Snowdude mini meet results morgan

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snowdude mini meet results morgan

Other books, particularly Lady (), were also met with enthusiastic response. passing away himself as a result of the AIDS virus, see also: Harry Carey, Jr.; Pat mostly horror (The Abominable Snowman, ) and Westerns ( Gunsmoke in Troop () as "Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke," a variation on Tucker's. However, she, being good at her job, knows that the meeting is a set-up. When Reid and Cat come clean to each other, what results is a thirty minute game of episode, Garcia promises an old boyfriend a picture of her and Morgan with shoes on My only small criticism is Cat being outwitted a bit too easily and outwitted. Meet company manager Ruth Morgan – the beating heart of Birmingham production management, training and, in the case of The Snowman.

Overall, we left Florida with a record and are ready to rest up and then get back to work to try and break. Until next time, March 7, Update from the Sunshine State We're more than halfway through our Florida play, and we're It's been so nice to play in the beautiful weather, spend some good time with our families, and have fun with our team!

We began our journey by loading the bus at 3am last Thursday morning to go to the Columbus airport for a 5: About 20 minutes into the ride, everyone was asleep.

We had a good flight and then landed in Tampa and made a much needed Starbucks stop in the airport while the coaches got the rental vans.

When we got to the hotel, a lot of us took a nap while others finished up some last minute assignments. We then practiced on the fields right outside our hotel and then had a good dinner at Chipotle. The next day we played our first games! We started off strong by beating a very good Concordia-St.

Morgan Arbogast pitched her second shutout of the season in the win. She threw a very good game! We then lost to Nova Southeastern. We split the next day as well. We had an opportunity to redeem ourselves against Southern Indiana in the first game.

We started strong by scoring the first two runs of the game, but then our bats fell silent. Southern Indiana ended up winning Our bats came alive in the first inning of the next game against Mercyhurst, however.

We scored four runs in the first inning and ended up winning McKenna Smith got her first collegiate win in the circle, and threw a good game! We had Sunday off, and got to attend an outstanding church for worship Sunday morning. It's called Celebration Community Church and it is a solid church!

We've been going there every spring break for the past three years, and we look forward to worshipping there every year!

It was a sweet time of worship! We had the rest of the day off, and most of us spent it with our families. It's such a blessing to get to spend time with them while they're down here! Our games were later on Monday, and we came ready to play.

After getting to sleep in, and having time to put corn row braids in our hair, we were looking good, feeling good, and we ended up playing very good! Danielle Wolgamot led us to a victory over Assumption by pitching an outstanding game! She was hitting all of her spots and was on fire! If you ask Dan how she threw such a good game, she'll tell you it was all God giving her the strength to do so!

All the glory to our great God! Avary Humes went 2 for 2 in that game with 3 RBI's! Our bats came ready that game! Freshman Kacey Smith led us in a victory against Pitt-Johnstown in the next game! This was also her first collegiate win! Our dugout got pretty fired up towards the end of the game. I thought I was going to lose my voice! Morgan and Lucia were leading the cheers strong in the dugout!

It was so much fun! We lost two tough ones on Tuesday to two tough teams, but we are ready to shake these off and come ready to play tomorrow Wednesday! We're ready to finish the week strong! Until next time, February 28, "J' Bloggin" After much anticipation, we had our opening games this past Saturday and Monday.

We got off to a rough start on Saturday, but picked it up significantly on Monday. Saturday was rainy and cold. We started off the day by leaving campus at 9 a. We played the University of Indianapolis first and nationally-ranked University of Southern Indiana second and lost both.

These were two very solid teams, and it was evident that it was our first time stepping on the diamond this season. The highlight of the day, however, was Lucia Eroshevich getting her first two hits of her college career!

Lucia is normally just a pitcher, but the way the subs and line up worked out caused her to have to stay in the line up to hit during the second game. She went two for three and knocked in a run. Lucia usually doesn't even take any batting practice, but maybe now she'll start?

snowdude mini meet results morgan

Lucia made us all laugh quite a bit that game. After getting those two unexpected hits, she was waiting for the batter to come up to the plate while she was pitching and turned to Kara, our third baseman and said, "J' pitchin" "J" is short for just. We all got a kick out of that and told her she was "J' hittin" that game, too.

snowdude mini meet results morgan

We had Sunday off and had a good day of worship at the different local churches we attend. Monday was way more exciting than Saturday. We left for Louisville at 8 p. It was a pretty fun van ride, at least for the van I was in. We did homework, sang some high school musical, and listened to some crazy clinical stories from our two upper classmen nursing majors. We got a good nights sleep, had a good breakfast, and then headed to Bellarmine to play some softball.

It was a beautiful sunny day; much better than Saturday. We won the first game ! Morgan Arbogast threw her first shutout of the season, Avary Humes got two hits, and Jess Steger hit a two-run bomb her first collegiate homer! McKenna Smith got her first career start in the circle and threw very well! Lucia Eroshevich came in and closed out the game and also threw very well!

We looked good on both offense and defense. We then stopped at Panera and headed back to campus. Coming up this week, we leave for Florida at 3 a. We're so excited for Florida, but most of us have to get through some exams and assignments before we can bask in the Florida sunshine.

It'll be a busy week for your Lady Yellow Jackets, but it'll all be worth it when we step foot off the plane on Thursday! We're nowand we're ready to add some more wins to that record! It's that time of year again! The time when the weather's getting warmer, school work is starting to pick up, and Spring break is right around the corner. Most students are excited for a vacation, time with family and friends, and some time away from school.

But what a group of 18 softball players in the cornfields of Ohio are excited about is to step on the diamond and start our season off strong!

Meet company manager Ruth Morgan – the beating heart of Birmingham Rep

We've been indoors for the cold winter months and we're ready for some sunshine and softball! We'll finally be able to reap the benefits of all the timed miles, sprints, after practice lifts, indoor scrimmages, and extra time in the cage when we step onto the field. We've worked hard and we're hungry for some wins! We were supposed to start our season this past Wednesday, but God had different plans.

Things got moved around due to weather, so we are now scheduled to play our first two games this Saturday in Indianapolis! To say we're excited is an understatement! We get started this Saturday and then hopefully get to keep it going on Monday in Louisville against Bellarmine and Wednesday at home against Urbana. Then we'll load the bus at 3: Thursday morning and be off to the Sunshine State! This year, our team is slightly smaller, but no less mighty. With two seniors, three juniors, eight sophomores, and five freshmen, we're more experienced than last year, and just as talented.

We have the potential to do some damage, and we're ready to get it going! To get ourselves ready for the start of the season, we had a team meeting led by the seniors early this week. It was a sweet time to talk about our focus this season, set some goals, and lift up the season to the Lord in prayer!

Our focus this season is playing as an Act Of Worship to our King. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good acceptable and perfect. This verse is talking about how we are to use our whole lives, but for us right now softball is a part of our lives and something God has given us to do. We want to do it well and use it for His glory, as an act of worship.

This verse says we are to offer our bodies as sacrifices to God, by His mercies. Even more than giving us our bodies, God gave us forgiveness of our sins and a relationship with Him through sacrificing His Son on the cross.

He paid the penalty for our sin that we rightfully deserve to pay. We don't deserve a thing! In fact, we deserve judgement, but God instead saved us and has blessed us beyond what we can even ask or think! For every girl on our team, part of offering our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice means giving it our all on the diamond. It also means building our teammates and coaches up and pointing them to Christ. God is sovereign and uses everything in our lives to bring us closer to Him and make us more like Him.

Our job is to seek Him in all things and let Him work in our lives. Again, for us that includes playing softball. Verse two gives us ways we can present our bodies as living sacrifices. It says not to be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. God transforms our hearts and minds when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, and He continues to transform us until we leave this earth.

As Christ followers, we are to look different than the world, and for us that means we are to play softball differently than those who don't know Christ do. Our actual play may not look much different but how we respond to failure and success on the field will.

God uses softball as one of the ways to make us more like Him. I looked at them and thought: I became a matron at a boarding school for a year. Graeme Braidwood By the end of her first year at Guildhall, Morgan had decided she wanted to become a stage manager, and by the third year in she had a work placement as a sound technician at Birmingham Rep.

After the turn of the century, Morgan took time off to do a two-year teaching course to broaden her skills. While still working at the Rep, she went on to teach B-tech in stage management at Birmingham Academy of Performing Arts, and then professional studies in the stage management degree course at Birmingham School of Acting.

She still assists with graduate interviews at Bristol Old Vic when time allows. Through her teaching, Morgan came across students that she subsequently took on as trainees at the Rep. Unlike actors, who have the benefit of agents to guide them, stage management entrants are very much on their own when they go for jobs.

Interviews can be hugely intimidating. Continues… What was your first non-theatre job? Billy Bound It's Always His Round — a man whose friends constantly trick him into offering to buy the next round of drinks. Billy Britain — a right-wing ultra-nationalist resembling Enoch Powell who appeared in two very early strips.

Chris Donald considers him an early prototype of Major Misunderstanding. He also made a one-off reappearance in the September issue satirising the issue of asylum seekerswhere after he spends the strip making several futile attempts to round up illegal immigrants, the local authorities turn his home into a detention centre for refugees.

Billy the Fish — half man, half fish, he is a star footballer despite being drawn with no legs he does apparently own a pair of football bootsbut it is not clear why. He is a satire of, or homage to, the popular football comics of the s and s such as Roy of the Roversand also satirises topical football incidents. Starred in a spinoff cartoon, voiced by Harry Enfield.

According to Viz cartoonist Graham Dury, "half the readers thought [the strip] was shit, and the other half thought it was really shit. Billy No-Mates — a miserable, asocial teenage boy who spends most of his time alone in his dark room playing video games. If anyone disturbs him he becomes extremely irritated.

He also has an obsession with masturbatingcollecting large amounts of pornographic magazines and calling sex hotlines.

snowdude mini meet results morgan

Billy Quiz — a man who constantly acts like a game show host in everyday situations. Bipolar Bear — a polar bear who suffers from severe bipolar disorder. Black Bag — "The faithful border bin liner". A black bin liner which lives the exciting life of a sheepdog ; a parody of The Dandy's Black Bob and the anthropomorphism of animals. Black Bag was drawn by Graham Murdoch, under the pen name of Snoddy his cat. Black Bag rescued Brotherhood of Man from a well. The adventures of a "strict Freemason ".

This one-off strip ended with the apparent murder of the cartoonist.

snowdude mini meet results morgan

The Bottom Inspectors — based on the ticket inspectors of the Newcastle Metro system. He didn't say much at the time, but The Bottom Inspectors appeared for the first time in the next issue.

MP Louise Ellman complained that it set a bad example and petitioned to have it banned. Brown Bottle — a reporter sometimes a bank clerk who thinks he becomes a superhero when he is drunk on Newcastle Brown Ale.

In reality, all that happens is that he becomes viciously drunk and passes out, but the twist in the story is that he manages to save the day anyway, by sheer accident. The character is based on Davey Graham, a musician friend of Chris Donald's, who made a similar transformation under the influence. Buffalo Jill — a strip narrated in the story of ss girls' comics, where a typical heroine from such comics politely spoken and pony -loving becomes a stagecoach robber in the Wild Westearning a vicious gang's respect by gorily shooting several people in the head.

James Bourne would always be referred to by the wrong name, making fun of his status as the "least famous" of the group. Buster Gonad and his Unfeasibly Large Testicles — a boy who somehow manages to always solve people's problems with his ridiculously large testicles. Camberwick Greggs — a very bleak parody of Camberwick Greenwhere Mickey Murphy the baker is driven out of business after a branch of Greggs opens across the road.

Captain Morgan and his Hammond Organ — a pirate who sails round the Caribbean inviting people to sing along with him as he plays a Hammond organ. His character was cut when legal action was threatened over the copyright of some of the songs; according to creator Chris Donald in his book, he did not think that making the character sing royalty-free hymns or nursery rhymes would have quite the same comedic effect.

Captain Captured — the man who's constantly caught. At the start of each strip, Captain Captured would get captured in a mysterious Bond villain -like fashion.

snowdude mini meet results morgan

He would then escape only to get captured again, and again, and again An explorer obsessed with pornography and masturbationhe is depicted skiing across the icy wastes, dragging a wardrobe upon which is hidden his stash of pornographic magazines. However, his efforts to masturbate are continually frustrated by the presence of his companions. Charitable Chester — an unintelligent boy who constantly tries to raise money for charity, but either fails or raises very little, leaving his father who has to foot the bill for either damages to a dairy or catering for a pop concert seriously out of pocket.

Cilla Blackbeard — a strip portraying the late Cilla Black as a vicious pirate captain who evades and defeats the Royal Navy, led by Admiral Noel Edmonds and his crew of rival TV presenters. Colin the Amiable Crocodile — strips centred on a small crocodile named Colin.

In one strip he was shot by a birdwatcher because he said "hello" to the man. The character also appeared later on front covers of other issues, such as with a skinhead who tells people to buy the comic or he shoots the croc.

Christ on a Bender — a strip which depicts Jesus as a family man who keeps trying to escape the house to get "crucified" with his friends but is thwarted at every turn by his wife forcing him to stay home with her and look after their children. Christ on a Bike — a strip which depicts Jesus's life riding a magical bicycle.

Pontius Pilate has him crucified due to envy since Pilate only has a girl's bike. The Critics — pretentious and shallow high-culture critics who lampoon the perceived elitism of the " chattering classes ".

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They work for The Sunday Chronicle, though they have done freelance work with the BBC and Channel 4writing elitist and sometimes sycophantic articles on contemporary art. The artists they admire are all fictional, but are clearly inspired by real-life artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. A frequent plot device involves Natasha and Crispin mistaking some everyday object — like a fire extinguisherpuddle of vomit or even some public toilets — as a piece of modern art.

In other episodes, they don't grasp the concept of art at all. They once received a booby prize at the Critics' Awards for bringing the reputation of critics into disrepute for writing a review that was not only positive, but actually made sense. Cockney Wanker — a swaggering, bigoted Londoner who speaks in rhyming slang. The character is based on actor Mike Reid. He wears lots of cheap gold jewellery or Argos bling and East End gangster dark glasses, and is often seen smoking a cigar.

Wanker's speciality is the buying and selling of cars, often buying one, selling it back to the same person at the same price and then waving his wad of cash declaring the transaction to have been "a nice little earner". His name, as it contains an obscenity, is " spoonerised " whenever featured on the front page of an issue of Viz, as it would be easily read by children who are otherwise not entitled to buy the magazine.

Hence he becomes "Wockney Canker". Cop Her Knickers — an elderly woman's dealings with a gang of policemen who are constantly, and inexplicably, trying to steal her underwear. Copper Kettle — quoted as "The PC who loves his PG" PG meaning tea brand PG Tipsthe strip follows the life of the policeman and his futile attempts to obtain some tea — his favourite beverage — while on his beat.

Crap Jokes — a diverse range of verbal and visual puns or one-liners, usually deliberately corny or old-fashioned. The best known of the Crap Jokes are seemingly endless "Doctor, Doctor" gags, with the reader's sympathy drawn to the endlessly hapless straight man Doctor. Crawford Crayon — He's Quick On The Sketch — a one-off story about a brilliant and mischievous quick-sketch artist, whose 'harmless fun' leads to the death of the hapless Bully Smith.

Daley Starr — a schoolboy aspiring to be a journalist, who turns his family's and classmates' misfortunes into exaggerated "scoops". His name is a play on the Daily Star tabloid newspaper. Danny's District Council — a one-off story parodying General Jumbo of The Beano, in which a young boy commands his own electronic radio-controlled district council. The tiny robotic council workers are all lazy, corrupt and incompetent and eventually switch their allegiance to the villains.

Darren Dice — a young man who is obsessed with gambling. Sadly, he often chooses to gamble with the wrong crowd. The character is allegedly based on, and bears a remarkable resemblance to, retired Scottish footballer Darren Jackson.

Jackson spent a couple of seasons at Newcastle United in the late s and became a familiar face in bookmakers' shops in the city. The title character was portrayed as a miserly Scotsman who goes about looking for breaches of copyright he can report, such as threatening to sue a woman who calls her son Dennis a "menace" in his earshot, and demanding that a pet shop owner remove an advertisement for "Three Bears for the Price of One" from the shop window.

Eventually, he becomes so enraged that he urinates in his kilt. Thomson and Newcastle upon Tyne-based Viz. In the strip, the rival gangs of schoolboys are asked to produce a comic. The Jocks' comic is better, of course, but the underhand Geordies decide to copy them. Viz responded in kind by parodying Korky the Cat as "Corky the Twat" in the next issue.

Denis Helium — a boy who believes he is as light as a feather, but is in fact quite obese. Desert Island Desk — a dialogue-free strip about an office desk which has been marooned on a desert island ; the title refers to Desert Island Discs and the Topper comic story Desert Island Dick.

Desert Island Teacher — a teacher stranded on a windswept rock. He has decided that "once a teacher, always a teacher", and inflicts monotonous lectures on the seagulls and molluscs.

A major feature of the strip is that he never actually says anything of any academic value, but instead spends all his time saying things like "Face the front" and "I will not start until I have absolute quiet". He is rescued by a navy search and rescue team, only to admonish them as if they were a delinquent pupil, saying: Desperately Unfunny Dan — parody of barrel-chested Desperate Dan who tries too hard to amuse people with his superhuman feats of strength.

Dickie Beasley — a schoolboy who wants to be an ad executive. His attempts to advertise or improve something menial e. Doctor Poo — a spoof of Doctor Who depicting the title character, utterly desperate to move his bowels, unable to find a toilet in the whole of space—time. He eventually relieves himself in Davros 's "private shitehouse" on the planet Skaro. After a lion roars at him, he soils his trousers.

Young Jumbo Williams commands his own miniature platoon of electronic soldiers, but is so busy verbally abusing them that he ignores all requests for help from the emergency services. Dom and Jerry — a parody of Tom and Jerry where a BDSM -obsessed cat is trying to catch the mouse to perform his twisted sexual acts on it. Driving David Beckham — a spoof of Beezer and later Beano comic strip " The Numskulls " in which we see the inner thought processes — or lack thereof — of David Beckham.

Drunken Bakers — two alcoholic bakers who, because of their affliction, hardly ever manage to bake anything. His real name has been mentioned as "Octavius Federidge Tinsworthy Ace", the "Federidge" in his name being derived from the now-defunct Federation Brewery which brewed "Ace" lager, and "Octavius" being derived from octo, Latin for "eight".

The strips typically open with John engaged in a stereotypical celebrity activity like launching a new album, being interviewed for a celebrity magazine, or partying with fellow A-listers.

But they soon descend into the surreal when, despite his enormous wealth and fame, John embarks on a small-scale con to make trivial amounts of cash. At the end of each strip John, having been rumbled through bad luck or incompetence, is normally shown to have been beaten at his own game by other celebrities, mostly his "enemies", i. David BowieThe Bee GeesRod Stewart or "the surviving members of Queen ", who are shown launching more successful small-scale scams of their own.

F—J[ edit ] Farmer Palmer — a paranoid, money-grabbing farmer with an inbred son whose catch phrase is "Get orf moi laaaand! He frequently berates and physically threatens usually with a double-barrelled shotgun innocent members of the public for encroaching on his property, yet he hypocritically treats the countryside with complete disdain. He has a habit of shooting every dog he sees with a shotgun, claiming "'Ee wuz worrying moi sheep.

Farmer Palmer then had his son Jethro transport the dog to his own farm with a tractorto get an excuse to shoot it. Farting Dilemmas with Archie McBlarter — a man who, as the title suggests, suffers from extreme flatulence that causes those around him to become sick or unconscious. Father McFiddly — "He Loves Diddling Kiddies" - about the wacky antics of a priest trying to peek up the altar-boys' cassocksetc.

A skit on the Catholic sex abuse cases scandal. Starred in a spinoff cartoon and a live-action movie. Fat Sod — a one-off greedy character who steals a large pie from the windowsill of one Farmer Palmer possibly the same character described above, despite physical dissimilarityonly to be ruthlessly shot dead and baked in a pie by Palmer, who hides inside the false pie initially stolen to do so.

Father Christmas — a man so obsessed with Christmas he believes that it is the festive season in the middle of August. Fatty and Skinny, Susannah and Trinny — A strip portraying Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall as school bullies who ridicule classmates for their unfashionable clothes, only to end each cartoon forced to wear a horrendously uncomfortable outfit for detention or gym class.

This strip prompted legal action from Woodall and Constantine themselves. Feet and Two Reg — Two neighbours who as the title suggests are called Reg who are due to enter a competition where their diseased feet are to be judged where one of them trying to ruin the other's chances by curing his bad feet, but failing. Felix and his Amazing Underpants — a boy with underpants which he believes have amazing powers. They are in fact completely ordinary, albeit being a bizarrely large size.

Occasionally, he manages to do good deeds with his underwear in order to help out someone in need, for example, using his underpants as a container for a French salesman's onions. The comic strip was created by editor Chris Donald, but is now drawn by Lew Stringer. Ferdinand the Foodie — a self-proclaimed culinary expert and restaurant critic. Finbarr Saunders and his double entendres — a boy with a good ear for homophones.

The strip almost always revolves around his liaisons with his neighbour, Mr Gimlet, whose manner of speech is always interpreted by Finbarr as graphically sexual in nature in fact, it is deliberately scripted this wayusually when Gimlet is reminiscing about everyday situations with Saunder's mother.

However, at the end of each strip, Mr Gimlet and Finbarr's mother invariably do end up having sex and make blatantly obvious verbal references to their doing so, but Finbarr interprets these as being nothing untoward. He is sometimes visited by his mother's Russian friend, Sergei, whose English pronunciation is very bad, which results in his sentences being corrupted in often lewd ways for instance, "Your mother wants me to fetch her aerosol " becomes "Your mother wants me to felch her arsehole ".

Fixed Odds Betty — a sombre one-off strip depicting a woman selling her possessions and emptying her bank account to buy her grandson a bike for his birthday, only to end up being waylaid by his mother and spending it all at a fixed-odds betting machine in a bookmakers while the boy waits outside in the rain. This strip guest-starred the main character from fellow Viz strip "We Friar Fuck — a monk with Tourette's syndrome.

Frankenstein's Cock — a parody of Frankenstein in which the scientist has created a giant, sentient penis which comes to life and is hunted through the town by a torch-wielding mob.

Bunn — a "Master Baker" who makes his own sex dolls out of gingerbread and then attempts to have sex with them. Garry and Barry the Identical Twins — a boy convinced that a tree in his garden is actually his identical twin brother. George Bestial — a George Best lookalike who, as his name implies, enjoys committing bestiality.

After the death of the real Best, the strip was redesigned so that it became longer full-pagethe title character looks less like Best, and his zoophilia is merely the most obvious symptom of his clearly very disturbed mind. Gilbert Ratchet — a boy who can invent anything, usually to solve people's bizarre "problems" as he comes across them.

However, his inventions invariably cause far more problems of their own. Usually the entire premise of the strip turns out to be a highly contrived misunderstanding.