One direction imagines high school sweethearts meet

one direction imagines high school sweethearts meet

Read High School Sweethearts from the story Harry Styles Dirty Imagines by JackmySammy (Haroldmysavior) with read. 31 - High School Sweethearts Liam: You tighten your books to your chest, Your boyfriend, Harry Styles, has been working his ass off for. Read # - AU: High School Sweethearts from the story One Direction Preferences by AuroraGrace (Aurora Grace) with reads. onedirection, imagine, onedire "I'll meet you at your locker after school okay? And then we can go hang.

You heard Harry clear his throat and you let go immediately. You have a stern look to Harry and he cheekily smiled. You and Zayn were on one of your road trips ,and you guys were having the time of your lives. When the song ended you heard the radio host announce they had a surprise guest. Eager to see who it was you turned it up.

You looked over to Zayn to see his jaw clenched. Also they said they were gonna play Bruno mars later and I am not missing that. Who is this girl? Zayn quickly slammed on the brakes. When he finished he was out breathe.

You and Liam had kept your relationship a huge secret to avoid hate and the paps. One night Liam came over for a nice romantic dinner ,and you were excited. You opened the door to see those brown eyes you loved so much. He loved your cooking, it was like a privilege to him to eat it.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at your door. You laughed along with him as you strutted to the door. You opened it to reveal Lucas Till.

You two were high school sweethearts but broke up after he cheated. I had to come see you. Almost immediately you saw the disappointment in his eyes. But the disappointment was soon replaced with anger. I was her first love.

one direction imagines high school sweethearts meet

Then both eyes were on you. You turned to look at Liam who seemed to have a lot on his mind. He furrowed his brow and wrapped his arms around your waist with a smile.

Why would I be mad?

BTS Jimin FF - High School Sweethearts - Part #1

I was just thinking maybe we should make out relationship public. Mentally drawing out of the discussion taking place in class, you resumed your prior task of creating absent-minded drawings over the cover of your notebook, shading in drawings and scribbling random lyrics that wound into your head.

As your eyes continued their scan around the room, you were greeted with the sight of Louis Tomlinson looking straight at you, his sea-green eyes boring into yours with such intensity that you were forced to lean your head forward, allowing your hair to shield your face from his gaze and to hide the blush that was overtaking your cheeks.

Intimidation restricted you from looking up once again to see if he was still staring as you silently pondered over why he was doing so. Deducing his gaze to one of coincidence or boredom, you decided not to indulge in fantasies of having Louis Tomlinson, upperclassmen, class clown, and popularity extraordinaire, actually looking at you with purpose.

You were so intent on looking up again, that you almost missed the ringing of the bell signaling the end of class. Hastily gathering your belonging, you shoved them into your cluttered bag before straightening up to exit the room but your plan was foiled by a lanky frame blocking the aisle.

I Don't Even Know What That Means - 1D Preference #4 - High School Sweethearts

Contrasted against your small height, his towering figure loomed in front of you, forcing you to choke out an unsure greeting in response. Was there something you needed?

one direction imagines high school sweethearts meet

I sit across the room in that desk right there. Remind me again what your name is? You should let people hear it more often. Mind if I walk you to your next class? The sound of a throat being cleared caused you to lift your head, your eyes regretfully tearing away from the book you were currently reading. You look a lot like my boyfriend.

But my boyfriend has never willingly set foot in the library. All you do is insult me. His hand rubbed loving circles on your back as you inhaled the aroma of Niall, a hint of the cologne you gifted him for his past birthday mixed with the slight scent of musk that all boys seemed to possess.

You almost made me forget why I came here. You know how excited I am to be actually playing at the game tonight, rather than sitting on the bench? You know the varsity jackets, the one with our names on the back exclusively for football players?

For the rest of the day and during the game. Besides, I need to be focused on the game.

He flirts with literally everyone. After a near solid two months of laying low, Harry Styles had the entire school in a confused daze wondering why he was actually making a habit of showing up to class and doing work. Some students could swear they actually spotted him in the library studying for an upcoming test, no weapon threatening him at gunpoint serving as an incentive to do so. Even you, laying low on the school social status, noticed the odd behavior of your notorious classmate, pondering the same questions briefly before getting distracted by more pressing matters.

And through all the rumors that funneled from ear to ear and questioning gazes that burned holes into his back, Harry strutted through the crowded halls as if nothing was out of the ordinary, as if it was normal to walk into class minutes before the bell rang, to be seen taking notes, and to actually participate in class discussions. Questions continuously formed and even more rumors were created, becoming more bizarre than the last, but Harry offered no answer and soon, his irregular behavior became old news in lights of new pressing information such as the fact the Louis Tomlinson, the popular senior, was now dating the quiet underclassmen that sat in the back of his class in English.

Abandoning the topic much like the rest of your classmates, you were walking to your car after another grueling day of schoolwork, eager to plop you backpack into the passenger seat in order to relieve you shoulder of the pain of carrying several textbooks.

Have you got a minute? Completely curious and clueless as to what he could possibly want, you shifted your weight from one foot to another as the approached you, stopping to stand in front of you to offer you a bright smile, one which you returned with bewilderment. Did you need something? I need to ask you something.