Meet real guys apparel

How to Meet Men in Real Life - 5 Steps to Make Him Come to You

meet real guys apparel

women around the world to find out: What should a guy wear on a first date ? (This is where I try to decide whether to give the polite answer or the real. Specifically the kind you make on us ladies when we first meet you. Wear the wrong ones, and you'll telegraph a less-than-ideal message. Why it matters: There are, of course, big fashion deal breakers guys (hopefully) know not to make. Which is why the first rule for meeting a man in real life is this: Most of the time, they're checking social media to see if some flakey guy they met online has finally called or made contact. Carry or wear something unusual.

So make yours count. Below are 7 visual and audio cues a woman immediately notices and how you can get it right. If eyes are the window to the soul, then shoes are the window to your style. Wear the wrong ones, and you'll telegraph a less-than-ideal message.

If they look flimsy, she'll suspect you're a cheapskate. If they're ratty and worn-down, she'll think you don't care about your appearance and will wonder what else you don't care about. How to get it right: Consider shoes an investment. Spend what you can on a few good pairs — dress shoes in both black and brown, and a loafer or driving moccasin for more casual outfits.

And be sure your shoes are outfit-appropriate — that means no sneakers or sandals with a suit.

meet real guys apparel

Why do you think it's so nerve-wracking when contestants first get out of the limo on The Bachelor? And guys, don't pretend you haven't watched this addictive reality series at least once. It's because they only get a few words and gestures to make a good first impression. A greeting is the first opportunity to present yourself the way you want to be seen. Be confident, but friendly. Don't look past us, or up and down our frame before you reach our face. Of course, if you can barely make eye contact from nerves, that's not very appealing either.

Look us in the eye, smile warmly, and repeat our name to help you remember it. And never underestimate the power of a firm handshake. Since we're already talking about handshakes, let's discuss the state of your skin.

meet real guys apparel

No one wants to touch scaly skin. Keep a hand cream at your desk at work and use it when you're brainstorming your fantasy football lineup or trying to decide what to eat for lunch. Click here to see one of Antonio's favorite hand creams. There are, of course, big fashion deal breakers guys hopefully know not to make.

Or walking into a business meeting wearing a Confederate flag biker jacket. But usually, it's smaller things that can trip you up with a first impression.

They grew up like me in a time where wearing baggy clothes was cool and never learned any better. Ill-fitting clothes wrecks havoc on your attractiveness.

It makes you look fatter, shorter, and sloppy. Loose fitting [pants] remind me of my dad. Not sure what kind of button-up shirt to get? Yet, when I asked women what kind of shoes they loved to see their date wear, the results were all pretty even. My current favorite boots are from Thursday Boot Companyshown above.

I Asked Women What a Man Should Wear On a First Date -

On behalf of all men, I apologize to these poor women. For those looking to add this essential into their wardrobe, check out my Ultimate Guide to Buying A Leather Jacket here.

Dating 101: Talking To Guys Online Vs. Real Life w/Matthew Hussey

Relax the first date nerves, perhaps? When asked what was their favorite place for a first date was, A nice cocktail bar received The remaining votes were split between coffee Not sure what to do with this advice yet?

I Asked 101 Women What a Man Should Wear On a First Date

Museum dates are a great way to break up the monotony of meeting up a bar, but it requires a bit of strategy. The biggest mistake you can make on a museum date?

Spending a lot of time looking at the art and reading the text! First dates are all about getting to know each other. Think of the museum like a beautiful backdrop, just the same as if you were strolling through a park. Grab a map for you and your date. That takes away from precious time to get to know each other. Go back to the spots you chose and enjoy the art.

meet real guys apparel

Like the wallet from the MoMA above. The key items in this look are the collared shirt and boots. Wearing a suit on a first date, especially something like a museum, can feel like overkill.

First Impressions: 7 Things Women Notice

I love a date at a cool speakeasy, but securing a spot at one can be stressful, especially on a first date. Order his signature Sakura martini — a blend of gin, sake, maraschino liqueur finished with a beautiful sakura blossom. Photo above The Outfit: The polo is the happy medium between a t-shirt and button-up shirt.

Bordeaux and charcoal gray is my all time favorite color combination. Dinner on a first date can sometimes feel like a trap. Instead of a proper dinner for a first date, I recommend getting some wine and tapas. Tapas are small plates of appetizers and snacks that you share over drinks.

I love it because the tapas themselves become a conversation point. Start with a few plates and see how things go.

Grab the check and part ways. Some recommendations for you first-time tapas eaters: My all time favorite: Jamon Iberico, slices of ham from pigs fed acorns then aged for 36 months.

meet real guys apparel