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meet point chelyabinsk map

Finds the ideal restaurant or other point of interest halfway between two or more Google has significantly raised the cost of using Google Maps and address. You can contribute on Google Maps too! See my Oyl-Market. Sverdlovskiy Trakt, 22в, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinskaya oblast', Russia, - Meet Point. A meteor or meteors streaked across the sky over Chelyabinsk, . The asteroid # DA14 is approaching the point of its nearest .. asteroid since systematic surveys of the sky began in the mids. Animated asteroid map Animated visibility map for asteroid DA14 between and GMT.

In afternoon, visit to Chelyabinsk State University. Gathering of data on confirmed meteorite collection sites. Take star background images in Pervomayskiy successful and Yemanzhelinsk too foggy. Slow trip home at midnight.

A gas station still shows the ceiling damage from the shockwave overpressure, after breaking a window in the door. Star background measurements at Chebarkul. Kartashova shields camera from foreground light. Star background image at Beloretsk. Crossing from Asia into Europe by passing Ural river. OE-chelly and Beloretsk pronounced: By crossing the Ural river, briefly back in Europe.

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Left Chelyabinsk Oblast and entered the Republic of Bashortostan. In Beloretsk, arrival at closed gate, but taxi operators provide access to enclosure where fireball video was taken. Clear weather but freezing temperatures in Beloretsk and Chebarkul on the way back, but fog prevents taking star background images at sites in Uchaly. Road trip to Uchaly and Beloretsk in the Republic of Bashortostan.

Sorting out of notes. Popova and Jenniskens meet and discuss plans for the second week, which will focus on visits to outlaying villages to map the glas damage area.

Thaw has set in.

Meteorite slams into Central Russia injuring - as it happened | Science | The Guardian

Grokhovsky and Chebarkul Lake meteorite fragments. Examination of meteorite fragments found on Chebarkul Lake. Press conference at Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg.

meet point chelyabinsk map

This Friday, trip to Yekaterinburg to meet with Dr. Viktor Grokhovsky at the Ural Federal University and to take star background images at video sites nearby. Car sick from the long 3h trip. на Тополинке: открытие

Further outreach to gather information: Jenniskens and Popova are greeted by press cameras that followed them into the cafetaria. In a meeting with Grokhovsky, shown the small meteorite fragments found at Lake Chebarkul. In the evening, hoping for clear weather, dinner, but sadly no luck. Star background images would later be taken at Snezhinsk and Kamensk-Uralskiy by local residents at our request.

Star background calibration measurements in Korkino. Shadow calibration measurements in Chebarkul and visit to the lake. Visit to Korkino coal mine. Met with local resident Vladimir Petrov, who reported he had so much sunburn from the meteor that the skin flaked days later. In the afternoon, visit to the administration building in Chebarkul, where shadow measurements were calibrated. Attempt to visit the hole in Lake Chebarkul, to no avail.

meet point chelyabinsk map

The snow was too high to walk and there was not enough time to organize the use of a snow mobile. The gate at the market was opened for us by a team of snow removers. Local TV studio interview.

meet point chelyabinsk map

Emel'yanenko departs pack to Moscow. Video records are collected, as well as seismic records from the state government. More networking and calls for information: The meteorite that hit the roof of a shed in Deputatskiy is shown to Olga Popova. Slava Kubrin, with dash-cam inset. Popova and Emel'yanenko met with Ministry of Emergency officials and State Meteorological Office officials to secure data on injuries, property repairs, and atmospheric data.

In the afternoon, while it was still snowing, Jenniskens and Popova were taken to Deputatskiy for a first look at the fall area. They met with the family who's shed was hit by one of the meteorites. While standing there, a loud boom was heard from mining operations in a nearby mine.

Talk at Chelyabinsk State University. There was much media attention. He was presented with a small meteorite by one of the Chelyabinsk State University students that was later analysed as part of a consortium report. In the evening, they took the first star background images at the Chelyabinsk-Savina Road video site.

View from Berezniyaki to Deputatskiy, downrange along the path of the fireball. After completing a successful mission.

meet point chelyabinsk map

Today is mostly a day of planning the two weeks ahead. Kalinin used the same aircraft to image the hole in Lake Chabarkul on February Three neighbouring offices still need their windows replaced. View from Peter's hotel and the entrance door, glass damaged by the shockwave. From left to right: Olga Popova, and Dr. Until the late 19th century, Chelyabinsk was a small provincial town. During the first Five-Year Plans of the s, Chelyabinsk experienced rapid industrial growth.

Several establishments, including the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, were built at this time. During World War II, Joseph Stalin decided to move a large part of Soviet factory production to places out of the way of the advancing German armies in late This brought new industries and thousands of workers to Chelyabinsk—still essentially a small town.

People[ edit ] People in Chelyabinsk are mostly Russians, Tatars and Bashkirs, other nations are present as well. People of Chelyabinsk are very different. The level of education can vary as well as social background and wealth.

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The society is extremely polar from incredibly rich to extremely poor. In the city there are a lot of factory workers and in general people of labor, especially far from the downtown.

The number of English-speakers is very low. Those who seem to speak it mostly know only a couple of phrases from their school study which is quite poor considering languages.

Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia guide

More probable that you meet an English-speaking person among young people than among old ones. It is adviceable to get aquaintances in the city in advance. Russian people on the streets and in local transport seem to be a bit rude and not smiley which gives you a bad first impression.

meet point chelyabinsk map

They are mostly poor and closed inside their numerous problems and apart it is not in Russian culture to show false emotions. You smile only when you feel really happy or something funny happened, otherwise Russians keep straight face, it is normal. In reality people are really helpful, hospitable and frank, it is only hidden by their everyday masks of unhappiness.

By plane[ edit ] Chelyabinsk is served by its own airport. As it has a limited number of international flights it might be convenient to get in from the nearest big international airport of Yekaterinburg Koltsovo.