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nice to meet you too steve daring fireball blog articles on He began asking "friends who might know" whether they thought that estimate was too high. Daring Fireball's John Gruber: "I'm a writer first and a businessman Kafka, we heard from star Apple blogger and Daring Fireball founder John Gruber. Peter Kafka: I think most people know who you are, but in case they don't, you are It's also sort of instructive about what you do, and how press works. But if you're going to attack my work, get the facts right, tell the entire story, and don't assail sources that you don't know anything about as In the last couple weeks, John Gruber of the Daring Fireball has explicitly stated . many of his own insightful and original thoughts on a variety of subjects in his blog.

Cook is even making this same point in an interview on CNBC now. The problem iPhone sales face is not a lack of innovation. First, Apple ran out of new markets to conquer years ago.

Daring Fireball: Forstall Out; Ive Up

The iPhone is effectively available worldwide. The astounding go-go growth of the iPhone in the early years was largely about their steady expansion into new countries around the world. Matt Richman put the insane growth of the iPhone in the early years into perspective back in InApple sold more iPhones than it did in and combined. InApple sold more iPhones than it did in, and combined.

Forstall Out; Ive Up

Last year, Apple sold A bad economy in China significantly shrinks the number of people worldwide who can afford one. The other factor is that the modern — that is to say post-iPhone — smartphone market is 11 years old. In the same way MacBooks last for years or more for many most? Apple could not have picked a worse quarter in which to stop reporting iPhone unit sale numbers. They should have picked a quarter when sales were higher than expected, or at least in line with expectations.

I still think most of the reports were bullshit — particularly the ones based on reports from Asian suppliers — just bullshit that happened to turn out right for once, like a stopped watch getting the time right twice a day. One analyst who definitely got it right, though, was Rod Hall at Goldman Sachs.

His research note downgrading Apple back on November 20 looks remarkably prescient today. He appeared in nearly two dozen episodes of the series dating from to the most recent season.

My dear brother Bob Einstein. A great brother, father and husband. A brilliantly funny man. You will be missed forever. He played Super Dave so straight — I always wondered how many people never realized it was a spoof. Things I learned today: Sometimes a candidate distinguished herself during the contest only to get fired, on a whim, by Trump.

For 10 years, I worked as a cable tech in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D. Those 10 years, the apartments, the McMansions, the customers, the bugs and snakes, the telephone poles, the traffic, the cold and heat and rain, have blurred together in my mind.

Remarkable is subjective and changes with every day spent witnessing what people who work in offices will never see — their co-workers at home during the weekday, the American id in its underpants, wondering if it remembered to delete the browsing history. Mostly all I remember is needing to pee.

nice to meet you too steve daring fireball blog

Really enjoyed reading this piece. Brought to you by: Accomplish more every day with the trusted, gold-standard to-do app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and now even the web. Terms and conditions apply. I would describe it as being a non-blingy gold. These improvements are most noticeable with the camera which has a new lens system and a significantly better sensor and AR.

If you think Apple is blowing smoke about the Apple Neural Engine being 9 times faster than last year, try some ARKit apps side by side. It has a bigger display, but the displays are otherwise identical. It has a bigger battery, and thus gets a bit more battery life Apple says about an hour.

nice to meet you too steve daring fireball blog

That was never true of the Plus-labeled phones — the Plus models had slightly better cameras and displays with higher pixel density.

I figured it would be less than a X-class iPhone.


Maybe the camera would be a bit worse than the wide angle camera on the XS. None of that is true. The differences between the XR and XS are very few, and mostly very obvious.

It only has one camera on the back, but that camera is exactly the same as the wide angle camera on the XS models. The 5C shipped alongside the 5S but it had the internals of a year-old iPhone 5. The XR is a new premium iPhone. In my very limited time with a XR after the event, it seems like a long press with a tap when it triggers. They can use it for the flashlight and camera lock screen shortcuts because a long press has no meaning there.

Same for Control Center. Those are the places where I use 3D Touch most, so I actually think this Haptic Touch fallback will turn out just fine for XR users and iPad, if they use the same thing there. Incredibly, the XR actually has one significant advantage over the XS models: For the first item — overall daily battery life — they no longer give a single number.

The XR is compared to the iPhone 8 Plus up to 90 minutes more. But look at the specific numbers down the list.

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All three new iPhones get excellent battery life, but the iPhone XR — according to Apple — gets the best. I really find it hard not to say ex-arr and ex-ess. A Roman numeral is hard enough.

nice to meet you too steve daring fireball blog

But to put two alphabetic characters next to each other and expect people to treat one as a Roman numeral and the other as a letter is too much. They look like ex-arr and ex-ess so people are naturally going to see them and say them as ex-arr and ex-ess. Some speculators thought the XR would be named the XC for the same reason — the rumor mill had suggested for months that the new 6. I think Apple avoided that because when they use these letters, they use them in the same way.

So they needed a new letter, and R was it. After the event, I tried asking several people who would know what the R stood for. Even completely off the record, no dice.

nice to meet you too steve daring fireball blog

They just play music and show title cards. Everything I wrote last year regarding why I thought it would be pronounced ex, not tenstands up. Why choose names they know will be mispronounced by most customers? But a quick glance at the iPhone XR product page will make this clear — a small caps R looks nothing like a lowercase one. Something about the multi-coil design getting too hot — way too hot. Last year Apple was apparently swayed by arguments that they could figure out a way to make it not get hot.

They were, clearly, wrong. People are waiting for new AirPods, or at least the new AirPods case.

nice to meet you too steve daring fireball blog