Powerlifting meet warm ups

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powerlifting meet warm ups

Jamie Emberley offers his advice to newer powerlifters on the best way to warmup on meet day. His post is prompted by recently seeing some. If you have been to a few powerlifting meets, I am sure you have seen it. Those new lifters who are so excited to lift that they start warming up. The difference can be as simple as the timing of the warm-ups. Takano Weightlifting - Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting on the platform and has spaced out the warm-up lifts so that PR's are broken in meet after meet.


If you really overdo it, you may have to actually drop the weight back down and work back up. In any case, adjust as soon as you can. You can usually drop at least the early warm-ups to two minutes apart also to compress the total time.

powerlifting meet warm ups

Keep in mind, however, that if a lifter follows himself, he will get a 2-minute clock instead of the normal 1-minute clock. So when counting attempts, take that into consideration. Have a plan to stall if you need to in such cases. As a coach, your job is to do everything you can to ensure your lifter performs well. You will be nervous at least the first time you warm a lifter up for a meet—you may be nervous every time for the rest of your life.

But you need to stuff those feelings deep down inside where they belong and never let them see the light of day—your mood and behavior and attitude will be picked up by your athlete.

powerlifting meet warm ups

Let them sit calmly and worry about nothing but executing each lift. For example, have them do some singles at 40 kg every minute or two. Sometimes there will be long waits between your competition attempts—too long to just sit and wait. Have a plan for this.

powerlifting meet warm ups

Squats usually take about minutes total depending on how many lifters there are. If there is another flight or two of lifters after you, then you can expect to be waiting around for a few hours. Go grab a bite to eat remember, something that you know will sit well in your stomach, but it can be a good meal rather than a tiny snack. Then sit down, put some sweats on and stay warm.

Find a corner of the room to relax, listen to some music and maybe even close your eyes for a few minutes.

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After the bench press, this is where tiredness and fatigue sets in. The key here is to stay warm, but relax between lifts. Go home, evaluate and plan for the next one. No matter what the outcome of the meet is, you have to look at it objectively.

Meet Management 101: Warm Up Timing

If you made all your lifts, congrats!! Did you grind out every single third attempt? The awesome thing about competing is that there is always room for improvement. There is always something to work towards and you can always work to better yourself. If you just competed in your first meet, drop a comment and let me know how you did. Did this inspire you to do your first meet? We believe fitness should enhance your life instead of become your life.

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powerlifting meet warm ups

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