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misery index meet reality tv

As the first of the two charts below shows, the standard misery index for during what were in reality boom times for the Hong Kong economy. Misery Index - Discordia - badz.info Music. Misery Index Format: Audio CD .. "Outsourcing Jehovah", "Breathing Pestilence", and "Meet Reality" (which. Misery Index could easily be described as Death/Grind's speed freaks. the way of this band: Meet Reality, Unmarked Graves, Sensory Deprivation and Discordia ; the band, therefore, making this an absolute show for drummers out there!!!.

Then, as the Asian crisis hit the city, the misery index fell off a cliff, indicating better economic conditions for ordinary people.

misery index meet reality tv

Hong Kong obviously needs a tailor-made misery index better suited to local conditions. Unemployment and inflation should still be included. They are good proxies for the pain felt by consumers, who drive roughly 25 per cent of business in the city.

misery index meet reality tv

But there are three other pillars of the Hong Kong economy that also need to be considered: The second chart below shows a preliminary attempt to compile a misery index specifically designed for Hong Kong; let's call it the Monitor Misery Index, or MMI. Unemployment and inflation are in there, plus three other indicators.

  • Feel HK's pain with the Monitor Misery Index

The financial services industry is represented by the percentage change in the Hang Seng Index over the last 12 months, adjusted so it carries a roughly equal weight to the other components. Other figures could have been used, but the Hang Seng Index is a reasonable proxy for the state of the financial sector and has a powerful effect on sentiment in other sectors: Import-export activity and related services are represented by the change over the last 12 months in the government's quantum index of re-exports: Finally, the year-on-year change in the Centa-City index of residential property prices stands in for the impact the real estate sector has on ordinary people's lives.

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The MMI is an imperfect measure, but, as the chart shows, it clearly gives a better picture of economic hardship in Hong Kong than the standard index. The MMI was relatively high during the inflationary years of the early s, fell in the run-up to the handover, only to soar again in the Asian financial crisis. It then sank as the crisis receded, jumping again following the technology bubble burst and September 11, First of all let me address the whole Kevin Talley's replacement.

And let me tell you, i saw MI live touring to support this album and i must tell you, this is just the beginning of a great political charge message.

Misery Index - Discordia - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Now that we cover the drummer semi fiasco which turned out great let us start the song by song analysis Unmarked Graves - Decent intro with like a radio changing stations, been there done that, but once it all starts what hear are those fucking Jason vocals Sparky's vocals are sort of used on the third verse, and you will notice that this album is mostly Jason vocalizing.

On the middle of the song we get a sort of break of a simple riff and the drumming behind. Outsourcing Jehova - The main starting riff is weird for MI standards, but then it evolves into a kind of punkish riff, owning like a 20 dollar prostitute!! This song is the first quick punch you will find on the album, and as you will notice, this continues on, as my only critic of the album is the short time, yet i go back for more Breathing Pestilence - It starts off very good, nothing surprising, the standout moment of this track is the chorus, mainly because its the first song with choruses Meet Reality - Incredible intro!!!

misery index meet reality tv

Progresses into a more death metal riff how the fuck they do it so easily?! And they switch back and forth between grind and a sort of NYDM feeling i get the sense of some Suffocation riffing around, can't quite point it out.

misery index meet reality tv

Sensory Deprivation - This song starts very slow Then a Solo kicks in, the first solo of the album, and then i noticed, is this an instrumental? This song kicks my ass!!!! Nevertheless, the anger is there!!!