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Where the Tigris and Euphrates meet - New York Times Crossword Answers

meet partner crossword

Crossword blog: meet the setter – Chifonie . After struggling to find a ballroom partner who wanted to improve rather than dance just for fun. Tag: Password partners crossword clue . Russell met actress Goldie Hawn on the set of the film “Swing Shift”, and the two have been in. Here is the answer for: Meet stick crossword clue. This crossword clue was last seen on New York Times Crossword August 9 Answers.

Saw dog wearing lead 7 And David Astle, writer of the book Puzzledlikes: Fool starts to imagine death is only temporary 5 The first, I note, is also in the introduction to Chambers Crossword Dictionary.

What are the tools of your trade? I have a great battery of aids, both reference books and computer programs, to help create my puzzles.

Crossword blog: meet the setter – Picaroon

I use them to help me write better clues rather than save time. How does setting for the quick differ from an authored puzzle? For quicks I look for words or phrases that have straightforward definitions.

meet partner crossword

For cryptics I look for words that easily split into components for the cryptic part of the clue. What makes a successful clue? One that puzzles me at first but with an answer that seems glaringly obvious once I have it.

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Name another setter whose work you admire. I was always a fan of Alec Robins, Custos in the Guardian.

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His puzzles were entertaining although not difficult. It was only when I started writing my own clues that I realised how precise and elegantly constructed his were.

I remember being so engrossed in that Rashomon puzzle that I had to pop into shop doorways to fill in letters whenever inspiration struck. Where else have you been tempted to take the concept of multiple solutions?

Crossword blog: meet the setter – Chifonie

Which other setters do you admire? I find that my Spectator colleagues Dumpynose and Mr Magoo combine ingenious thematic ideas with stylish clues. Ferret, as a newer arrival on the scene, has produced some dazzling grid constructions and elegant clues. What makes a successful clue? An amusing surface reading.


The followingfrom Paulhas lingered in my mind for years: And what makes an unsuccessful one? How did you choose your pseudonyms? I think the name reflects my understanding of clue-writing: For similar reasons, I like the meaning of Picaroon as a rogue or someone who lives by his wits, and the reference to the rascally heroes of picaresque literature.

meet partner crossword

How do you imagine a solver of your crosswords? There are certainly plenty of excellent setters emerging like Rorschach, eXternal and Shark.

Meet stick crossword clue –

As far as production goes, technology is allowing incredible grid constructions that would have been impossible until recently. And as for distribution, the internet should be key. What are the most interesting differences as compared to English-language cryptics?

Serbian crosswords are just definition and answer and some tempestuous debates about whether the words used actually exist or whether the compiler has just made them up to fit the spaces.

Grammatically speaking, English is an amazingly flexible language with no genders, adjective agreements or case endings and minimal verb conjugations. And I would bet a large sum that you have read Landscape Painted with Tea in both English and the vernacular.