Sista circle meet up groups

Five Ways to Expand Your Social Circle and Connect with Like-Minded Women - Happy Black Woman

sista circle meet up groups

Visit Group The SBCSC, we're more than a meetup. The Sassy But Classy Sista Circle (SBCSC) is a social organization for African American women ages. Find Meetups in Watford, England about Women's Circle and meet people in your local community who share your The London Endometriosis Sister Group. Denver Sistas' Circle Meetup is calling all sistas who are ready to put aside judgments and let down their facades. It's time for us to embrace, encourage, and .

sista circle meet up groups

I love Meetup groups and recommend them often. All you do is enter your location and choose a category on the Meetup website to find groups of people with certain interests or hobbies in your area. Join a book club. If you love to read and want to meet other readers in your area, you can also find a wide range of book clubs on Meetup.

Five Ways to Expand Your Social Circle and Connect with Like-Minded Women

If you wish, you can exchange contact information with others in the club to continue the conversation over coffee or dinner. The point is that you expand your social circle with women who enjoy taking part in the same activity that you like to do. Host an informal get-together at your home. Have you noticed that your phone and face-to-face time with friends has decreased since the convenience of email, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

I definitely have to make the extra effort to schedule lunch, drinks or even just a Skype session with all of the amazing women I know. This past weekend, I took it a step further and invited a small group of entrepreneurial HBW over for brunch at my place. Hosting an informal get-together at your home is a fantastic way to expand your social circle because you get to interact more deeply with a select group of women than you would at a crowded happy hour or noisy restaurant.

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You can never go wrong with good food and good wine! For me, the commitment to reach out to others is the key to deepening my relationships with incredible women in my social circle. Even with my ongoing travel schedule and nomadic lifestyle, I know that I can always find people who can support me in the journey to not only grow my business, but to grow myself into the person I want to be.

sista circle meet up groups

I wanted an in, and I wanted it really badly. But that was me almost 15 years ago. Today, things are completely different.

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Nevertheless, when I look around at fellow women, I often wonder, did high school really ever end? The group has often been a subject of controversy in feminist discourse online; many criticise it for promoting patriarchal values deeply embedded in conservatism, culture and religion. Also, there have been instances where women have been banned or have left the group by choice after debates turned ugly.

However, the group and others like it is also a safe haven and a source of support for women who have nowhere else to turn with questions about healthcare, consumer rights, domestic struggles and professional discontent.

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As I signed up for the SSP meetup I realised attendees must have high expectations; tickets for this meetup and the few others organised before it sell out quickly. I wanted to understand what made most of everyone at SSP so excited about the meetup. What was it that could make a sister sad for being unable to attend this event?

sista circle meet up groups

What was it that convinced the women to spend Rs2, on a meetup? Lastly, I wanted to experience what happens when a two-dimensional online interaction comes alive. So here are some thoughts I had - about SSP in general and the meetup in particular: SSP helps women feel like they belong Psychologist Maslow argued in his largely accepted theory known as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs that it is an inherent emotional need for humans to want to belong and form intimate relationships.

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It helps us in keeping existential dread at bay, provides a sense of support, thereby allowing us to reach our full human potential. So it makes sense for members to feel so attached to SSP, both online and offline.

Could this be the clique for me?

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The demographic make-up of the attendees reflected the online group women mostly of ages between 18 and 35; a good mix of married and single women; students, housewives, stay-at-home moms and working women. Attendees brought their younger sisters, friends or relatives to the meetup to introduce them to the clique; some even paid for their tickets so that they'd come.

With fresh manicures, styled hair or hijabs and an outfit especially put together for the afternoon, the sisters were gleaming. Many wore fusion outfits, matching east-meeting-west tops bought from places such as ZARA or Generation with skinny-fitting pants, complemented by high-street stilettos.

Then there were those, like myself, who stuck to traditional eastern wear, such as knee-length shirts paired with tights, trousers or shalwars and a dupatta, complemented with flat sandals, khussas and the like. Coming full circle, they queued up to get snapped with their favourite "Soul Baji" Kanwal Ahmed, the founder of the group and the brain behind these meetups.

sista circle meet up groups

Kanwal Ahmed, the founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan They felt special, almost like an achievement unlocked, like they were part of something bigger than them and that they belonged. In a Pakistani context, this is important. When they graduate high school and college, women in Pakistan often find themselves without the opportunity to organise themselves into interest-based groups or like-minded communities outside the home.

Even if it was just for an afternoon, this SSP meetup helped. The meetup provided a good networking opportunity The event offered a great networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, home-based business owners and skilled professionals to expand their reach. For many women, it was a platform to build their businesses There were women exchanging business cards, offering each other advice related to work and enriching their soft skills.

sista circle meet up groups

Though we couldn't exchange much other than a smile, a courteous greeting and her business card as she was in a hurry but rest assured, her Facebook community is one 'like' stronger. It was a chance to get out and get away For a lot of women there, the meetup was a break from their hectic schedules that mostly revolve around children and familial responsibilities.

In their feedback for Kanwal and the event, women said they were actually grateful for the strict rule of "no children under the age of one allowed at the event" as it eased their guilt and anxieties about giving themselves time off from baby duties. The event was a nice getaway from the daily grind It was a chance to have some me-time, meet friends and enjoy a girls' day out, especially because night outs are restricted by curfews, social pressures and family commitments.