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nipomo swap meet

15 reviews of Nipomo Swap Meet & Fleamarket "Go on Sunday. Saturdays are super dead so don't even bother. Largest flea market I've been to but the items. img As soon as visitors step out of their cars and through the bustling gates that mark the entrance to the Nipomo Swapmeet & Fleamarket. Nipomo Swap Meet and Buyers Mart CALIFORNIA Flea Market in CALIFORNIA. Browse Flea Markets, Swap Meets, Antique Malls, Outdoor And Indoor Markets.

Okay, so now on to the topic at hand, Julia and my experience one sunny Saturday afternoon. Perhaps he knew something about the local demand for the style of clothing that he was selling. Regardless, Julia had a field day and found an awesome vintage dress and blouse. The vendor had a few other items on a table such as shoes and old picture frames. Julia got herself a set of old high heel lace up ankle boots like the kind you would see ladies wearing circa and up.

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We were almost finished when my attention was immediately drawn to a curious camera type device sitting in a cardboard box full of other items. Here is a small gallery of images I took of the camera including a mystery film roll and an image of an old Japanese advertisement for the Perle, courtesy of Rebollo.

Nipomo Swap Meet Treasures with Ezra, Cealane and Vlad

The vendor had no knowledge of the camera and neither did I. This was definitely German Engineering. I felt bad to even attempt a haggle at that price, so I gave him what he asked for and we parted ways. Travel along the coastal route of the El Camino Real with writer Pedro Arroyo and curator Catherine Trujillo as they explore the rich and diverse cultural and artistic identity of San Luis Obispo County incorporating personal narratives, photography, art, infographics, and sound.

nipomo swap meet

Although unique in its arts and culture, San Luis Obispo is frequently described as monochromatic in regards to the ethnic makeup of the community and the civic landscape. Yet there are diverse groups of people who are finding ways to dispel these misconceptions. Serving as gatekeepers to this overlooked cultural legacy -- which is often bypassed and underrepresented in cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, and often the regional media outlets -- many residents of color are working hard to foster meaningful cross-cultural experiences.

Nipomo Swapmeet

They are exploring ways to share their cultural histories through community organizing, folk art and through nontraditional means. Many of the small towns in San Luis Obispo County have a vibrant African American culture with traditions that depict spiritual folk art and unique cultural practices. One such person is Angie Galloway a vendor at the Nipomo swap meet. Galloway is a diviner and psychic of sorts and creates her own folk art charm globes as incantations for lost love, health, or wealth.

In many ways botanicas, like Galloway's are hybrids of catholic, indigenous and African healing, religious and spiritual practices. Yet her space is also a museum of African American traditions, art, and customs.

Nipomo Swap Meet & Flea Market

Photographer Mark Velasquez is in the shop documenting Galloway's botanica and pans close to her display case of conjure oils where she describes the purpose of her shop. They do not represent religion but rather the spirit. There are many customs here, Egyptian, Wiccan; they all remind to wake up the inner spirit.

Not everyone has an opportunity or finds one place that has all of the different symbols and tools needed for this work. Galloway dispels a common myth about her shop that it evokes images of evil spells and voodoo dolls. My work here is to remind us to wake up the inner spirit. Her medical struggles and spiritual work have led her to study for a credential in social services.

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Her calm and peaceful manner attracts many in the community to seek her out for advice. Lucy, one of Galloway's regular patrons arrives with her elderly parents who are both in their late 80s for a consultation.

nipomo swap meet

Lucy first met Galloway 15 years ago when she poked her head into the shop drawn to the wall of bumper stickers adorning the exterior walls of her stall. Today Lucy's father is getting a reading from Galloway. Lucy's father was an itinerant farm worker who followed the harvests of oranges and apples throughout the Western United States, until finally settling in the Santa Maria Valley.

He worked locally in the strawberry and broccoli fields for over 30 years. This work left him with a permanently hunched-over. When asked about his religious practices, he explained with Lucy's translation help, that the nature of the harvest schedule and lack of familiarity with the local community, time for religious practices was limited.

nipomo swap meet

He often sought guidance from traveling curanderos Mexican spiritual and folk healers to help him with his spiritual needs and physical illnesses. Richard Hicks leans against one of his custom cars. Richard Hicks is a vendor who runs a stall across from Galloway, which he describes as his "automobile studio. Born in in Monterey, California, Hicks worked in the canneries as a young man. But he began a professional career in the civil service then moved to mechanics.

This work led him to travel across the West and it wasn't until he got to Texas in the s that he experienced segregation for the first time. I was told to move and move I did," he pauses, "straight out of Texas and back to California.

nipomo swap meet