Strives to meet work expectations sample

How to Exceed Customer Expectations (with 3 Examples)

strives to meet work expectations sample

4= Exceeds Expectations: Consistently competent performance exceeding normal standards in As such, to “meet expectations”, an employee is doing the function well. Seeks out new assignments and assumes greater responsibility. Aligns personal and professional goals efficiently and strives to achieve both to comprehend directions leading to mismatch between expectations and result in the workplace; Highly flexible when it comes to meeting goals and . for other teammates/subordinates; Leads by example when it comes to. Customer Expectations: How to Meet (and Exceed) Expectations . After 3 years working in special needs education, Mark now strives to write.

Uses a condescending tone when talking to others in the office. Phone messages are often unclear or incomplete.

strives to meet work expectations sample

Takes messages, writes correspondence, deals with customers and coworkers with sufficient attention to detail. Reports are accurate and well written using proper grammar and punctuation. Students and coworkers feel comfortable coming to this employee with questions and comments. Always asks questions and seeks guidance when not sure of what to do. Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills.

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Frequently comes to the wrong conclusions and assumes things. Did not make sure that all subordinates were productive at all times, which is a daily requirement of this job. Needs to develop analytical skills necessary to weigh options and choose the best way to deal with situations.

Spends too much time focusing on less important aspects of daily job. Often offers workable solutions to problems. Uses good judgment in solving problems and working with others.

strives to meet work expectations sample

Uses PPR ratings in making decisions related to new hires, promotions and merit increases. Can zero in on the cause of problems and offer creative solutions. There is only one answer. The quality of the service! Despite this most businesses still use speed as their main measure of customer service quality.


However some companies have taken the findings on board and seen great success. Derek Sivers the founder of CDBaby, asked all his employees to always take a little longer on calls with customers. Here is one example of how taking a little bit of extra time had a massive effect on one mans life. After his first flight was delayed he broke down but, when the stewards on board realized the reason, the captain was able to radio ahead and hold his connecting flight until he arrived.

He managed to spend a few hours with his mother before she died. Airlines rank each other on their ability to be on time. This kind of story and the fact it was global news. Show that customers see quality of service above any other any other measure. Remove time as a measure of quality and concentrate on getting your service right. Connect with Your Customers Now you have a little more time. What do you do with it? You have to connect with them too.

Pearl Weaver, who is 89 years young, certainly does that.

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Just how many pensioners have you seen waving pom-poms working in fast food restaurants? That is how you exceed customer expectations! But how can you connect with customers when you communicate through email or web chat?

Here is a great example. He had not worn the shirt yet as he was hoping to fit in it after losing some weight. Jill firstly congratulated the client on losing weight, before asking for more information to help him return the shirt.

The customer, Tony then went on to explain he was training for a marathon. Why did this conversation also go viral?

strives to meet work expectations sample

It seems very simple right? But with so many companies so fixated on solving customer queries. Many have actually forgotten to connect with them. Giving your employees more freedom makes them happier and more likely to connect with clients.

Go the Extra Mile Think about the best customer experience you have ever had. The team at Jimyz Automotives in Streetsboro, Ohio simply provide their clients with a handwritten thank you note.