Meet rich guys in lagos state

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meet rich guys in lagos state

25 Cool Places To Meet A Rich Guy In Lagos, #13 Is Kinda Certain. SHARES Banana Island Estate Gate Banana Island backyard Gate Accenture. 10 Places You Can Find a Rich Husband in Lagos this places where you can find the multimillionaire man of your dreams this year here in Lagos. Where to Meet Rich Men in Lagos. Happy weekend everyone. Okay ladies. Let's get real for a second here. When we are looking for a partner.

meet rich guys in lagos state

Practice the accent in front of your mirror. You've automatically scored some points.

meet rich guys in lagos state

Mobility is a necessity Image Source: Defender Network Invest in a neat car that can take you around town. If you can't afford a car, arrange with a private car rental company.

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There's several of them in Lagos. Don't go to any event soaked in sweat. Attend concerts Forget going to the movies.

meet rich guys in lagos state

You only tend to meet folks who are generally hooked and taking PDA a new name. It's an investment that will pay off in the end. Make art your new obsession Art is a part of easy living. You don't have to particularly understand the arts to enjoy it.

Find out dates for exhibitions and attend. These events are usually free so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Join a gym Yip, it's beneficial to you in more ways than one to become a member of a high end gym.

25 Cool Places To Meet A Rich Guy In Lagos, #13 Is Kinda Certain

You are not only keeping fit and healthy but will sure meet the equally fit and loaded guy who might just take you to the moon. Old money lives in those walls. Some of them are single and know their responsibilities towards women. They know when to act and when to withdraw; they are people who love to enjoy life to the fullest and would flex whenever they have the chance. We are going to be focusing on Lagos city and we would be looking at some of the top places where ladies can find rich men to marry or cling to.

Either way, they can never get it wrong if they visit these places: Oriental hotel There is no way you visit this hotel and stay at the lobby without meeting some rich man. This is a place where modern styles meet the needs of comfort.

Everything about this hotel speaks class and would no doubt attract people who enjoy the luxury that comes with a grand place. Funny mistakes you could make by not pressing the space bar 2.

Coza Lagos It has already been established that people no longer go to churches because they want to meet with God; there are added advantages of going to the church now.

Depending on the setting of the church, you are bound to meet someone remarkable. Now, if you go to some indigenous churches, you may not find that rich husband.

But with a place like Coza, you can never get it wrong. There would always be some young, charming man in the congregation with well-tailored clothes that will meet your specifications.

House on the rock This is another church that would blow your mind. Naija News A lot of female visitors who storm Lagos have romance at the back of their minds as they hope to meet the guy that would sweep them off their feet during their stay. Unfortunately, while single men are literally everywhere in the city, meeting quality single guys can be an arduous task. Truth is, finding eligible men in Lagos could be an elusive game if they are at a loss as to where to meet them.

Get your blood pumping at the gym If you have a gym in your hotel or a sport center around you, take advantage of it.

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Most of the men in Lagos are fitness conscious and they like to spend quality time at the gym. Basically, you would be killing two birds with one stone: Most of the men you will meet at the gym would be attractive and responsible as their presence at the gym already shows that they value their health. And do not forget to go for an attractive sports gear as opposed to the normal sweat pants and T-shirt.

Attend weddings Anyone who lives in Lagos can attest to the fact that wedding are the number one place to meet single quality guys. Forget the lewd assumption that single men at weddings just want to get laid, if you keep that in mind, you will not make progress.