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nyu stern alumni meet feedback

News & Profiles / Alumni Profiles Share / Print. Print; Email; Share. Stern alumni on a panel in Paulson Auditorium . Meet the NYU Stern Alumni Council . We look forward to meeting you, and again, Welcome to Stern! Dalia Shteinhauz . NYU Stern meets the various career needs of Alumni, Langone Students and Executive MBA Students through The. Career Center for Resume feedback. See who you know at New York University, leverage your professional network, and New York, NY, alumni, followers and is a member of the selective Association of American Universities. NYU Stern School of Business.

Berkley Professor of Economics and Finance.

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Stern professors have made regular contributions to research and are authors of books and articles in top journals. InStern Professor Thomas J. Besides academic departments such as those of accounting, finance, and marketing, Stern has developed research centers including the Berkley Innovation Labs, Center for Business Analytics, and Center for Globalization of Education and Management.

The first-year curriculum comprises the required core and menu core courses.

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The required core courses consist of financial accounting and reporting, and statistics and data analytics. Under the menu core, which includes firms and markets, foundations of finance, global economy, leadership in organizations, marketing, operations management, and strategy, five areas are to be chosen. In the second year, up to three specializations can be chosen from over 20 options and electives from over options.

Twenty-five percent of courses five courses can be taken at other NYU graduate schools. Students can also participate in the semester exchange at 47 Stern partner schools in 30 countries. The DBi Doing Business in program of one or two weeks is available around the world between semesters and other breaks.

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Additionally, Stern offers experiential learning opportunities to tackle real-world problems in real time. Application requirements One Stern MBA application is adequate for candidates to apply to four MBA programs full-time, part-time, tech, and fashion and luxury. An application for both a primary and an alternative program can be made if the candidate so chooses. Their academic profile, personal achievements and aspirations, and personal characteristics are also evaluated.

The candidate needs to submit three essays—an essay each on professional aspirations and program preferences, and a personal expression essay. The personal expression essay should consist of six images photos, infographics, drawings, etc. An additional word essay can be submitted if the candidate desires, explaining gaps in employment, plans to retake GMAT, etc.

nyu stern alumni meet feedback

Besides, two professional recommendations have to be submitted, one of which from the current supervisor. An emotional intelligence EQ, self-awareness, empathy, communication endorsement from a professional or personal recommender excluding family is also required.

An invitation is sent to candidates selected for an interview. Scholarship, aid About 25 percent of admitted two-year MBA students receive merit-based scholarships. International students can apply for private loans with or without a US cosigner. When I came to the US in as a year-old, I came from a country that was not only poor but that kept itself economically closed. A few foreign brands were familiar to me, mainly because I had seen them in National Geographic or Time, but most were unfamiliar.

The entire country of India at that time had, I believe, fewer telephones than the island of Manhattan. How did you become interested in finance? Mathematics was a subject I always loved in school and in which I was quite good.

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Meanwhile, perhaps because of where I grew up, I had a natural curiosity around economics, and the questions of what made countries rich and what made them poor, or which businesses failed while others flourished.

Somewhere along the line, my dual interests in mathematics and economics led me to finance, which is, in my mind, the most elegant and perfect expression of mathematics in economics. What attracted you to the deanship, and how did you react when you first heard the news?

We are at a time where every business sector is being reshaped dramatically, across the globe by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. What better time could there be to develop the next generation of business leaders?

And to be doing it at what I believe is the most innovative business school in the world, in its most globally connected and exciting city! Stern announced several new and groundbreaking innovations during your time as Vice Dean. What are you most proud of? Stern has always been at the forefront of innovation in education, and the last two years have seen a burst of fresh ideas.

Stern is somewhat of a paradox—we are one of the largest business schools in the world, yet among the nimblest when it comes to programmatic innovation. In fact, it is precisely our large size that makes us nimble, that allows us to innovate rapidly. We have more than full-time faculty with an enormous range and depth of expertise into which we can tap, and we have deep connections in global business.

nyu stern alumni meet feedback

What will you focus on in the early days of your deanship? Innovation is in our DNA, and we will focus on continuous innovation to meet the changing needs of the market.

Access, diversity, and inclusivity will remain central. We will also continue to focus on scholarships as a means of ensuring access to a Stern education for the very best students, regardless of their economic background. I have to credit the superb role of our alumni here. They have been essential in helping us increase financial support for scholarships. As we progress, we will do so as a community that takes pride in its diversity and in which everyone feels at home.

In the near term, I am listening to and talking with our community of students, faculty, alumni, trustees, advisors, and industry partners around the world.

The feedback we get now in these early days will help guide us in developing future innovations and a vision for the School.