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ndp gym meet 2012 electoral votes

PreSident, britiSH GymnaStiCS. ueG ViCe , I am sure clubs throughout the country will seek to embrace the Games . that from all the people that he'd met .. I would really like to go to college in . Artistic NDP I've even been back to film Gym Meet, unquestionably the most spirited Levis, President of the Student Council; and 8th Grader, Emily Cooper. If each girl in the class of won a college scholarship, that would be an. The Singapore National Day Parade is a national ceremony in Singapore that, as its name . The NDP, now back at the Padang, celebrated Singapore's Silver The government set up the electronic voting ticketing system in in order to . of rallying the nation together on 9 August to meet the challenges ahead.

However, it is important to note that the themes and taglines are largely different; and it is the theme that the parade or Show segment, on in some cases andboth will be based on. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Although the programme and sequence of the parade do change over the years, several components and the overall flow of the parade have remained intact for the past 4 decades. With the shifting of venues for some editions of the parade, the programme may see slight modifications in order to suit the venue, for instance the Mobile Column, which is only possible both at the Padang site and at Marina Bay.

Stage and backdrop design[ edit ] Pre-parade[ edit ] The pre-parade segment today may include mass-displays, choir performances, school band displays, sky-diving displays, and other light-hearted performances to entertain the crowd prior to the parade proper, with the added positive effect of encouraging parade-attendees to be seated earlier.

Initially introduced on an ad-hoc basis as an informal filler, it has since became an integral part of the parade particularly when live television coverage was extended to this segment in recent years. As audience participation has become a part of the parade, the pre-parade segment also becomes an opportunity for the hosts to lead and rehearse with the audience actions they may have to do when the parade proper begins. Colorful costumes and dance moves have been designed for the motivators.

Parade and ceremonies[ edit ] The parade has been a traditional segment of the National Day Parade. John Ambulance Brigade and representatives of various Singapore business entities. Participants are split into two main sections: All members of these contingents are dressed in their respective ceremonial uniforms, known as the No. Behind the Guard-of-Honour contingents stand the Regimental Colours Party, where the 32 SAF regimental colours are held by a group of officers, known as ensigns, from the Singapore Armed Forces, with their armed escorts until Service Regimental Colors from the SAF's three services led the colours party.

Before the creation of the SAF Bands the different service arms of the SAF fielded their own bands, and the massed bands for the parade were, since the early s, from a select band of the SAF and the Singapore Police Force Band inter-service massed bands would only happen in The command of the parade is handed over to the Parade Commander once the parade has been formed up and properly dressed accordingly.

Upon sizing and forming up the parade to full formation, the Parade Commander will wait for the arrival of the members of Parliament, members of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister of Singaporein that order the salutes were dropped partially inand the Prime Minister's salute was dropped the next year. Upon the arrival of each group, the parade will present its salute and present arms, except for the Parliament and Cabinet members, upon which they stand at attention and only the PC salutes them.

Lastly once the President of Singapore has arrived after the playing of the Presidential Fanfare by the Fanfare Trumpeters of the SAFthe Parade Commander will call for a full Presidential salute, during which the National Anthem, Majulah Singapurawill be played accompanied by a fly-past of the State Flag, and fromwould also require raising it as well on a separate flagpole.

During this inspection, the President will be accompanied by the Chief of Defence Force and the Parade Commander, and the Army GOH Contingent Commander would later join them once they approach the Guard-of-Honour recent parades have seen a motorized inspection by the President while riding a Land Rover.

ndp gym meet 2012 electoral votes

A presidential gun salute is also given to the President during this time by a select battery from the Singapore Artillery. It is customary that the President speaks to some members of the Guard-of-honor contingents as he passes by. After the inspection ends, the President will return to the podium before the Guard-of-honor contingents presents a Feu-de-Joie led by the Parade Commander.

At the end of it with the GOH contingents now at shoulder armsthe Parade Commander will ask the President for permission for the Parade Marchpast to start. Marchpast[ edit ] The Parade Commander will command the Parade contingents to prepare for the Marchpast, and will then march out of the Parade Grounds, with the bands bringing the rear.

In the National Day Paradethe City Marchpast made its second appearance and this time the Marina Bay area was the venue for this, with the Marina Padang as the final stop on the march past. The edition of the parade, the very first National Day Parade officiated by the President Tony Tan Keng Yamhad the Onward March which was now done for the second time by all of the youth uniformed groups present while the military and civilian supporting contingents marched out in a different way similar to the march pasts during the and editions with all of them rejoining for the City Marchpast to be done later with the GOH contingent battalion to Marina Bay Sands where the march ended.

The Onward March made yet another appearance in the edition alongside the City Marchpast after the parade proper towards the MBS complex. The City Marchpast made its 6th consecutive appearance in the edition and was carried on in together with the Onward March from the new National Stadium and again from Marina Bay in and In recent years the order of the march past of the supporting contingents out of the grounds has been altered, with the military and civil uniformed services first to march out, followed by the economic firms, social organizations and the youth uniformed organizations which march last out and then into the platform stands.

Mobile column, flypast and defence exposition[ edit ] The first Mobile Column was organized in which displayed the then newly acquired armour vehicles of the SAF, the RSP's police vehicles and the SFB's fire trucks. Inafter an absence of 6 years sincethe Mobile Column made a comeback as Singapore celebrated its 25th year of independence. Since then, it has been on show during the more important anniversaries of the nation's birthday, such as the,and editions held at the Padang, and in the upcoming editions of and Almost every NDP since except has had a flypast segment featuring jet and training aircraft, transports and helicopters from the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Whenever the NDP is held at The Float in Marina Bay the Mobile Column and flypast both evolve into the multi-platform and multi-service Dynamic Defence Display D3with a display of the military defence and public security capabilities of the uniformed services. In lieu of the D3, as part of the parade and ceremony segment of the program, a special flypast of the RSAF was held in that year's edition to mark its 50th anniversary.

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Highlights[ edit ] The spectacular show segment follows the traditional parade and ceremony, and lasts normally for 45 minutes. Following the theme of the parade that year, the Show will feature aside from a Prologue in recent editions three to four main Acts that culminates in a Grand Finale, that will usually feature the theme song of that year's parade, followed by the much anticipated fireworks display.

The entire parade will end in a chorus of voices singing familiar National Day Songs, mass pledge taking from expanded into a national activity and the singing of the National Anthem. Inthe parade broke tradition for having a fireworks display that synchronized with the Sing Singapore medley in the finale.

Infor the first time ever, all the segments of the NDP have been merged into one integrated program, this would be repeated in It has its origins in early NDPs as various mass display items put up by community groups or schools to add colour to the otherwise military parade. These items revolved around the themes of racial harmony, ruggedness among youths etc. This section evolved over the years to become more theatrical, from the massive flashcard displays that complemented the parade in the s to multimedia projections in recent Shows.

Float displays also featured prominently in the Show segments of the s and s where floats were designed to promote government campaigns or highlight the works of various public and private companies. Floats would return in the and editions. Boats and floats on the Marina Bay area in view of the crowds were one of the highlights of the show segment. Parades today, held from dusk to night, end in the climax of fireworks displays which have become a signature item of National Days.

However, in the early parades that were held in the day from —72 and later afternoon to evening NDP editions from toandmass lion and dragon dance displays are actually the parade finale. Lion and dragon dance troupes from various community centres and clan associations would gather on the field to the resonating sound of drumbeats to put on a fiery display that end the parade on an auspicious note. These troupes later became integral parts of the and the evening to daytime NDP editions.

Participating organizations[ edit ] Though every show would see the participation of an assortment of public and private companies, there are three main anchors taking on each Act.

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Patricia McCarron, the Headmistress; Ms. After all that, they went off with their assigned student guide to tour the school. They visited the Knott Performing Arts Center; the pool; the sports center and new playing fields; art studios; language, computer and science labs; the Doyle Library and technology center; math, humanities, and English departments, and more.

Over the course of the morning, each student guide gave several individual and personalized tours for a total of nearly tours and answered thousands of important questions from the girls and their parents!

The guests also enjoyed a lovely catered breakfast and upon departure were given a nifty little packet of NDP information and a custom wrapped NDP chocolate bar!

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So why would NDP, a school that over the years has had more applicants than it can accept, go to such lengths? One obvious reason is that NDP is justifiably proud of all that it has to offer. Open House is the perfect opportunity for this Blue Ribbon School to showcase its state of the art facilities, exceptional programs and course offerings, highly qualified faculty and staff, and extremely talented, poised, and accomplished students.

Another reason is because the NDP staff is genuinely committed to its mission and truly believes that, in Sr. NDP nurtures each child, helps her discover her own unique gifts and challenges her to do her best throughout high school. By doing so, it lays the groundwork for continued success in college. Of perhaps greater interest to prospective parents is the fact that NDP grads receive a tremendous amount in college scholarship money.

As an example, the most recent NDP graduating class received over 21 million dollars in scholarships last year!

ndp gym meet 2012 electoral votes

Another way to look at it is: If Notre Dame is your first choice, then Notre Dame wants to do everything possible to make sure you go there. These are all good, and noble, and practical reasons to pull out all the stops for Open House.

It is one thing to have one or two students offer to give tours.