Nice to meet your acquaintance meaning on facebook

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nice to meet your acquaintance meaning on facebook

make someone's acquaintance meaning: fml to meet someone. Learn more. I' m very pleased to make your acquaintance. (Definition of “make someone's. Make one's acquaintance definition is - to meet someone. How to use make one's to meet someone It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. She made the. But Facebook friendships erode those buffers our real lives install for us. anything he aims himself toward — it was not a great week on Facebook. (and while others might), I do meet a fair share of people doing the things I do. It means learning the penchants, politics, and prejudices of people you.

Facebook has had a "smart lists" feature for friends since Before embarking on this journey of customization, I only used lists to designate certain people as "limited profile" viewers hi mom! But there is oh so much more to the world of lists! Welcome to the wide world of lists.

What does it mean to make someone an acquaintance on Facebook

So if you've listed your workplace on Facebook, and you just want to see just what your coworkers are talking about, you can navigate in the sidebar to a News Feed of just your colleagues. But there are also lists for "Family," "Close Friends," and "Acquaintances.

And just like with the smart lists, you can toggle between News Feeds of from just your close friends, or just your acquaintances if you're bored, obvi.


To get to these lists on Desktop, click on the "Friends List" link under "Explore" in the sidebar, and you'll see all the options — and can start building out your lists from there. On mobile, click on the menu in the bottom right hand corner, and you'll find a "Feeds" option, also under "Explore. Another cool thing to do with lists which I almost never do is specify who you're publishing to, when you send out a Facebook post.

So if you're feeling some type of way about a certain president, but you don't want to publish those feelings to everyone you've ever meet, you have the option of sharing with just your "close friends. But if you know you just need a break, Ross from Friends style, maybe a friend on vacation has become a little too photo-happy?

nice to meet your acquaintance meaning on facebook

Facebook rolled out Snooze in December When you "snooze" a friend, you will unfollow them for just 30 days, and they will be none the wiser. You can "unsnooze" them at any time. Or, at the end of the 30 day period, Facebook will notify you, and you'll have the option to renew the snooze.

Get to "Snooze" on the profile of the friend you need some space from, or by clicking the three dots on the upper right hand corner of the post that pushes you over the edge.

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When it comes to Newsfeed relevance and crowding, you too can be part of the solution. Happy prioritizing and friend ranking, you mean girls. A statement from Facebook regarding the rumor was added. Is everyone in your life an acquaintance? I know some people who never meet a stranger and others who will meet someone and have to get to know them for years before they consider them to be a friend. Lately I have been listening to how people refer to other people. Or my friend on YouTube said this.

Is a friend someone who you never really met in person or is that an acquaintance? What about someone who you have known for 30 years? You met them in high school or college and have kept in contact ever since.

The death of the acquaintance in the Facebook era

You know their husband or wife, their kids. Are they your friend or an acquaintance? Then there are some people in your life who may have been considered your friend but are now more of an acquaintance.

nice to meet your acquaintance meaning on facebook

There are are also people who you may have always considered an acquaintance who surprised you and have really become a dear friend to you. Someone you can call at three in the morning and know they will be there for you to help in any way they can or maybe to just listen.

It may be that person you talk to over the internet, but not necessarily someone you can count on in an emergency. Some people are lucky enough to have their spouse be their best friend, as well as their spouse. Others are not so lucky.

It is difficult for some people to build deep friendships, maybe because of issues they had earlier in life where trust with someone important was broken. My point in this post is to have you look at the relationships you have in your life.