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sparkman racist people meet

I've always maintained that racism is largely over in this country, much more so than in the rest of the world. of lynching of blacks who did nothing more than try to make ends meet ” who at his trial, when accused of murdering three and a half million people, replied, “No. .. John Sparkman (D-AL). Six members of the faculty recently returned from the People of Color Events · Tuition & Financial Aid · Meet our Admission Team · The BULLetin community,” says Director of Equity and Inclusion Jini Sparkman, “we often Colorism refers to racism within a culture in which people treat each other. and Chris Sparkman, all are in favor of changing the high school's name. Here, they listened during the school's site council meeting last week. Those actions won't remove the bias and racism that remains in our lives. I never attended a Minneapolis high school, but I knew a lot of people over the.

Well, my pleasure, Rachel. First of all, let me just ask if there's any new information that's become available tonight? I know you're there in Fort Hood. Or if there's any new background you've been able to find on this shooter or on this crime? Well, the weapon you mentioned is an extremely powerful weapon. My understanding is that it is extremely expensive. And the ammunition isn't cheap, either. It fires a very, very powerful bullet at a very high rate of speed and is extremely destructive.

That's the only thing I can turn up that hasn't been mentioned before. I did discover also what you had said that he got it legally. Any time any military person has a weapon and has-and brings it on post, it must be registered with the military police. And anybody with a weapon on post who doesn't have it registered is in big trouble.

I do not know whether or not this weapon had been registered. Jack, one of the-one of the issues that's been hard to understand about this story, particularly for those of us who weren't that familiar with weapons, is the feasibility that one person armed with two hand guns, even if they are semiautomatic and very powerful hand guns, could do this much damage.

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Could wound or kill more than 40 people, a single shooter with two pistols. Does it seem feasible to you all in all? The math doesn't work out. One guy, even two weapons with 20 rounds per weapon, inflicting more than 40 wounds, even in a confined space, it doesn't make any sense.

My conclusion is, unfortunately, that some of the killed and wounded may have been-may have been injured or killed by friendly fire. And we won't know exactly what happened for quite some time until the investigation is completed. But the numbers just don't work out that this guy inflicted all the casualties. What do you think that the Army investigation or the forensic investigation in general will be looking at here?

Will they be looking to see if Major Hasan should have been red-flagged by the chain of command somehow? What else will they be looking for? They're also going to try to figure out who should have done it.

Don't forget, he was in the hands of a wide variety of people from the time he entered medical school until the time he finally got here to Fort Hood. We do know-it's been reported-that the person who was the supervisor, who assigned patients at the time that Major Hasan was going through his residency, was reluctant to send him any because Major Hasan was not very good at what he did, was a loner, didn't communicate well and so on.

So, whatever red flags occurred-occurred some time ago before he even got here. And I think the other thing that's going to be turned up by the investigation is that there is a variety of things that the chain of command could have done from the very beginning of this guy's tenure back at Walter Reed that should have been picked up. He should have been yanked out of the system. And something positive should have been done either to fix him or to take him out of the system altogether and maybe this tragedy would have been avoided.

When you look at what we know about Major Hasan or Major Hasan phI'm not exactly sure how to say it, I've seen it both ways today-when you look at his record and you look at his Army rank, you look at the amount of time that he'd been in service, the fact that he hadn't been deployed, the fact that he was due to deploy-is there anything that stands out to you as strange, as either-him as an underperforming soldier or somebody who maybe-shouldn't have been at the rank that he was?

Well, everything about him is strange. Now, generally speaking, I don't think I'm wrong. When somebody enters and then becomes a medical doctor, he becomes a captain. And when he gets certified in his specialty, frequently, and maybe even always, he gets elevated to the rank of major. But he has evidently been an underperforming soldier for quite some time.

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And what's really striking is that nothing apparently was done about it until this tragedy. It's great to have you on the show. Some of the reaction to the Fort Hood calamity has been as disheartening as it was predictable. More of that is next, emphasis on the moron. Less than seven hours later, the next dateline from Camp Lejeune concerned that base's own alleged fratricide. A year-old marine private who was an Iraq war veteran was taken into custody and accused of k killing another Camp Lejeune marine.

His body was found in a wooded area. The arrested marine is hospitalized, in serious condition from apparently self-inflicted wounds. Then, at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, about half an hour after soldiers honored the victims at Fort Hood with a moment of silence, police there got a call from a civilian who said that he shot his wife, a soldier at Fort Campbell.

He then reportedly turned the gun on himself. Police found both the bodies, and their 4 and 6-year-old sons still alive inside their house. We will be right back. We don't know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. That was either a very prescient or a very observant caution from President Obama today about the shootings at Fort Hood, because today, just as the president was urging diligence and deliberation, WorldNetDaily, the conservative conspiracy theory factory best known for advancing the cause of the birthers, was charming its way into the hearts of millions with this-this headline claiming that the alleged shooter, Army Major Nidal Hasan, was an advisor to President Obama's White House transition office, implying that Mr.

Hasan was on, essentially, the president's payroll. It may surprise you to learn that that's not true-even though it's a headline on WorldNetDaily, I know. Hasan was not an advisor to the Obama transition.

He was not an appointee to some kind Homeland Security task force. He attended a meeting actually at a college. He sat in the audience and that college wrote to the new administration to giving them unsolicited advice.

He sat in the audience. So, really, it's like saying that anyone who ever saw anyone else write a letter to the editor was an adviser to "The New York Times. This is America's conspiratorial right-wing today, this is WorldNetDaily, so, of course, there's more. You might remember, last month, four Republican members of Congress held a press conference during which they demanded an investigation into the Council on American-Islamic Relations, because the group was allegedly deep into a secret plot to place Muslim interns on Capitol Hill.

The book on which that publicity stunt was based was naturally published by WorldNetDaily. One of the book's co-authors today came out with this insight into the motives and allegiances that he's divined about the alleged Fort Hood shooter. Quote, "Hasan is a terrorist, supporting the ideology of al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and, and yes, the Council on American-Islamic relations. He's also a former senior political appointee in the administration of President George W.

Khan, thanks very much for coming back on the show. Thank you for having me, Rachel. What's your reaction when you hear a conservative writer equating al Qaeda and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which, of course, condemns violence and has long since specifically condemned the Fort Hood shootings?

It's just another instance, a sad instance. You know, we are in a national period of mourning after the tragedy at Fort Hood, where we lost so many lives senselessly. This unfortunate incident where there was violence and people were killed and wounded.

And it's even more sad to see that there might be some who would use and exploit this strategy for their political partisan and worse, for their racist ends. Even as the FBI and commanding officers at Fort Hood have said that the evidence does not necessarily suggest that this is an act of terrorism, or it should be viewed that way, the arguably premature discussion about terrorism and whether or not our military has been infiltrated, it's happening not just in WorldNetDaily wing-nutville; it's happening all over the place, even in the mainstream media.

Can you say anything to us about how that is playing out among Muslim Americans serving in our military? You know, it's just another tragedy that hit upon a sad incident here. You have 15, to 20, Muslim-Americans who are proudly serving in our armed services and all of the branches. Muslim-Americans have served in our country's armed services since the revolutionary war with distinction. And so, I think-and talking to my friends who are serving in uniform, they are concerned.

They know that their fellow countrymen in uniform know them and trust them and continue to serve with them as they would as brothers and men and women in military service.

But they are concerned that there would be a backlash in the public because, unfortunately, there are people, as you pointed out unfortunately on the Internet and on television programs that are, you know, questioning their loyalty just strictly because of their faith.

You know, Suhail, there was another horrible mass shooting today. This one was in an Orlando office building. Police say, in that case, the alleged gunman opened fire at a company that he'd been fired from a couple of years ago.

And, of course, in that case, no one is talking about that as an incident of terrorism. It's being seen as a workplace shooting.

sparkman racist people meet

Do you think the contrast between the speculation about the motives in these shootings is important? Obviously, the timing appears to be purely coincidental, but is it instructive in terms of the different ways these have been responded to?

I mean, we are learning that these are not isolated incidents. That there-as you pointed out in the break there-there are, unfortunately, incidents where men in uniform have reacted violently, often violently towards their fellow countrymen in uniform, sometimes towards their family. We've seen a high incidence of suicide, unfortunately, in the military in the last four years.

We haven't seen these numbers since the Vietnam War. And so, we need to do more to study issues like post-traumatic stress syndrome. And, we know that in the work place in general, there are people like this incident unfortunately today in Florida where people lash out against their co-workers, and shoot and harm others. And that's something-again we need to be on guard for.

But to put a religious face or to try to discriminate against whole groups of people is just sad. And, again, just exploiting a tragedy for a for a very ugly and bigoted means. Bush, a proud conservative who I really appreciate coming on this show. I am-there are rumors that I'm a very liberal person and I'm hard to talk to-I really appreciate you crossing the Rubicon and talking with us, Suhail. The day Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's "white of their eyes" rally against health reform on the U.

Gordon Liddy's radio show reported that there were more than a million people there. And Michele Bachmann then denied ever organizing the event in the first place. You know, in the weird get-going, the going gets really, really weird. Congressman Anthony Weiner will join us next. After days of waiting, House Republicans this week offered up their approach to health reform. As you might imagine, the plan has not been met with rave reviews. Enter Republican Party ideas man Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich teamed up with Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas today to offer a new Republican big idea on health reform. Newt and Rick's plan is to let the states lead on this issue. And they suggest that one state in particular should be viewed as America's shining example of what's possible, quote, "Texas, for example, has adopted approaches to controlling health care costs while improving choice, advancing quality of care and expanding coverage.

Texas-the state with the highest rate of uninsured people in the entire country. That's like saying the whole country should take family planning advice from Octomom. In the context of those great adventures in Republican health reform thinking, this was the crowd that showed up at the Congresswoman Michele Bachmann-led, "whites of their eyes," anti-health reform rally yesterday.

Or if you ask House Republicans. The estimates are anywhere between 20, and 45, people had assembled. I'm a bad estimate at crowds, but tens of thousands. I've heard 25, to 50, But wait, perhaps there were even more. This looks as if it may be just as big or bigger than the one we had a month ago. I estimated that population at about a million, and I had seen the Million Man March and ours was bigger!

Bigger than a million. You want to see that crowd shot again? Those more than a million people-were organized by corporate-funded fake grassroots organizations like FreedomWorks which launched, you might recall, don'tkillgrandma. Americans for Prosperity handled a lot of these logistics for the event. We have 25 buses from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We have probably five or six from Maryland.

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sparkman racist people meet

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According to author Craig Shirleythe two men deserve credit "for breathing life into the dying Reagan campaign". Later, Helms was not pleased by the announcement that Reagan, if nominated, would ask the Republican National Convention to make moderate Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker his running mate for the general election, [70] but kept his objections to himself at the time. In the end, Reagan lost narrowly to Ford at the Convention, while Helms received only token support for the Vice Presidential nomination, albeit enough to place him second, far behind Ford's choice of Bob Dole.

The Convention adopted a broadly conservative platform, and the conservative faction came out acting like the winners; except Jesse Helms. However, he targeted Henry Kissinger after the latter issued a statement calling Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn a "threat to world peace," and Helms demanded that Kissinger embrace the platform or resign immediately.

This victory enabled Reagan to contest the Republican Presidential nomination, and to win the next nomination at the Republican National Convention and ultimately the Presidency of the United States. According to Craig Shirley, Had Reagan lost North Carolina, despite his public pronouncements, his revolutionary challenge to Ford, along with his political career, would have ended unceremoniously. He would have made a gracious exit speech, cut a deal with the Ford forces to eliminate his campaign debt, made a minor speech at the Kansas City Convention later that year, and returned to his ranch in Santa Barbara.

He would probably have only reemerged to make speeches and cut radio commercials to supplement his income. And Reagan would have faded into political oblivion. Torrijos—Carter Treaties Helms was a long-time opponent of transferring possession of the Panama Canal to Panamacalling its construction an "historic American achievement. The issue of transfer of the canal was debated in the presidential race, wherein then-President Ford suspended negotiations over the transfer of sovereignty to assuage conservative opposition.

InPresident Jimmy Carter reopened negotiations, appointing Sol Linowitz as co-negotiator without Senate confirmation, and Helms and Strom Thurmond led the opposition to the transfer. Helms also rallied Reagan, telling him that negotiation over Panama would be a "second Schweiker" as far as his conservative base was concerned. Helms threatened to obstruct Senate business, proposing amendments to the revision of the United States criminal code, knowing that most Americans opposed the treaties and would punish congressmen who voted for them if the ratification vote came in the run-up to the election.

United States Senate election in North Carolina, Helms began campaigning for re-election in Februarygiving himself 15 months by the time of the primaries. While he faced no primary opponent, the Democrats nominated Commissioner of Insurance John Ingram[82] who came from behind in the first round of the primary to win in the run-off. Ingram was known as an eccentric populist and used low-budget campaigning, [83] [84] just as he had in winning the primary. Anderson[] [] and the Reagan camp was split: Bush as his preferred candidate.

At the convention, Helms toyed with the idea of running for Vice-President despite Reagan's choice, but let it go in exchange for Bush's endorsing the party platform and allowing Helms to address the convention. Helms was the "spiritual leader of the conservative convention", [] and led the movement that successfully reversed the Republican Party's year platform support for an Equal Rights Amendment.

It was strongly opposed by mainline Protestant churches, [] [] and its counterpart was defeated in the House. McClure blocked Ted Kennedy's comprehensive criminal code that did not relax federal firearms restrictions, inserted capital punishment procedures, and reinstated current statutory law on pornographyprostitutionand drug possession.

Percy[] he instead became chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee in the new Congress. The first six months of were consumed by numerous Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearings, which were held up by Helms, who believed many of the appointees too liberal or too tainted by association with Kissinger, [] [] and not dedicated enough to his definition of the "Reagan program": Grey for nine months, [] and thus causing the firing of Eugene V.