People you will meet in hell

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people you will meet in hell

If history has taught us anything it is that the world is full of people with the propensity and ability to do great evil. Some are barbaric by their. Jean-Paul Sartre may have said, “Hell is other people.” What he didn't mention though was that there are certain types of people who go above. Rather, today we'll be focusing on the many different types of people you'll meet when you finally set up tormented afterlife shop. You're probably thinking that.

Haass' version of the U. That's a comforting explanation for U. Robert Kaplan Senior advisor at Eurasia Group Kaplan, one of the few names on this list to be a big Iraq War booster in the early s and admit that he was wrong, nonetheless refuses to admit the fault in his general view of the world.

To Kaplan, the Arab World in particular and the larger Muslim World in general are violent, backward places that don't understand any language other than force. Today, Kaplan is a senior advisor with political risk analyst organization Eurasia Group — fitting, as the greatest political risk of the 21st century was taking the advice of people like Kaplan about going to war in Kaplan's view of the Middle East in particular is reassuring to policymakers who view military action as the only way to deal with the complex problems in the region.

Not much has changed for Fukuyama since his public denunciation of the movement, however.

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He is still, ideologically at least, a part of the neocon spectrum — he currently serves as the Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at conservative think tank The Hoover Institution.

He incorrectly predicted the end of history at the end of the Cold War and has coasted on that ever since. Ignatius was also outraged at the never serious suggestion that a Democratic administration and Congress might hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He's the perfect op-ed toadie for power. He's an American exceptionalist who writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal and publishes a glossy magazine. Krauthammer sounds like a smart man.

Joseph Nye Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus, Harvard University One of the more inoffensive names on the list — he opposed the Iraq War — Nye's career has mostly consisted of making bland observations about the world and contextualizing U.

Nye is a respected voice in foreign affairs who, though he seldom expresses a strong opinion about anything, is able to disseminate information for a wide audience. An inability to admit fault and a continuing drive to make people believe the Iraq War was a good thing, actually, likely makes members of The Blob feel vindicated enough to keep listening to him.

people you will meet in hell

Also, he endorsed Clinton in Zakaria has been on the wrong side of almost every foreign policy issue for the last four decades including arguing against the South African apartheid boycott in the s. He's reversed course on a number of those same issues, which should give you an idea of his consistency.

Probably two moments sum up Zakaria's foreign policy, though. Inas a supporter of the Iraq War, Zakaria endorsed the conflict as it would disrupt the region, something he believed was necessary. There is a special place in hell for Yahya. Talat Pasha Not many may have heard about the name of this genocidal maniac, but what he did is reasonably well known.

In he issued an order to wipe out the Armenian race, forcing the entire population of Armenia — then under Turkish rule — into concentration camps. People were naked when they marched. The whole male population of Angora was exterminated. Out of the population of 2. Talat was killed in by an Armenian assassination squad. This led to the destruction of a secular country, its infrastructure, its army but more tragically the war caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and displacement of millions.

American, British and European soldiers used Iraqi civilians as target practice in an orgy of violence that lasted more than a decade. Cheney also authorised physical and sexual abuse, torture, rape, sodomy and murder of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison by the US Army and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Worse, he used the war to make billions for his old company Halliburton. This makes it very likely that he destroyed an entire country with a view to make money for himself and his cronies.

Dick is likely to be singled out for special treatment in hell. His plan was to uproot the civilisation of Cambodia and turn it into an agrarian society and turn people into workers and peasants. He is the only man in history that ordered an official genocide against his whole country and he declared that the Buddhist religion, money, schools, markets and personal possessions would all be banned.

His communist government forced mass evacuations of cities. People were separated from friends and families. Torture of class enemies happened on a massive scale, with millions including the elderly, pregnant women and children beaten to death after being forced to work for insanely long hours. You would be expected to work until you dropped dead. Doctors, teachers, engineers and other skilled people were systematically killed. Pol Pot was supported both by the Chinese and the Americans, who saw him as an enemy of the Vietnamese.

He fled to Thailand and after a few years moved to China, where he was treated for cancer.

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Pol Pot died in April of natural causes but is surely undergoing a painful time in hell. Among his favourite pastimes was throwing elephants down steep cliffs. At Baghdad he had 90, of the inhabitants beheaded so that he could build towers with their skulls.

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At Sivas in Turkey, where he promised no bloodshed in return for surrender, he had 3, prisoners buried alive and pointed out that he had kept to the letter of his oath. The entire stretch of land extending from the Khyber Pass to the northern plains was scorched by massacres, rape, pillage and kidnapping.

Strong resistance from the Sarv Khap coalition of the Jats made Timur even more vengeful than usual. After defeating the Sultan, he entered Delhi and left it in ruins.

people you will meet in hell

More thanHindu slaves had been seized by his soldiers and camp followers. All of them were slaughtered before the attack on Delhi for fear that they might rebel. Timur declared his army had only killed Hindus and spared Muslim civilians. Timur is most likely being repeatedly thrown off a steep cliff into a lava lake in hell. Aurangzeb was a piece of shit singularly responsible for the continuing Hindu-Muslim divide in India.

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Luckily, the cure for these people is simple. Hallmark Baby Birds These are people who love to dispense glib inanity in times of crisis. I hesitate to even call these people out because I think this behavior largely stems from being awkward.

11 People You Meet in Hell

Do I know you? My mom would put soap in my grown mouth if she saw any of this! I actually prefer that people not vomit banalities directly into my face, but thank you for saying that. A word to the allies reading this: Did something in this list resonate with you and maybe make you feel hurt, ashamed or embarrassed?

Part of the slog of grief is how unprepared you are and everyone else is for it. A word to my grievers: People who show up and are uncomfortable but making themselves available might be given the benefit of the doubt. Learning to sort out what kind of bad behavior you cannot allow in your life and what needs to be forgiven is complicated but necessary work, even when not grieving. If you can avoid being around people who make you feel worse, do so. If everyone and everything is unbearable, you might be experiencing depression.

Which is awful to go through, but treatable; a mental health professional can help.