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One day you are going to meet someone in your life, that is going to change everything. They are going to change the way you think about the. Popular Opinion Famous Role Models We'd Like to Meet In Person. These are the famous folks it would be most exciting to meet in person, as ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. This list includes both modern day and historical role models, dead and alive - some of the most. Home; Who Will You Meet. COME AND MEET IN PERSON WITH: You will meet a diverse and interesting range of stakeholders from + organizations from.

Lydia was born and bred in Paarl and receiving her Medical Degree at the University of Stellenbosch in She worked as a General Practitioner for 13 years and found an interest in Oncology.

Lydia has a passion for the local and surrounding rural communities and her deep-seated spirituality enables her to relate to her patients with the utmost compassion, love and kindness. Oncologist Lizelle comes with nearly 20 years medical experience and is a renowned Honorary Lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch.

Practicing throughout South Africa, Lizelle takes on a holistic approach with treatment, empowering her patients to understand their cancer, their treatment and recovery. As an academic, for Lizelle knowledge is power and all questions are answered when it comes to this genetic disease for her patients to make informed decisions.

One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Change Your Life For Good

St Stephen General Practitioner Joey is a doctor with a special interest in palliative care, care of the elderly and emergency medicine. Qualifying at the University of Pretoria gave her the opportunity to work abroad in the U. Upon completion of her degree in palliative care at the University of Cardiff, she dedicated 8 years to oncology and palliative care in North Wales. Returning to Paarl, she continues her commitment to post-operative, post-stroke and general rehabilitation of patients and is the general practitioner at the St Stephen Oncology hospital.

Her main passion being palliative care, she is also involved with Drakenstein Hospice providing advice and support to the staff involved in home based care of private and government supported patients.

Famous Role Models to Meet List

Being an avid traveller, Johanna enjoys visits abroad, and feels privileged to raise her children in beautiful Paarl. Or maybe fate would rather you two be great friends. But the way they smile at you, will make everything ok again. The way they speak to you, will make you realize how much a part of you has missed being truly looked at.

meet who

And this person, this perfect stranger, will make you want to be a better human being. This person, will suddenly awaken a light in you that has been shut off for so long. This stranger, will make you wake up from the world that you were missing out on. This stranger, will wake you up to the beauty inside of yourself.

Because the way this person will look at you, is like they have known you for forever. And the way this person will look at you, will tell you that you are worth everything that you want in this world.


And this person, this stranger you met on the street or the bus stop, will finally make you want to look at yourself in the same exact way they look at you. One day, you are going to meet someone who will change your life. Because in the way they smile and talk to you, you see all your potential in just one look.

One day you will meet someone who will re-introduce you to yourself. You Might Also Like:

meet who