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meet your makers neodymium

build a neodymium magnet factory in the U.S. to meet growing demand The Japanese maker of specialty steels and magnetic materials is. The latest Tweets from MeetYourMakers (@myMYMcom). MYM is one of the worlds leading full scale professional electronic sport businesses and has been. Now the spotlight is on neodymium. Several auto makers already use permanent magnet motors that rely on the metal because they are.


MYM were able to compete for a slot at Season 3 Europe Offline Qualifiers but failed to win the last spot into the league, losing in a set against DragonBorns. The team failed to hold up against the Russian contender, losing and placing second in the tournament.

They were unable to follow up their win at Singapore the previous November, but still had strong showings at each, consistently placing between 3rd and 6th at the events. After first winning a series against Mousesportsthey went on to face DragonBorns once again, to fight for a chance to be an LCS team. In a close best of 5 series, MeetYourMakers was able to overcome DBqualifying them as a new team in the professional league for summer.

Sporting a close set, the team lost, taking home a respectable second place finish in the league. However, the team did not experience the same success throughout the rest of the season, and ended the summer split on an eight game losing streak in last place with a record of MeetYourMakers only dropped two games throughout the entire tournament, defeating Heroes Team to receive first place and a spot in the upcoming World Cyber Games tournament in November.

Kori rejoined the team prior to the start of the third week. In a ruling from Riot, MYM was found guilty of violating rule Most everyday magnets, including those that hold notes on the fridge, are permanent magnets.

Alloys of neodymium with iron and boron are four to five times as strong by weight as permanent magnets made from any other material.

meet your makers neodymium

Offshore wind turbines can require hundreds of kilograms each. New mining activity, not only at Mountain Pass but also in Australia and elsewhere, will increase supplies—but not enough to meet demand for certain critical metals, particularly dysprosium, in the next few years.

meet your makers neodymium

And the limited capacity of the new mining operations is not the only problem. Because rare earths make such excellent magnets, researchers have put little effort since the early s into improving them or developing other materials that could do the job. Few scientists and engineers outside China work on rare-earth metals and magnet alternatives.

Inventing substitutes and getting them into motors will take years, first to develop the scientific expertise and then to build a manufacturing infrastructure. As a result, there were few incentives for researchers or companies to work on magnets. The equipment shown includes machinery used to crush and dissolve rocks from the mine and extract and dry rare-earth oxides.

The 16 naturally occurring rare earths are usually found mixed together in deposits that often contain radioactive elements as well—and separating the metals requires costly processes that produce a stew of toxic pollutants.

But knowing where the rare earths are throughout the site and getting the individual metals out of the ore are two different things. The first step in extracting rare-earth oxides from the surrounding rock is to crush the rocks and grind them into a fine powder.

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This is passed through a series of tanks, where the rare-earth elements float to the top. Unwanted minerals sink to the bottom, and this hazardous waste material, called tailings, is sent to ponds for storage. Meanwhile, the resulting concentrate of rare-earth metals is roasted in kilns and then dissolved in acid. The fraction of the resulting slush that contains rare earths, in the form of mixed metal oxides, is removed.

Finally, the solvent is neutralized. The reaction generates a lot of salt: This waste also contained radioactive thorium and uranium, which collected as scale inside the pipe that delivered the wastewater to evaporation ponds 11 miles away.

Several times in the s, cleaning operations intended to remove the built-up scale caused the pipeline to burst, spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of hazardous waste into the desert. The state of California ordered Molycorp, which was then a unit of the oil company Unocal, to clean up the waste. Inthe company, already struggling to make a profit, ran out of space to store its tailings and failed to secure a permit to build a new storage facility.

The mine shut down. Chevron bought Unocal inacquiring Molycorp and the Mountain Pass mine along with it. Ina group of private investors bought the mine and formed Molycorp Minerals, which has been developing processing technologies that it says will eliminate the need for evaporation ponds and pipelines.

Last summer the company went public, and its stock price has soared. Inside a small warehouse where the rare-earth oxides are dried and packaged, Molycorp CEO Mark Smith dips his hand into a barrel to scoop up a handful of tan-colored powder.

This material is didymium oxide, a mixture of oxidized neodymium and praesodymium, elements far to the left on their row in the periodic table. The deposit at Mountain Pass, like other rare-earth deposits except a few in southern China, is richest in these lighter elements.

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They are fine for glass polishing and car batteries and for magnets that work at low temperatures. But to withstand the high temperatures in motors and turbines, magnets require the addition of dysprosium or terbium, which are heavy rare earths.

Another problem is that Molycorp is just beginning to rebuild the infrastructure needed to turn rare-earth ore into magnets.