Meet your second wife reaction husband

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meet your second wife reaction husband

Last night on SNL, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler played hosts of Meet Your Second Wife, where they introduced currently happily married. For a mother of two, Mrs. Toun Ogunniyi, if her husband marries a second wife, she will neglect him and concentrate on her children. We met in the university. I won't It is better than hurting her husband or his second wife. In a sketch titled “Meet Your Second Wife,” Poehler and Fey host a game show One by one, the unsuspecting husbands watch as increasingly younger encapsulates our reaction to the creepy — albeit hilarious — sketch.

Many second wives feel this way. We are hurt when our husbands seem to take less interest in our pregnancies they've seen it before and are pretty sure that we aren't as fragile as we would like them to believe. We miss the tears in their eyes when our first child is born.

We miss the expected excitement.

meet your second wife reaction husband

We are sometimes angered when our mothers in law don't come by in the hospital to see the new baby. They've seen it before. Sometimes they even think he shouldn't have had more children.

A second wife often has to play second-fiddle to the children from the first marriage.

‘Meet Your Second Wife’ Cuts Deep and is Uncomfortably Hilarious

She can be hurt and alone and confused by why this is happening. Bitterness can build in her if she is neglected, or if she is given too much of a role in caring for her step-children. She might become angry if her parenting skills are compared to those of his first wife, and she often feels as though she was his second pick.

A second wife can become incredibly resentful of her step-children, and it is taboo for her to discuss this topic, with her husband, or with her friends. Many women feel so guilty about the subject that they only allow it to eat at them rather than properly addressing the issue through counseling and proper communication with their husbands.

And often, men don't understand what is eating at their wives. She might even feel as though he has been unfaithful to her, in spite of the fact that the "other woman" was his wife! Even if he doesn't, she might compare herself to his ex.

meet your second wife reaction husband

She might even worry that if he lost interest in his first wife that he will also lose interest in her. This is especially complicated if there is a support order. If her husband is unable to support her and her children, the second wife may become very resentful of the first wife, her husband, and the children they have together.

She will sometimes doubt herself, and she may find that she regrets having become involved with her husband in the first place.

meet your second wife reaction husband

It's My Story I don't like being a "second" and am, in fact, a "third. Some of those regrets have been caused by one another, other regrets are caused by legislation that has not been well thought-through.

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We both hurt greatly from time to time and each of us questions ourselves. Being a "second" is part of the reason that I have considered very deeply the implications of pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Two souls came together before, and when the divorces occurred, what remained was no longer complete.

I got what was left over when his first two wives were done with him. I experience sadness and sometimes even shame. Some days I fear that I am becoming the "bitter woman" that I dreamed I would never be. Hassan believed the beauty of marriage was to have more than one woman because doing so would bring about more children. He must not favour one wife and neglect the other.

SNL Sketch ‘Meet Your Second Wife’ Just A Bit Too Real

He also must not show that he loves one wife more than the other. If he begins to show that he prefers one to the other, he has sown a wrong seed in the mind of his wives. A single mother, identified only as Ms.

meet your second wife reaction husband

Segun, said he left her former husband after he married a second wife. She added that she walked out of her matrimonial home and rented another apartment one day. It is better than hurting her husband or his second wife. I am living a happy life.

Speaking on the issue, a marriage counsellor, Mr. Henry Ezekiel, said a woman, whose husband chose to take to a second wife, should be calm in such a situation. Shouting at her husband or complaining about his decision would only make matters worse. I would advise she visits a marriage counsellor with her husband. It is because they are bored with their first wife. I hear men say they love their first wife but that nothing has changed in their life since they got married to her.

They said they are tired of seeing the same face around them. Any woman who wants to stop her husband from taking a second wife should do so in a calm, smart way.

When your husband takes a second wife

Helina Jones, advised women to pay special attention to their appearance and home. They said their first wife had no care for their home. Whenever I speak to wives battling with the issue of a second wife, I tell them to wake up. Similarly, another marriage counsellor, Mr. Almost all men want to be loved and cared for. A woman must not be a grandmother to her husband.

She should be his wife and dress like his wife. She should constantly do things that make him happy. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.