Studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

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studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

When I purchased my Studebaker Champion Custom 4-door sedan in October of CA) at the Pomona swap meet and talked to them about building my car. The door handles were removed and Honda latches were installed. . In August of , I found out that Razor had been released and is available on iTunes. Sep 30, , while the Fall Englishtown. Swap Meet Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Shows remaining Raceway Park events, please gathering . Honda Day Raindate (8/12). 1/8 Open. .. Studebaker Pick Up. '66 Ford. Aug 20, The 44th Studebaker York Swap Meet will be the final meet for the Keystone Studebaker Last edited by larkregal62; at AM.

Betty Ming Liu Though you won't catch the real pros dragging around a mere grocery cart. And do a few other things.

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studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

Jim Travers Even the vegetables are fried at this swap meet. Betty Ming Liu Patina! Jim Travers We found it!

Studebaker York Swap Meet

Betty Ming Liu There is pretty much one of everything here I took it to work every day and drove it every chance I had. The car was rough looking but I proudly accepted and acknowledged the thumbs-up that a few drivers flashed at me. Lorraine bought me a nice sound system for the car that included an amp, 9 speakers and a 12 disk remote controlled CD.

studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

The amp was installed in the trunk next to the battery and a large bass speaker. My first show was the Orange County Labor Day Cruise in September of and I had a ball cruising the beat up looking, but great sounding, Studebaker around the fair grounds.

By this time I had known the Ernies for 6 months and really liked their work. After the show, it was back to the garage to finish the bodywork and paint.

L. A. Studebaker Drivers Club Winter Meet

I had somewhat decided what customizing I wanted done but was open to suggestions from the Ernies too. We more or less made the final decisions as we went along. I was there almost every evening and weekend to watch the progress and my main job was keeping out of the way. The door handles were removed and Honda latches were installed.

Power door locks operated by a remote sets the alarm and locks the doors.

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The wind wings were removed and one piece glass was installed in the front doors. That required the front doors to be cut and straightened. Power windows were installed in all four doors with tinted glass.

studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

Electric mirrors from a mid 80's Mustang were mounted at the front edge of the door in the wind wing area and they give the car a more modern look.

The bottom portion of the trunk lid was cut off and the lid was pancaked. The license plate was frenched into the new panel under the trunk lid that Ernie Jr. A solenoid opens the trunk. The rear fenders and gravel shield were welded to the body to give it a smoother look.

A power antenna was recessed in the front fender. I wanted to run chrome bumpers but the front bumper stuck out so far I didn't like the look.

I moved it 5" closer to the body and trimmed 5" off the ends. I also trimmed 5" from the ends of the rear bumper. This car was a Champion with the "Custom" trim option, and was the cheapest 4 door model that Studebaker made in It didn't even have a hood ornament.

The rear wheel well openings were raised 3" to allow the Amtech wheels to be removed without taking the shocks loose, in case I had a flat.

The rear window opening was also closed up and the glass was glued in from the inside to eliminate the rubber.

studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

The car was starting to take shape and was soon ready for painting. On an overcast day in November of the first color went onto the body. After color sanding and buffing, I took it home. It now had front seats from a Ford Taurus and was ready for upholstery.

I met "Fast Ed" through a friend and took the car to his shop in Torrance in December. I wanted a charcoal or dark gray interior and had decided that before the dash and garnish moldings were painted. I decided to add some charcoal leather with the gray tweed material we picked out and also chose a charcoal colored Mercedes wool carpet. I was dumbfounded again when Ed asked me what I wanted the interior to look like. At all the car shows I had attended, I never really paid much attention to interior design.

The sharp looking chrome wire wheels were added by a previous owner. Thanks to Bob for providing the information about his outstanding car. It is one of only Golden Hawks produced for the model year. Distinguishing features for include egg-crate style mesh in the side grilles, a large round plastic Hawk ornament in the main grille, and small wings on the fender-mounted parking and turn signal lamps. Also new for were 14" wheels with five-spoke design hubcaps.

The "TT" emblem on the trunk indicates that this example is equipped with Studebaker's Twin-Traction limited slip differential. The colors are Waterfall Blue and Parchment White.

studebaker swap meet 2013 honda

This nicely done custom Studebaker Ute certainly meets that discription. I was not able to ascertian the owner of this vehicle. If anyone can provide the name of the owner or information about this vehicle I will update the page accordingly. It is a mild custom that is nicely done.