars space battles backpiece! Yes, we are all Stardust Cartoon-like sleeve by Steph D. Gorgeous graphic work by Teresa Sharpe. More new school here, but still Miss Sharpe. Amazing piece by Teresa Sharpe. Cosmonaut tattoo by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski.

meet me in outer space tattoo ideas

You can also go more minimalistic with an old map of the sky. Gorgeous Xoil tattoo inspired by a painting by Jeremy Geddes.

95+ Fascinating Space Tattoo Ideas- The Mysterious Nature of the Cosmos in Body Art

The fans of Dr Who would recognize a gallifreyan Watch here. And it also looks like something out of a sci-fi book or comic which is perfect for sci-fi lovers. Earth and Space This tattoo depicts not just the space but also our home, the Earth. Each person would have their story with their tattoos.

95+ Fascinating Space Tattoo Ideas- The Mysterious Nature of the Cosmos

Usually however, skulls symbolize more than death, but a celebration of life. This tattoo could be a great depiction of celebrating your own life in a universe that is vast and unpredictable.

You could simply be a fan of sci-fi or just be fond of Saturn. Or you can also have it as a symbol of dominance, stability or labor among its other meanings. Tulips are most generally associated with love; red for true love and yellow ones for cheerfulness.

This tattoo could simply mean constant seeing as the universe is constant happiness in love.

meet me in outer space tattoo ideas

Instead it would still look magical and beautiful, especially with much lighter style and colors. This tattoo shows a girl in a swing looking down at earth from the universe. Plus the story behind it could depend on what you think. Nothing beats a beautifully made tattoo. This one is still cool though.

meet me in outer space tattoo ideas

It would seem to be relaying a message that all of us are made of the same materials and are from the same beginning. Life, just like the universe is a great mystery. But sometimes you just have to enjoy it. It indicates some of the amazing wonders of the universe.

40 Space Tattoo Ideas | Art and Design

This design is like losing part of your hand into oblivion which is a cool and nice illusion. If you want more familiar things, how about our Earth plus our neighbor planets? These are beautiful portraits of the planets of the solar system which we all know about but is still foreign.

It could symbolize how things could look the same but could feel differently. Another space inside tattoo design.