Pleased to meet me louisville

pleased to meet me louisville

Pleased to Meet Me () Aimee Mann and John Doe in Pleased to Meet Me ( ) Add Image · See all 3 . Filming Locations: Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Our review of “The LEGO Movie,” alongside an interview with Louisville-based, Emmy award-winning filmmaker Mike Fitzer ahead of the. This weekend, Louisville finally gets a peek at a movie filmed in our fair city back in the early fall of “Pleased to Meet Me,” a film by Archie.

Borders is not a particularly imaginative director -- he mostly moves his camera around the studio in a search for memorable small-talk moments, and he doesn't seem particularly interested in composing memorable images.

Pleased to Meet Me

But if you are familiar with Mann, Doe, Henry, Wainwright, and Bergquist, you'll enjoy watching them goof around together. These characters' stories are told with a very light touch: There are, of course, hints of romance Pete and Laura have a casual Benedick-and-Beatrice thing going, behaving like an old married couple who have never gone out on a date.

And Duncan, the young metalhead-turned-born-again-rocker Adam Kramerstrikes sparks with a starry-eyed bass player Morgan Nagler. And you might guess that at least one of players has a substance abuse problem: Timothy Morton plays Steve, a lonely violinist prone to stumbling around in a percocet daze, looking like Conan O'Brien's despondent younger brother.

Pleased to Meet Me () - IMDb

Some characters, like the feisty drummer played by Katie O'Brien, feel like rough-drafts. But everybody on the team gets a moment or two of grace and insight. The whole story seems to illustrate what is possible if we can all make room for even the most difficult players.

pleased to meet me louisville

Joe Henry brings some understated comic relief, and Karin Bergquist — wonderfully twitchy — bides her time until the moment we all know is coming, when she'll knock the walls down with a showstopping performance.

The song in question: Joe Henry's "Time is a Lion. Our focus is on the production of solid genre-driven material with proven, marketable talent. To find out more about our past and current projects or how you can submit your own feature project for consideration, please contact us at: As one of the owners of Degrees, Archie is also the writer-director of the feature film Pleased to Meet Me, an adaptation from of the nationally syndicated radio program This American Life.

In addition, his accomplishments in film and television include: Producer, critically acclaimed independent film Assisted Living.

Pleased to Meet Me: The Movie

Director, writer, and producer, feature film Paper Cut, Image Entertainment, nation-wide. Field Coordinator, "Southern Belles: Director, writer, and producer, independent feature film, Reception To Follow. Purchased by Showtime, it aired exclusively on the Sundance Channel.

pleased to meet me louisville

Producer, independent film The Grey. Line producer and co-editor, independent film, Proof. Released by Water Bearer Films. Distributed by Orion Home Entertainment.

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Assistant Director, made-for-television movie Ambush. With more than fifteen years experience in filmmaking and production, his work has been seen on all national networks and many international networks, with work even appearing on the Times Square Video Board.

pleased to meet me louisville

His accomplishments in film and television include: Producer, 1st AD for The Rescue, a History Channel documentary based on the book with the same title by author and historian Steven Trent Smith book rights have been acquired for the making of the feature film.

Director of photography for The Heart of the Game, the Louisville Slugger Museum exhibit film and all factory tour films. Producer, director, director of photography, and editor for more than commercials and films for high-profile clients including Kyocera International, Jack Daniels, AAA, Coney Island, and Norton Hospital.

Regular contributor to the nationally distributed Videomaker Magazine. Bachelor of Arts - University of Louisville Recipient of numerous awards including: David and his brother Joe recently completed a book about comedian Richard Pryor to be published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill in the spring of He began his career in New York City as advertising and marketing manager for Baseline, a pioneering online information service for the film and television industries founded by author and film scholar James Monaco How to Read a Film.