Meet my commitments

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meet my commitments

meet a commitment meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also ' meet up',meet I have just met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. We're always making commitments--to our customers, our. Too often, we fail to meet our commitments because we forget—but the person It offers my views on a variety of business, sales, marketing, and leadership topic. These 10 commitments pave the way for a more successful Each year in my coaching practice, I see hundreds of professionals doing.

meet my commitments

What are you committing—specifically? When are you committing to deliver? Write it down in a sentence: This adds discipline and clarity to what you are trying to achieve.

9 Ways to Meet Your Deadlines and Commitments

Now that you are writing them down, keep a scorecard. What percent of the commitments did you make? What and why did you fail on the others. While it may seem backwards, focus on meeting the commitments you make to yourself. The commitments we make to ourselves are the commitments we are most vested in—so they are probably the ones that are easiest to keep.

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After you are starting to make the commitments you are making to yourself, then start working on the commitments you make to others—your customers, your colleagues, your manager. Too often, people commit us to do something, without getting our agreement.

meet my commitments

Never, never let that happen. If they commit you to do something, make sure you are aware of the commitment they have made and make sure you can accept and deliver on it. Remember, they will hold you accountable for making the commitment—so make sure you can make it.

What happens if I fail to meet my instalment commitments?

We tend to overcommit. Over time, you will start meeting your commitments. A special note to managers! Set an example for your people!

Building Credibility by Meeting Commitments

What does it mean to meet commitments? It happens to me, I think it happens to everyone.

meet my commitments

This has to be done before the original commitment has been missed. It sounds simple enough; yet so many people do not do this. Let me give you a real-life example. I was recently working as the lead BA on a project. I had a more junior resource working with me, and that resource was doing most of the work.

I was on site with our customer most of the time, my partner was only onsite periodically.

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During the course of our 3 month project, we had one week where we held a lot of elicitation sessions with a wide range of end users. The sessions went great, and we were able to get a lot of wonderful information out of them. Of course, the week after was spent processing the information gained, including updating requirements models and writing requirements.

Where things took a turn for the worse is when I went on vacation. My partner was left to carry on, and one of our weekly commitments was to send out a status report. Unfortunately, my partner got so heads down in processing the information gained from the elicitation session, that no status report went out for a couple of weeks.

In fact, we had very little to no communication with our customer while I was gone. Thus once I returned, my customer was deeply concerned.

meet my commitments

Of course, that was the furthest thing from the truth; but perception is what matters.