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HOW TO: Organize A Successful Meetup

start new group meet

Starting your own meetup is a great way not only to meet new people, but I'm notified about new groups every day by, but most. Starting a group · First steps for new groups · Getting a group started Getting outside help with starting a group · Is your AGM coming up? Support for Chairs. A few questions to ask before starting a Meetup group. I checked out a new programmer's meetup group in Gainesville, Florida, Frontend Awesome. The main group meets every so often, alternating between dinner.

start new group meet

The result of my Meetup search? Starting your own meetup is a great way not only to meet new people, but also to become an instant VIP. Meetup organizers are the stars of their groups—everyone vies for your attention at your meetups. So, before I go into the nuts and bolts of using the Meetup. Pick your niche carefully. For instance, I love movies and books, but there already were a lot of those types of meetups in my area.

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However, I noticed that none of the movie meetups went to art films, a genre I appreciate, so I started an Indie and Foreign Film meetup. That got an enormous response here in South Florida. Come up with a catchy name if you can.

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Whoever came up with Kibbitz, Kvetch and Kvell was on to something. Meet regularly at the same time and place. People are creatures of habit and they grow used to the schedule. I schedule a movie and dinner every Sunday at an art film theater that has a restaurant onsite.

start new group meet

About eight to 12 people attend my meetups, which is the perfect number for a movie discussion over dinner. Make sure your meetup has a social aspect.

start new group meet

One local organizer here just has movie meetups with no get-together before or after. The whole point is to share your interests. The Nuts and Bolts Read this page on the Meetup site before you start your group. Or does it always take two people? Yes, one person can start a meeting. But if only one person is starting the meeting, then the meeting is just an A.

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Here is what it says about the difference between a meeting and a group, in the A. Conference-approved pamphlet called "The A. Where It All Begins" on pages These members simply gather at a set time and place for a meeting, perhaps for convenience or other special situations.

The main difference between meetings and groups is that A. The GSO doesn't list the time or location for the meeting held by any of the registered groups.

An example of an A. A drawback to starting a meeting with only one person is that the one person has to do all the service work each week: In addition, a meeting doesn't have the non-meeting activities that "a group" often does outside the meeting time.

start new group meet

For example, some groups take their meeting to treatment centers, detoxes, hospitals, prisons or jails or some groups organize for members of the group to answer phones at the local intergroup, outside of the group's regular meeting time. An advantage of starting a meeting with only one person might be that even if there isn't "a group" in place, it might be a good way to find others who want to participate in a non-religious meeting and who will then volunteer for the service work involved in keeping the meeting going, such as the weekly tasks of opening the room, making coffee, chairing the meeting, etc.

They say that "all it takes to start an AA meeting is a coffee pot and a resentment".