Meet your second wife jezebel movie

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meet your second wife jezebel movie

Julie's Aunt Belle (Fay Bainter, who also won an Oscar, as 's Best Supporting Actress) offers to house his new wife while he goes to do business- related. Scarlett was doubtless thought of as a bit of a Jezebel herself, and while I . he returns to visit accompanied by his new wife, and all hell breaks loose again. This is a funny sketch but it has the same problem as a bunch of SNL stuff, which is after the first joke they just repeat. Yeah the second wives.

She then went to England, in violation of her contract, with the intention of starring in a movie without Warner Brothers' approval. The studio stopped her, telling her that if she didn't work for them she wouldn't work anywhere. In defiance, she sued to break her contract. Although she lost the lawsuit, Warner Brothers began to take her more seriously and even paid her legal expenses. The part in "Jezebel" was thought to be an olive leaf offered by the studio to mollify her.

meet your second wife jezebel movie

About that time, Davis made it known that she wanted the lead in David O. Selznick's upcoming production of "Gone With the Wind".

  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Brought Some Much-Needed Specificity to ‘SNL’

She was actually considered for the role, but Warner told Selznick that they wouldn't agree to loan her out unless he also took Errol Flynn for the part of Rhett Butler. Davis refused to work with Flynn and angrily turned down the part, although Selznick did not intend to agree to Flynn regardless. Many believed that Warner Brothers purposely created an impossible deal to punish Davis for the lawsuit while making it appear they were trying to help her.

Clearly, it didn't matter, because Bette Davis went out and gave one of the best performances of her career and won her second Oscar for best actress. Instead, the enemy is yellow fever. The story takes place in New Orleans in the 's.

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Although there are references to the abolitionists and the prospect of war, the entire story takes place prewar. This story focuses on the southern lifestyle of the period, and in this way it is very similar to its more famous counterpart.

It also follows the life and times of one very spirited woman named Julie Marsden Bette Daviswho could have been Scarlet O'Hara's soul mate. Only Pres isn't tired of the conventions, and the red dress ends up being the beginning of a break between them, which pretty much ends when she slaps him. He goes away North. She is ready to abase herself to him on his return, but he returns with Amy Margaret Lindsaya Northern woman whom he's married. And from there, things escalate until Julie's life is ruined beyond all recognition.

Contrary to popular belief, this was not a sop to Bette Davis for not getting Scarlett O'Hara; studio correspondence shows they'd never considered anyone else in the role, and she still felt she was in the running for the more desirable role. Indeed, she may well have expected that her performance here would put her over the top in the running for Scarlett; she was already a frontrunner with the public.

meet your second wife jezebel movie

There are quite a few similarities between the characters, no doubt on purpose. Scarlett was doubtless thought of as a bit of a Jezebel herself, and while I haven't read the book in a while, I would be shocked if the word didn't come up somewhere in there.

Entertainingly, Margaret Mitchell may well have been inspired in part by the play! Pres is, later in the movie, mocked for his "Northern" ideas of sanitation and so forth, but it's about the only thing during the whole Yellow Fever section of the film which would actually work. Because you act like one. You used to say you liked me like that once. You never wanted me to change.

meet your second wife jezebel movie

In a lady's bedroom. Now you'll have to marry me. What do you figure I aim to do? Then kiss me again.

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Well, shall we go, Pres? Not 'til you're properly dressed. You're sure it's the dress? It couldn't be that you're afraid? Afraid somebody will insult me and you'll find it necessary to defend me? And you're, may I say, "Julie"? The head might forget, but the hand remembers.

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Anyhow, Miss Julie, she's right in behind me all day to fix them just the way you used to like them. Uncle Cato, how is Miss Julie? Why, she's just Miss Julie. Well, I reckon princesses, they just naturally grows up to be queens, that's all. Uncle Cato, we've known each other a long time. It's a special occasion. Will you join me in one? Pres, it ain't hardly proper, but I'll kindly take one out in the pantry and bless you and Miss Julie.