Michael fielders eliot meet

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michael fielders eliot meet

King's letter also outlines the tragic story of Michael Fielders, of Eliot, the importance of treatment and mobilize resources to help meet the. Overdose death inspires police initiative in Eliot, Kittery Hundreds of people turned out to remember Michael Fielders. He was If they meet the program's requirements, officers will steer them toward treatment and recovery. French artist Michel Delacroix has painted four views badz.info Harvard campus as it .. Other winners include T.S. Eliot '10 (, literature) and three recipients of the Professor of History, addressing a meeting celebrating the opening of the who think baseball lost its soul when fielders started wearing gloves.

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michael fielders eliot meet

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Eliot man dies from heroin overdose while waiting for treatment

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Elliott Park Primary School

The Knicks president yesterday declared himself a mensch — There are currently 51 PDMPs. I also urge you to devote significant resources to treatment programs.

michael fielders eliot meet

There is no example that better illustrates this need than that of Michael Fielders, of Eliot, Maine, who died of a suspected heroin overdose in November while awaiting treatment. The window for treatment is narrow, and when a person is ready to begin the process of addressing their dependence on opioids, programs must be available for them.

I hope that the FY budget can also prioritize comprehensive treatment options, such as Medication-Assisted Treatment MAT programs, which combine the use of proper medications with behavioral therapy and counseling. Funding for programs that provide increased access to buprenorphine and methadone in communities with high rates of addiction and limited treatment options are important as well. As the epidemic continues to grow nationwide, the budget must emphasize the importance of treatment and mobilize resources to help meet the unique needs of so many people.

In addition to both prevention and treatment efforts, we must also ensure that our enforcement strategies meet the unique challenges of drug abuse in our communities and the influx of drugs arriving from abroad.

If confirmed, Admiral Tidd will lead our military efforts in Central and South America to mitigate this growing threat. With demand for heroin more than doubling sinceit is clear that part of our enforcement strategy must be increasing resources to reduce the flow of heroin from Latin America.

Eliot man dies from heroin overdose while waiting for treatment

Ultimately, the FY budget should focus upon keeping our communities safe from any crime and violence associated with illicit trade and distribution while also ensuring that we treat non-violent people who need care. A final aspect to address as you consider the FY budget is family and community support, whether it be through grants or other means, for those affected by addiction and research on the efficacy of current treatment policies and ways to improve and develop new ones.

By increasing funding for both of these objectives, we can help families splintered by the effects of addiction receive support and through research evaluating current federal policies and potential alternative treatment models, we help assure that we are best adapting to this dynamic and complex public health and safety crisis.

However, I am confident that increased funding for the programs I have listed will lead to significant savings in the long run. This will be seen through decreases in emergency care and long-term treatment, as well as a reduction in crime associated with heroin use and distribution.