Meet raphael tmnt weapon

Dark Secrets About Raphael From The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

meet raphael tmnt weapon

Leonardo, nickname Leo, is a fictional character and one of the four main characters in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and related media. He is often depicted wearing a blue eye mask. His signature weapons are two Ninjatos , which the fan base or writers . His investigation takes him to the Battle Nexus, where he meets Oroku Yoshi. Michelangelo is a mutant box turtle that is able to close the openings of his shell to Weapon(s) of choice Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 0. "Meet Casey Jones" is the fourth episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV series). My name is Raphael, and the bozo in the hockey. As the news ends, he gathers up his sports gear weapons, puts on his hockey mask and heads.

His otherworldly form is that of a dragon, a rare form, unheard of in someone his age. It is shown destroying evil guarding the second artifact.

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This avatar is first shown in "More Worlds Than One". His brothers later exhibit dragon avatars as well. In the fifth episode "Beginning of the End", he is given the sword "Gunjin" one of the Fangs of the Dragon that commands the "White Flame of the Dragon King" by the wounded Faraji, who believes the sword was meant to be Leo's. Leo returns Gunjin in episode 12 "Enter the Dragons" when Faraji returns to help battle the Shredder, because he believes the sword truly belongs to Faraji.

In the Fast Forward season, and the Back to the Sewers season, the damage that occurred to Leonardo's shell as stated above has somehow been repaired. Leonardo is trained not just by Master Splinter but the Ancient One himself, Hamato Yoshi's trainer and adoptive father.

From then on, Leonardo is far more experienced and skillful at even more complex ninjitsu moves than even Splinter, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie all at once. He cuts Shredder 's head off in a one-on one-duel in Shredder's domain.

Leonardo is the most skilled at ninjutsu and other forms of hand-to-hand combat he all learned from his adopted father and master, Splinter. As his weapons are dual katanas, he is proficient in "the ways of the sword" and basic knife-throwing techniques.

If need be, he can use Qi Qong to slow his own bodily functions to survive temporarily without oxygen. In this latest version, Leonardo seems to be less experienced and still perfecting his fighting skills and leadership abilities to make more solid decisions and gain more trust from his three younger brothers. He regularly watches an animated science fiction show called Space Heroes a parody of Star Trek: Leonardo immediately developed romantic feelings for Karai since their first encounter, even though she is his adoptive sister by Splinter; she was taken in by the Shredder after her mother's death and was tasked with destroying her birth family including Leo before changing sides upon discovering her true heritage as his adopted sister.

His weapons here are purely dual katanas, which he uses in the Niten Ryu style of kenjutsumaking him an excellent swordsman. Despite the fact the other three turtles have added traits in this series, Leonardo is almost completely normal but now has blue eyes. Upon the sudden demise of his adopted father and master, he reluctantly steps up as sensei in addition to being leader, which puts even more pressure on him.

He is visited, on occasion, by the spirit of Splinter who encourages him to lead his family and friends to stopping new evils. In addition to his natural ninjitsu skills, he eventually developed the strong innate ability to heal via an enchanted mantra known as "the healing hands. He then succeeded in saving Casey and Michelangelo from death. According to Splinterhe shows great gifts as a healer, and that being at the edge of his life had given him "a power that few martial artists can tap.

This incarnation of Leo and Donnie is 14 years old. Even thought he's not leader he's still shows his quick witted and strategic plans to get bad guys Leo plans to find the paper thieves aka the Foot Clan and tricking the Minotaur into giving the Turtles the best Pizza. In Minatour Maze Leo have insecurity and self-doubt about using his portal powers while Mikey and Ralph are being good with their own powers, but the end Leo did proved himself to be a champion at the minatour Maze Original trilogy[ edit ] In Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesLeonardo was fairly modest and sensitive, rarely issuing direct commands and seemingly much more relaxed around his brothers thinking of himself as more of an equal than a leader.

It was he who first communicated telepathically with a kidnapped Splinter and seems the most anxious about Raphael's health after his ambush by the Foot Clan.

He fought alongside his brothers against The Shredder in the climatic battle and was the only one of the four to actually injure The Shredder, but, like his brothers, could not defeat him.

Due to the focus on Raphael in the film's plot, Leonardo's personality was rarely explored and his leader position in the team took a back seat. Leonardo was portrayed by David Forman and voiced by Brian Tochi. In The Secret of the OozeLeonardo was much more prominent and his leader position was brought to focus.

He is seen on many occasions bickering with Raphael as their sibling rivalry begins to become much more serious. He, like his brothers, was astonished at the return of the Foot but he found that their current homelessness due to their last battle was a more pressing issue and soon he convinced his brothers that they needed to move. Leonardo is once again sensitive, caring, and humorous in this adaption but he now appears much more bossy and controlling.

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IIIafter traveling back in time to feudal Japan, Leonardo leads his brothers to help a village in trouble from the villainous weapons trader, Walker, and to return home. April finds him in Central America and while he was hesitant to return to New York City, he does at the right time to take on a new force of evil. His brotherly relationship with Raphael is strained due to Raphael feeling abandoned by Leo as well as feeling less appreciated by Splinter. Leonardo's vision of the world is perhaps wider than Raph's.

In the first movie prequel comic, Leo becomes angry with Raph for trying to leave them in order to save a man from being mugged because there are 4 heavily armed Triceratons in the sewers who could cause devastation to the city. He becomes further angered when Raphael deserts them mid-battle to help an old man.

This conflict suggests that the two brothers operate on different levels of morality, though neither is necessarily wrong.

Raph states in the comic that he was tired of waiting for disaster to fall on his family and tired of fighting aliens while people in their own neighborhood are being mugged and murdered.

Leo, on the other hand, believes that the world of men is the responsibility of the police, while Utroms and Triceratons are their domain… that they should fight only when there is no one else to solve the problem. This also engages Leo in a contradiction when he stays in Central America, using violence to fight local lawlessness and effectively deserting his brothers because he believes as Raph believes, that others need him more.

Such parallels suggest that the two brothers are experiencing the same dedication to justice but in a different mentality, albeit in very different locales and using different tactics. In fact, when Leo tracks down and scolds the Nightwatcher not knowing that he is Raphaelhe remarks that he is well aware of the Nightwatcher's good intentions but cannot simply approve of the latter's methods.

meet raphael tmnt weapon

Raph challenges Leonardo after arguing of their own individual sense of justice and the reasons for their actions. Leonardo discovers that Raphael is the Nightwatcher and the two engage in an emotional fight.

meet raphael tmnt weapon

Raph almost kills Leo out of anger and then retreats due to shame and his brother's deep and confused stare. Leo is captured by the Stone Generals and the Foot Clan but is rescued by his family later before the final battle where Leo and Raph finally resolve their differences, Raph accepting Leo as their leader while Leo confesses to needing Raph. Leo is voiced by James Arnold Taylor in this film.

There are times where his cautious nature makes him clash with his brothers. Leonardo firmly believes it's his ninja duty to protect all people. He tends to have a similar personality to his '87 counterpart where he is determined to help people and keep his brothers in line. He and Raphael unlike in their other adaptions don't fight over leadership although they have a brief argument over the Hamatshi and Raphael talking about leaving which Leo debunks Raph's claim.

In Raphael's hands, it's a powerful weapon, but he's made it more deadly. Raphael's weapon is technically known as a sharpened sai. That's because the sai is usually considered a defensive weapon, used to block attacks or jab.

The longest end is usually rounded and blunt, but Raphael has sharpened his sai to impale and slice. Yeah, the regular sai wasn't good enough for him. He had to make it more hardcore.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows -- meet Raphael

When the fast and deadly turtles were created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird inthe two men didn't know any Japanese names to give their creations because they didn't have the Internet, so they pulled a book of Renaissance painters off their shelf and used those. Unfortunately, Raphael was a bit of a mistake. Raphael is named after the famous painter and architect known widely as simply Raphael, but that wasn't the painter's original name.

In the more kid-friendly versions, Raphael and his brothers are wackier and mainly use their weapons to knock people out or destroy robots. Raphael has an attitude but is a gentle soul at heart.

In the original comics, things were much different. Remember that ninja were first and foremost assassins, and that's what the turtles were in their first issue in The turtles were trained by their master Splinter to kill Shredder, and they did it in the first issue.

Throughout the comic series, Raphael was the most violent of the four, leaving bloody bodies in his wake during every battle. Despite his rivalry, Raphael also expressed his pain and fear of losing his youngest brother and his older brother, when Leonardo was nearly killed by the Foot, to the point where he even started crying. As Leonardo recovered, Raphael was also the one who supported Leonardo the most, even helping him to forge Leonardo's two new katana, and paying the greatest attention to the care of his brother.

In the episode "Ultimate Ninja" Raph attempted to protect Leo from the Ultimate Ninja when he challenged him and lashed out in anger and fear when Leo was nearly hurt. Raphael continues to challenge Leonardo's decisions in this incarnation as well, as Raphael and Leonardo often argue over what to do in certain situations, Raph usually favoring a direct and confrontational approach.

Despite differences, Leo and Raph arguably have the closest relationship of the Turtles emphasized in the series, as their conflicting views and care for one another is a key point in many episodes throughout the entire series. Raphael will often put himself in danger, going as far as disobeying Splinter and Leonardo to protect his family and friends, but he will react immediately and harshly if they are in danger.

He has an extremely loyal side and is always the first to react when another of his brothers is in trouble. This happens on numerous occasions, like when he stops a blow from hitting Leonardo using only his sai, or kicks the Shredder away from Donatello when the former is about to attack. Raphael is voiced by Sean Astin in the series. During the first portion of the first episode, "Rise of the Turtles", it was shown that he has exceptional agility, able to dodge all of Donatello's bo staff strikes, before snatching the staff and breaking it.

It is also implied that he has won several times before, as he says to Donatello "drop the staff, and no one gets hurt" to which Donatello replies, "I did last time, but you still hurt me. However, when Splinter congratulated them, Raph bragged about his victory, which caused Splinter to hit a pressure point on his neck and forced him to compliment his brothers.

He is once again an impulsive hothead, and also has a normal pet turtle named Spike, which later mutates and becomes this show's version of Slash.

His relationship with Leonardo was generally tense, Leonardo's more patient approach contrasting with Raphael's aggression, but he developed a greater appreciation for Leonardo's skills when Raphael's own attempt to serve as the leader showed him that he couldn't cope with the pressure of taking responsibility for his brothers' safety, preferring to risk himself rather than them.

With Michelangelo he insults him but he cares. This is shown when in "New Friend, Old Enemy" he comforts Mikey when he is feeling down, by telling him that he is an awesome guy.

Raphael's relationship with Donatello involves rarely serious threats, glares, hitting and insulting, like in "I, Monster", where he throws a rat at him to get him to stop talking. However, Donatello cares for Raph, for instance having a hard time insulting him in "Turtle Temper", and trying to give him a hand when he is later in the van with the Kraang.

Raphael is also petrified of cockroaches until he managed to defeat the mutant cockroach, Spyroach. Raphael's character design was updated, giving him green eyes as well as a small, lightning-shaped chip out of his plastron across his left shoulder. His shell shows a great deal of distinct battle damage considerably more than those of his brothersand the tails of his mask are tattered and worn. In this sense, he does not care about getting hurt too much in a fight.

In "New Girl In Town", he states that he has no problem risking his own life, but he cannot stand to, and therefore will not, risk the lives of his brothers. He is also considerably less angry and serious than previous incarnations, though still eager to get into fights.

Movies[ edit ] Original trilogy [ edit ] In the film adaptationRaphael is voiced by Josh Pais. He speaks with a distinctive tough-sounding New York accent that was imitated in the later versions of TMNTand is the turtle whose character is explored most completely. He has a quick temper, uses profanity and verbally challenges his older brother Leonardo. This film focuses more so on his feeling of isolation from his brothers and sense of regret and anger when Splinter is eventually captured from the Shredder.

Here, it is established that he shares a closer relationship with news reporter April O'Neil having saved her from the Foot Clan on several occasions. In the films, he is still angry and occasionally goes off by himself in the second movie, but has a soft spot for the young people the team meets.

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It is also shown that he has an appreciation for nature as it appears to calm him. His time as the Nightwatcher is one of the few during which Raphael uses a different ninjutsu weapon, the manriki: Unlike his sai, the manriki are typically not lethal weapons, though they could crush a skull if used with enough force. He resents Leonardo's bossing them around and treating them like "[Leo's] little soldiers" when he at least in Raphael's opinion abandoned them for at least a year.