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Mortals: Meet Chapter 1: Percabeth, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

mortals meet percabeth wattpad login

This is about Mortal's and Demigod's meeting Percabeth for the first time. Cover is off Tumblr, so please tell me if you know who made it and I'll give credit. much what the title says just a bunch of one shots were mortals meet Percabeth. Log In. ranking # in percabeth See all rankings. All Rights Reserved. Mortals and sometimes demigods meeting Percabeth.

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Mortals meet Demigods ( No Mist )

Therefore, if you enjoy a quick laugh and a boatload of cliches, please enjoy. If you are looking for my less horrific writing, you're in the wrong place. Let's just all pretend, when reading this, that you're laughing with me, not at me! V of seeing the awesome Percabeth! Used to be known as: Un-completed will complete soon Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: I love these stories!

mortals meet percabeth wattpad login

I recommend reading it! Through Mortals Eyes by FandomGirl19 reviews A bunch of one shots about mortals when they meet the demigods! T - English - Humor - Chapters: The second time, Hailey Caldwell, a girl who won't leave Percy alone, catches Percabeth on a date.

What happens when Annabeth shadows at Goode?

Willow Evans meets Annabeth in an Read these, and other Percabeth drabbles only in this story! Day'Dreamer reviews People OC's, mortals and friends watching Percy and Annabeth's relationshipas well as watching the gang's interactions with each other.

Possible jealousy, K and up for my minor paranoia. So here it is! Flames go to Hestia! Jackson reviews A collection of one-shots about average mortals meeting and being impressed by Percabeth. Ideas welcome, and don't worry about being mean when you review. Because you're gonna review, right? Mortals, Meet the Seven! This isn't just Percabeth, though. Be prepared for friendship, romance, and characters being themselves.

Mortals Meet | FanFiction

I own none of the characters, just my OCs. I couldn't help but to look at him. I started to day dream about us, when I hear a snap. I shook my head and smiled at him. He frowned, but shrugs seconds later "So What was so important that I had to come to the pool on a Sunday at He smiled at me. God, can't he be more perfect?! I opened it, curious. And what was written in it, left me breathless: You're cordially invited to the holy union in marriage of: So, I wasn't the only one I want you to be there It's gonna be small, just family and friends I just nodded, hoping my tears wouldn't go out "Great!

mortals meet percabeth wattpad login

Then, I'll see you then! When Percy meant 'small', he meant 'bigger than a house', cause right now, I'm in a room filled with, at least 50 people. All of the women were wearing greek style dresses, while the men were wearing suits. I was wearing a deep red greek dress myself. Looking around, I recognized no one, but everyone recognized me.

Apparently, Percy had been talking so much about me.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad login

Frankly, I only came tonight to stop the man I love to make a mistake. Suddenly, everyone was getting in position, while Percy walked in with his best men: A woman with a not-a-friendly face was standing in the middle and kind of glaring at Percy, who wasn't paying attention. The music started to play and five girls the bridesmaids dressed in sleeveless blue-greyish greek dresses and holding small bouquets of white roses each walked as a parade.

Then, two little kids a boy and a girl walked down as the flower girl and the ring holder. Lastly, the person I was so desperately waiting to crushed her dreams tonight: She was wearing a white sleeveless greek style dress. Her blonde hair was curled and away from her face, which had little to none existent make up.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad login

She was wearing a diamond headband. She was holding a big bouquet of white roses and she was walking down the aisle with her father. She was beautiful and that only fueled my anger. Percy just smiled, extremely happy. When the girl reached him, she let go of her father, who kissed in the cheeks and joined Percy in front of the woman. I heard sniffles from both sides of the aisle "Me, more than anyone knows, that the bows that would be read here, would be the ultimate promise and achievement of their life" this was a cue to everyone to roll their eyes.

A few people even face palmed themselves. The woman seemed irritated "Annabeth I hated you, despises you, just because of who our parents were However, you turned out to be the most reliable person I ever met in my life My life was upside down, you found me in a time were I couldn't even trust my thoughts, yet you trusted me with your life I was known as a know-it-all, but you waltzed in and taught me one lesson that wasn't on the books: We went through difficult times. I went missing and you were the one who never thought I was gone When you were away Those were the worst times of my life I didn't know where were you or how could I found you But you came back to me, like you always do You held my sky, you walked my hell and you saved my life so many times, love and marriage should be a walk in the park