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After a prank-filled proposal, Vivi So and Steve Kwok tie the knot | South China Morning Post

So, Jobs came over and we met on the sidewalk and we talked about things we had done — pranks and philosophies on life. It was during the. Gremlins meets Inside Out in this sneaky parable about courage and self-control. Steven (Slim) Pickings is on the edge of a breakdown—but then, it always. But the Morris I meet isn't very scary: tall verging on gangly, checked a bow-tie, and a scruffy white shirt with holes in it,' says Steve Yabsley.

One time I just got ushered away by this woman who thought I was in the wrong place. But I kept at it.

Simon Brodkin: meet the comedian who showered Sepp Blatter with banknotes - Telegraph

I went in to the toilets, psyched myself up, got my game face on and went for it. Simon Brodkin's Lee Nelson does rap battle with Kanye West at Glastonbury The tables were turned in surreal fashion shortly afterwards, as Brodkin was refused entry to the cabaret tent in which he was scheduled to perform as Lee Nelson. At first he tells me that, like most comedians, he simply wants to make people laugh.

Fans of Kanye West were vociferous on social media, condemning Brodkin for ruining an expensive and much-anticipated performance. And the general reaction to his pranks is positive, he says. Some people were saying Kanye shouldn't headline Glastonbury so I thought I'd give him a hand.

Sepp, not so sure. After arresting me and me being in a cell for several hours, the Swiss police showed me that the video had made it on to the website of the big national paper. There was a warmth there. Brodkin grew up in north London, his father and mother both solicitors. He has one older brother, who works as a journalist, and both Brodkin boys attended the independent University College School in Hampstead.

Simon then studied medicine at the University of Manchester, qualified as a doctor in and worked in hospitals in the city before he started doing stand-up full-time in Might he suffer from the law of diminishing returns? Surely every security guard in the land now has his mugshot on file.

This particular show, you feel, is far from over.

meet steve pranks crossword

Did you meet him? I did not meet him in person. Over time, we were in two different categories of the world — he was a businessman, and I was just an engineer-inventor. Do you ever regret leaving Apple? I have made all the right decisions in my life. I have never left Apple, I am still with Apple. I am the only person who has had a paycheck every week since the first day we started the company. I have a small token salary even now.

There were a couple of times I wanted to do some startups.

Simon Brodkin: meet the comedian who showered Sepp Blatter with banknotes

At one time, I wanted to go back to college and get my degree. And then I left Apple. I got my degree, I put on a concert, and then I came back to Apple as an engineer pretty quickly. Then inI wanted to do a startup to make a universal remote control. I started this great project and I loved doing it. But I did it while I was at Apple. I showed Apple what I was doing.

I would never do anything that would compete with Apple.

‘Success in India is based on studying, having a job...where’s the creativity?’

I am under some employment contract with Apple. How much do you earn from Apple now? See, I never look at money and bank accounts, [and] I never like to deal with money. What keeps you busy these days? I constantly follow technology.

meet steve pranks crossword

I try and buy some of the products to be familiar with them. I like new things like electric cars. I also have Woz U now, set up last year. The idea is that you can learn the important things that apply to technology work and not have to learn other little stuff that does not interest you. I also run two companies — one was Fusion-io, a notable leader in changing data centres from hard disks to solid state disks.

It went public as fast and as big Apple did. Then, there was a spin-off called Primary Data Optimse storage and it recently folded. Do you think Jobs overshadowed you? I never wanted to be seen by anyone. I never got to promote myself. But his whole life Steve wanted to be an important person and one of the routes to being important was to be in charge of a company.

I was not non-political. I did not want to go near business where people cheat and lie and try to manoeuvre for position. I only wanted to be an engineer creating great hardware and software.

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My philosophy was well understood when I was 20 years old, even before we started Apple. Steve wants it and he gets it, and he deserves it. He did not have much to do with Apple in the first 10 years until he returned, not until the iPod actually. The iPod and iPhone changed the world and those were his Apple tools. Until then, he had done the marketing of the Apple 2 computer. I designed a computer but Steve is the one who made it into a product.

Steve is the one who told the world why they needed a computer, and helped out in marketing. He made a lot of mistakes trying to build his own computers, and eventually we lost the whole computer. Do you miss Steve, your friend? The days I miss the most are the days before Apple started, five years before Apple started.

How important is coding and should it be taught to children, particularly in India? Coding is very important. I say this because there is a thing called cognitive development, the way your mind perceives the world, then assimilates, and moves on to new ways of seeing the world and structuring how data works.

meet steve pranks crossword

And programming can be taught only when you are ready for algebra. The real advantage of learning how to code is that you learn how to solve large problems with a lot of steps. The steps add up to a solution.

Who is the new-age tech leader who resembles Steve Jobs? Who do you admire? Elon Musk has a vision that will change the world. Do you think he comes close to Steve Jobs?

meet steve pranks crossword

As far as values and vision are concerned, I think he is a lot more concrete. He comes up with new ideas that are possible with technology and engineering. He had the feeling for how people lead their lives. Comparing them is apples and oranges but they were both outstanding leaders with vision. What is the future of technology?

meet steve pranks crossword