Sowo 2015 car meet

SoWo Or Bust: Georgia Does Wörthersee - Speedhunters

sowo 2015 car meet

A Euro Enthusiast Event for all european makes and models. 2 Day Car Show, Race Track, Food Trucks, and so much more!. SoWo may not be as extravagant as the event it was originally modeled off – one Bryn began checking out 's preparations for earlier Right through to all-out Volkswagen show car builds. .. pmMay 17, geep. Audi, Porsche, SoWo: European Experience, VolksWagen We Made It To Euro In , the show started off fine once again. At some points we were all just sitting around outside our cars while the line was stopped. It was.

One of the most anticipated VAG enthusiast meets in the entire country: And forget what you know about the South. Not only has the annual event been around for eight years — its popularity has never wavered in that time.

In fact, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger; expanding from parking lot to parking lot and gaining new vendors every year. Even some of the older participants were itching for a solid sideline scream — and not once did the tire frying antics ever really ruin the meet.

Southern Worthersee 2015 Part One | Event Coverage

Past the shenanigans there was an undeniable sense of camaraderie spread across all generations and genres of auto enthusiasm, and it made you feel right at home. As I mentioned at the beginning, the show itself is held in a Bavarian-themed town.

sowo 2015 car meet

Even with the selection being trimmed down to a single auto group, the variety was still impeccable. There was a place for everything — old school cream puff Audi Foxes included.

SoWo Or Bust: Georgia Does Wörthersee

Well, that was until I spotted this Can you guess the paint? Not only did the outer areas provide enough available space for all of the enthusiasts that converged on the town, but there was just as much foot traffic — if not more.

Only to turn the corner and spray your drink over a Caddy with a mid-mounted turbo VR6 engine, parked outside of one of the many overflowing hotels located directly on Main St. Eliminating restrictions, the town was filled with just about every style of build under the sun.

This mint condition baby blue Volvo on Gotti 55As. The best part about the event outside of the main competition? Shavi found a popular breakfast spot called Egg Harbor Cafe.

sowo 2015 car meet

Jon is also rocking the Sony A7II. Anh showing us the things we could do with the Sony play memories app for the Sony cameras.

Since Ryo is leaving back to Japan soon, he wanted to go on a trip out to the south and SOWO fit right into his schedule. Egg Harbor Cafe was delicious and the workers were extremely nice and gave us our first taste of southern hospitality. That tuck all around.

Southern Wörthersee SOWO Recap | Humble Mechanic

We ventured out to the streets and found all of these slammed cars just passing by. Check out some of these rollers I got just standing outside of the Inn for 5 minutes. What I really like about the cars here is nothing is too over done and all the cars just had a nice clean stance.

Very refreshing to see that the FRS was not the majority at a car show. Love seeing Volkswagen CCs modified. Finally, Chris Foreman arrived at the meet up spot.

sowo 2015 car meet

Good to see him and his z are doing well. More Beetles meeting up at the Inn. More wide roadsters in this parking lot. That fitment is so on point.

sowo 2015 car meet