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Management, James Small, Reggy van den Bosch. Address. Warandelaan 2, Tilburg.,. Netherlands Tilburg.,. Netherlands. Website, https://www. The Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship (TCE), formerly known as the Brabant Center of The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines for. s-Hertogenbosch colloquially known as Den Bosch (IPA: [dɛm ˈbɔs] (About this sound listen) Overzicht van de zuidwestgevel met kerktoren - 's-Hertogenbosch - - RCE. 's-Hertogenbosch Rijksmonument Stadhuis, Markt. Johnny Yong Bosch (born January 6, ) is an American actor, voice actor, martial artist and His father was a soldier in the Army and met his mother while stationed in South Korea. He was interested in .. Den of Geek. Retrieved January.

Dordrechts Museuminformally called Schilderijenmuseum the paintings museum.

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Every summer, its garden, known as de Museumtuin the Museum gardenhosts the showing of several art house films that gained significant attention in the previous year. Re-opened in late after an extensive renovation. Simon van Gijnmuseum, named after honorary citizen Simon van Gijn and winner of the museum prize —, awarded by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. Nationaal Landschapskundig Museum, National Museum of Landscaping Lips Slotenmuseum, Lips Museum of Locks The museum has closed down and it is not known when or indeed if the inventory will be on display again.

Museum —, also known as het Verzetsmuseum the Resistance museum.

meet point den bosch wikipedia

Naaimachinemuseum Dordrecht, Museum of Sewing machines Dordrecht Events and festivals[ edit ] Dordrecht hosts around 20 cultural and historical events and festivals each year. The city won the title of "Best events city of the year" in [16] and was nominated for the same title in and Dordt in steam is the biggest steam event in Europe during which historical steam trains, steam boats etc.

meet point den bosch wikipedia

It is organized every other year and attracts a quarter of a million visitors. Dordrecht hosts the second largest book market [20] and the largest Christmas market in the Netherlands. It takes place in the Wantij park and attracts around Other popular music festivals held in Dordrecht are the World Jazz dagen World Jazz days held annually in August or September, the Dancetour or Boulevard of Dance, which takes place on QueensdayBig Rivers Festival, a film, music, poetry and theatre festival held in June, and the Cello festival, held every four years in the weekend of the Ascension.

Dordrecht Festivals This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message During CarnavalDordrecht is called Ooi- en Ramsgat Ewe's and Ram's holeand its inhabitants are Schapenkoppen Sheepheads.

meet point den bosch wikipedia

This name originates from an old folk story. Import of meat or cattle was taxed in the 17th century. To avoid having to pay, two men dressed up a sheep they had bought outside the city walls, attempting to disguise it as a man. The sheep was discovered because it bleated as the three men two men and one sheep passed through the city wall gate.

There is a special monument of a man and his son trying to hold a sheep disguised as a man between them, that refers to this legend.

There is also a cookie called Schapenkop sheep head which is a specialty of Dordrecht. There are many more legends about Dordrecht.

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One of them is about Saint Sura, a young woman who planned on building an entire church with only three coins in her purse. She was murdered because of her supposed wealth. Another legend is about the house called de Onbeschaamde the Unembarrassed. A well known saying about Dordrecht is Hoe dichter bij Dordt, hoe rotter het wordt the closer to Dordrecht, the more rotten it gets. Walburgis Saint Walpurga church, which originally dates from the eleventh century. The present Gothic building contains monuments of the former counts of Zutphen, a fourteenth-century candelabruman elaborate copper fontand a monument to the Van Heeckeren family It is considered one of only five remaining medieval libraries in Europe the others being in England and Italy.

This chained library 's books are still chained to their ancient wooden desk — a custom from centuries ago, when the "public library" used chains to prevent theft.

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Having been fortified the town withstood several sieges, specially during the Eighty Years' Warthe most celebrated fight under its walls being the Battle of Zutphen in September when Sir Philip Sidney was mortally wounded.

Taken by the Spanish in by the treachery of the English commander Rowland YorkZutphen was recovered by Maurice, prince of Orangeinand except for two short periods, one in and the other during the French Revolutionary Wars, it has since then remained a part of the Netherlands. Its fortifications were dismantled in After two weeks of battle the town was liberated on 14 April After the war a renovation program started.

Nowadays Zutphen has one of the best preserved medieval town centres of northwestern Europe, including the remains of the medieval town wall and a few hundred buildings dating from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries.

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Topographic map of the city of Zutphen, The IJssel river in Zutphen Zutphen's old city centre The old center survived the Second World War almost in its entirety, though some parts of the city were lost, especially the area around the railway station, in the northern part of the city center, known as the Nieuwstad English: The city center includes many monumental buildings dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, and some even date back to the 13th century, such as a retirement home area.

There are also remains of the old town walls in several places. Today, Zutphen is a modern small city. The urban area, which includes the village of Warnsveld, has about 51, inhabitants. Food shops are open from 8. Some stores open earlier, and the larger supermarkets usually stay open until Culture[ edit ] Interesting buildings and squares[ edit ] Because Zutphen contains a large number of historical buildings with a tower, Zutphen is often called the tower city.

Because there are almost no modern high-rise buildings in the city centre the historical tower spires are very visible and form the skyline of Zutphen. The title of tower city is often used in advertising to draw tourists to Zutphen. Religious architecture[ edit ] The Walburgis church was built as a Roman collegiate church aroundafter that it was redecorated, rebuild and remodeled on several occasions. There are six bells in the tower which are still rung by hand.

Since a library called the Librije was added to the church.

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It was founded as a public library for the rich citizens of Zutphen. These days the library contains an important collection of 15th- to 17th-century books. The Broederen brothers church is a large early 14th-century monastery church of the Dominican order.

meet point den bosch wikipedia

Since the church is used as the city's public library and has recently been extensively restored. On top of the church there's a roof turret from which contains the porters bell. This bell is still rung every day between The Nieuwstads new city church houses the Catholic community. It was founded as a parish church around Since then it has been expanded, remodelled and restored many times.

It has four original medieval bells. Civic architecture[ edit ] The Drogenaps tower was built between and as a city gate. In the entrance was bricked up after which it became known as a tower instead of a gate. City musician Tonis Drogenap lived there around and the tower's current name is derived from him.

From till the tower was used as a water tower.