Mini meet west 2010

West Windsor Whalers Mini-Meet

mini meet west 2010

Vehicle: PovertyCharged & PovertyRunner Come out for a latter- half of the week mini meet where you can grab a bite to eat, hang out .. There are several motels off West Texas Avenue in Webster: Staybridge. The International Mini Meet or International Mini Meeting is a campaign event for Mini owners , Germany · Neumarkt, FanClub Mini Bavaria. , England, Birmingham Sweet Mini Club Luxembourgh. , Germany, West Berlin. March 10,11 West Coast Premier, Livermore, CA · March 17,18 April 8, ATA Mini Meet, San Jose, CA · April 22,23 Season.

The hardest part of the weekend was the drive back home with a body that just wanted to sleep! Lake Morey Resort was the perfect host for the weekend. The skate around the lake was enjoyed by a number of our skaters and the resort offers a wide selection of winter and summer activities.

mini meet west 2010

As well, they have on tap the best draught beer I have ever had — and I am a bit of an expert on the subject! I highly recommend the Resort as a destination weekend for families. Next stop on the marathon circuit is the Joliette marathon in two weeks time.

This is the prettiest next to Lake Morey of all the marathon race venues and takes place in a beautiful small town just 45 minutes east of Montreal. Hope to see you there.

Incidentally, the races 25 and 40 km are for the North American Championships and the best marathoners in the east and perhaps from the west as well will be racing.

mini meet west 2010

A good event at which to be a spectator. Installment 3 Cold with Sticky Ice! Whereas the SLSSC was enjoying a mini meet in the confines of the relatively warm Memorial Centre this past Saturday a small number of us silly souls were lining up for the 10 km race on the Lake Placid oval with an ambient temperature of — 25oC! However, with no wind and a sunny sky the cold was soon forgotten as we progressed through the race. If you have never skated the Lake Placid oval it really is a treat and a must for serious skaters — after all this is where Eric Heiden captured all five gold medals in the Olympics in every race from the m to the m — a feat that will never be repeated.

On the Friday evening, before the competitions on Sat and Sun we had a practice skate and it was so cold that the skate glide was extremely limited no melting ice beneath our blades and it was all we could do to stay out on the ice for 15 minutes at a time. A half hour following the 10km treated as a warm up! The ice was a little faster and in excellent condition and the race progressed with a number of skating packs representing the various speed levels of the contestants. The overall winner was Sergio A.

It is interesting to note that the largest contingents were in the M5 and M6 categories and with 20 of the field filling these categories. Yours truly did well but still is looking for a sub minute race.

I skated 5th in an age category of 10 skaters One skater, Tony Zegers from Kingston who is 79, beat many skaters 20 and 30 years his junior — thus giving great hope for the grey power set. I was part of the Ottawa Pacers group who annually take over a popular B and B for the weekend and we enjoyed a beautiful evening meal presented by our hosts and followed by a two hour session around the piano singing carols.

Early Sunday morning saw a group of about 30 skaters line up for the 40 km. Another sunny day without wind and with a temperature slightly warmer than the day before.

Packs formed quickly according to speed and the winning skater Sergio again beat out Jim Cornell of Rochester by less than a second. Everyone was happy with their results — many personal bests including myself. I attribute this reasonable time to a small cooperative pack composed of me the lone male skater and three of the WWWs and as a result I managed to take a third place in my age group of six skaters. One of the wonders of the event was Bailin Xie, 13 years old sister of Hugh — see last installment from Quebec City who won the 40km in her category of under 19 and placed third overall for women.

There will be 10km and 25 km on the Saturday and a one hour race on the Sunday.

Mini Meets West 2010 Preview!

The novelty of the Sunday race is that everyone starts and finishes together so no one has to feel that they have been too slow. If anyone wants more information on the Ottawa or other marathon events you can contact me at trevelyn ripnet. Installment 2 Fun and Pain! The weather was perfect with just below freezing temperatures and little to no wind. The 25km was held early Saturday evening and attracted a total of 53 skaters representing every age category from under 19 up to M 6 Results were very impressive considering it was the first marathon of the season and the winning time was just over 43 minutes, achieved by Jim Cornell from Rochester.

He edged out Youri Juteau of Montreal by 0. The ice was fast and with little wind, good times were set by all. This writer set a PB in the distance but is still a minute and change away from breaking the 60 minute barrier.

The real challenge was the next morning with the 40km starting at 9: A lot of sore backs were dragged out on to the track but it was a fun event for the 31 of us who participated. There were 22 smart skaters who decided that it was wise not to put two long races together within such a short period of time. This writer was not amongst the wise and dragged himself out to the starting line.

The race was conducted with several packs forming, all at different paces. But no one could catch Sergio Almeralla of Ottawa who won with a time of one hour and 13 and half minutes. The real story of the event was the remarkable Hugh Xie, the eleven year old skater from Gloucester.

mini meet west 2010

He did very well in the 25km placing 24th but he must have been saving himself for Sunday morning — in the 40 km he smoked the competition in all age groups and placed 9th overall out of So the MSI series is off to a great start. A difficult time of the year but I am sure that similar numbers will be registered and I will once again try to break the 60 minute barrier for the 25 km.

Following Lake Placid in the new year the series moves on to natural ice surfaces. Please note that if you are not already aware, the Big Rideau at Portland marathon will not be held this season. Installment 1 Are you tired of tight corners and lots of them?

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Would you prefer to be enjoying winter outdoors instead of inside an arena? If your answer to any of these is yes, then I have the solution for you. Give long track skating a try — and specifically marathon skating.

The Marathon Skate International sponsors 12 marathon races at seven venues see list below between early December and mid-February. It is a matter of pacing yourself and when possible, skating with a pack a group of skaters.

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The marathons attract normally about 35 — 50 participants in all age groups with ages ranging from 9 to76 and usually represented equally between male and female. Because more or less the same skaters show for each event, we have become like a big family — as in short track. The Ottawa Pacers have at least a dozen masters who attend different marathons throughout the season. Why do I enjoy marathon skating: Like to skate outdoors and on natural ice watch for the cracks!

Believe it or not — love to skate with the winter elements Enjoy skating 50km in a little over 2 hours as opposed to hanging around an indoor rink for two days to skate for 25 minutes! Marathons for this winter will take place in: Quebec City 10km, 25km and 40km Dec. All that other junk aside, that was the hook for me. I would smile from ear to ear when I saw we were turning the corner onto a good straightaway with little traffic because I knew he was going to stomp on it.

I have an affinity for small cars. They are easy to work on. Parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They have a lot of character; they are cute and get tons of smiles-per-gallon.

I like to drive them so I hesitate to start tearing them apart for an unknown restoration timeline. I would like to sell one Bugeye and restore the other two cars, but sometimes I think about selling all three and buying one that is already restored. Hobby activities clubs, events etc. Times are different now, I guess. On the way back to Portland, I had a flat, lost the headlights and had no wipers thanks Lucas. Thanks to my buddy Matt, I was able to make it home.

Man, the sound it made was ugly. I literally spent days trying to bleed the system, but the pedal was still squishy. I turned to the Internet for help and eventually ran into an obscure forum post that said it was possible to install the calipers upside down inadvertently mixing left with rightwhich would put the bleed valve on the bottom and trap air at the top of the caliper.

I quickly ran to the garage and instantly saw that they were upside-down. The previous owner had mixed left with right. What a relief to finally solve that issue. Favorite Drive West of Portland, past the urban growth boundary, there are some amazing drives.