Meet players destiny help

meet players destiny help

The fastest and easiest Destiny LFG (Destiny Looking for Group | Destiny Team Finder | Fireteam Finder) to party up with like LF2M + TO HELP ME * TITAN OR WARLOCK DO THE FIRST FORGE! . Sign in to live chat w/ players! × . In this Destiny 2 guide we'll be giving you all the tips and tricks you need or five other players to form a Fireteam of six for the Leviathan Raid. Hey guys, I'm really lucky to have been gifted a copy of Destiny 2. I'd never have got whisper or Acrius (thanks boys for the arms dealer help).

meet players destiny help

Having trouble cracking the code of the enigmatic Raids, or unsure how best to play a particular strategic role? What goes around comes around — why do players volunteer to be Sherpas? But who does that sort of thing? Who spends three years achieving everything there is to achieve in a vast, complex game like Destiny and then, rather than simply enjoying the spoils, dedicates themselves to paying it forward?


I recently spoke to the Sherpa moderators about their work. As irJustineee explains, a large part of the drive comes from an appreciation of the help these players got when they were first starting out themselves. Something that seems to attract players like the Sherpas in the first place, in fact. A highly unusual ratio in any online game, made even moreso by such a bulk of play-time. But the cultivation of this sort of attitude feels hardwired into the fabric of the game Bungie has designed.


With such a strong focus on being able to progress through all aspects of the game with two friends, it turned it into a social online shooter where you can get excited over [loot] drops together, as stronger allies means a better chance at beating the Nightfall [Destiny's toughest weekly Strike].

With the weekly reset came messages to former Raid teammates asking if they had done their runs for the week.

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It facilitated the forming of friendships through a common love of the game and the desire to progress though some of the most engaging and exciting content again and again.

You already had the sword or the Sleeper Simulant, and they are such fun to use that you want to help your friends experience that fun as well. As the life cycle of the game went on, Destiny became the local bar for meeting your friends. Sure, you had all the loot you needed, but the fine-tuned gameplay and mechanics make for a comfortable place to spend an evening hanging out with your friends.

Many games have a narrative based around a plucky few rising to conquer a greater evil, but Destiny does a particularly excellent job of relating the emotional essence of that theme though its gameplay design. Between the co-operation fuelled ethos of its progress systems and the vast scope for spectacular, last-ditch heroism in the tactical yet anarchic immediacy of its team-led combat, it presents a perfect storm of camaraderie. So what makes the Sherpas special?

The vision of a free, friendly learning environment, so people can enjoy themselves and learn the Raids.

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That emphasis on education and empowerment over simple, in-the-moment assistance is the other big Sherpa difference. Destiny is, after all, a game whose real hook is long-term, personal growth, and the facility to refresh and reinterpret its activities with every new evolution of your character.

Sherpas enhance the Raid experience The need for this kind of tutelage is summed up in the Raids that the Sherpas specialise in though there is also a separate subreddit dedicated to Crucible help.

Nowhere in Destiny does the combined magic of discovery, personal growth, and tightly honed, co-operative success come together more potently than in those epic missions. The effervescent high of perfecting a newly-understood Raid role is just as thrilling as the bombast of any pre-canned set-piece or traditional boss fight against a standard-issue Great Big Thing.

meet players destiny help

And every Destiny player deserves a chance to experience that. The Sherpas, through their strict philosophy of empowerment over hand-holding, are ensuring everyone can experience it in the purest sense possible.

Even experienced, max-level raiders struggle to beat the Spire of Stars consistently, so imagine how difficult the fight would be if your entire team was unable to use voice chat to call out the fight's many stages and commands.

Some responses edited for clarity and length. All the work we had put into it had finally paid off, and it was well worth it. We are a raiding clan after all, so where some players just see an emblem and bad loot, we see another badge of honor.

meet players destiny help

The toughest thing was getting everyone on the same page and comfortable with the list of steps. Several of the encounters are far more challenging if you're unable to use voice comms, and players had to find ways around that restriction. A common method was to use different in-game emotes to signal other players, but there were issues with limits on the number of emotes you could display in a short period of time.

Players have also used Discord bots, also developed by Maverick, to quickly chat, or Skype to sign with each other.


It allows deaf Destiny raiders to send visual callouts using simple buttons and easy-to-use templates. Here's what the Val Ca'uor fight looks like in Jarvis: Think of Jarvis as a pictographic Discord. Players create a unique session and share their session ID with their teammates so they can all pile in.

Meet the deaf Destiny 2 players who raid using a custom-made comms app | PC Gamer

Once all players have joined, they share the same interface, so whenever one player presses a button, all players see that it's been pressed.

So if Jason clicks the "Plates" button during Val Ca'uor, all his teammates will know to "Go to plates! Jarvis is available on multiple devices but it can't be directly overlayed in-game BAM Optical Raiders primarily plays on Xbox Oneso Jason and his teammates had to get creative.

meet players destiny help

Jason uses Jarvis on a tripod-mounted Kindle Fire and uses its touch screen for call outs, while Maverick plays on a dual-monitor setup with Destiny on one monitor and Jarvis on the other.