Svetlana boginskaya gymnastics meet tracker

Simone Biles wraps up gymnastics world championships with four gold medals

svetlana boginskaya gymnastics meet tracker

At the Summer Olympics, Mustafina became the first female gymnast since Simona Amanar to By winning seven Olympic medals, Mustafina ties Svetlana Khorkina's record for number of Olympic medals won. . Yesterday, Aliya came to the competition, rooting for our guys and girls. .. "Medal Tracker – By Athlete". Superstar Simone Biles became the first ever gymnast to win 13 world championship gold medals with victory in the individual vault competition. Simone Biles won the floor exercise at the world gymnastics Trade Tracker Trade Tracker · Trade Machine Trade Machine · Transactions Transactions .. giving her six medals for the meet and 20 overall in the world championships, tied with Russia's Svetlana Khorkina for the most by a female gymnast.

The real question was, what was going on in that blond, bobbed Russky head? The Khorkina curtain wasn't down yet. Walking to the medal stand, the woman who scandalized her father by posing for Russian Playboy in "I want people to remember me," she said -- yes, that will do it still had a few scenes to play.

Simone Biles becomes first gymnast to claim record 13 world championship golds

In the midst of the sweet, innocent-faced other Superbabies, she wrinkled up her nose insouciantly at someone -- who? As she walked toward the audience for the traditional photo shots in front of the stand, for some reason she slipped the medal off her neck, as if she was ashamed of it. She quickly put it back on, but it was a weird gesture. And then, after all the other gymnasts had left, somehow she who must be obeyed managed to linger so she was the last one there, pointing, arching her eyebrows, finally climbing up onto a table and throwing her bouquet of flowers.

It landed, naturally, in the press area. Loud, braying Americans, loud, braying Australians and loud, braying Chinese -- which are most obnoxious?

Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique

Certainly the patriotic chant "Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi," which sounds uncomfortably close to "oink oink oink," can grow tiresome after the 10,th repetition.

They didn't cheer nearly as much or as loudly as the Americans although they were much louder at the men's team final on Monday night, when they finally won the team goldbut they had a tendency to suddenly screech out "China!!!!

Finally the crowd got fed up and hissed them into silence. I have a feeling my tolerance for ultra-nationalist cheering is going to be cyclical, possibly depending on alcohol intake. Judging by their Olympic behavior and by the way the local media is reporting the games -- shades of Fleet Street and New York Post style journalism, with front page headlines screaming such major world news as "Susie's quest: O'Neill carries Australian hopes tonight" -- Aussies are a super-patriotic lot.

Even in the jingoist Atlanta Games, it didn't seem like as many Americans painted flags on their cheeks, wore flag clothing and generally went loudly and publicly gaga over their country as Australians. I could be wrong, but Aussie patriotism, although undeniably virulent, seems to have a slightly more organic, sincere feeling than the sometimes emptily vaunting U.

svetlana boginskaya gymnastics meet tracker

Bill Brysonan astute and entertaining Australia-phile, says that Australia reminds him a little of the idealized image of '50s America, and I know what he means. There's a healthy homogeneity here, a sense of "us" that perhaps you can only get when your country is relatively small.

1989 World Sports Fair gymnastics W Boginskaya Ivanova

People here are genuinely proud of their country, and if they have a chip on their shoulder because they're often ignored by the rest of the world, it isn't a very big one. They're too confident, smug even, to have an inferiority complex -- in which, as in many other things, they resemble Americans. They're different, too, in ways that I haven't quite figured out yet -- it has something to do with a bluff, British-tinged working-men-bonding style the famous Aussie "mateship" that doesn't run quite as deep in the U.

There's a deep anti-authority streak in both countries, but we're more lone wolves than they are. Blame it on John Calvin and the cowboys. But not all Australians are patriotic. I have the honor of residing in the only neighborhood in all of Australia to have mooned the Olympic torch.

I'm staying in a district called Newtown, a scruffy-chic anarcho-lesbian-yuppie-punk neighborhood just west of downtown. The morning after I arrived I was sitting in a cafe with my hosts, two "journos" Aussie for journalists and their new baby, when a woman described to me as a well-known and well-liked local lesbian activist came up to our table and told us, with a twinkle in her eye, that we should get up to the main intersection right away because the Olympic torch was passing through and they were going to "give it the brown eye.

Perhaps it was a grand welcoming wink, performed in unison by all brown-eyed inhabitants of Newtown? No, Jean and Mark informed me, giving the brown eye actually meant mooning someone.

Australian slang is legendary for good reason. If a nation's greatness can be measured by its vernacular, and I think it can, then Australia is right up there.

Aliya Mustafina

It seemed some of the local disaffected citizenry "We call them the ferals," Jean said were planning to show their contempt for the corporate, corrupt, big-money Olympics by dropping trou as the torch went by. This couldn't be missed. We hurried up the road with the baby pram to the main drag.

There we found a couple of hundred disaffected young and not so young people, none of whom would be selected for a Calvin Klein commercial, milling about muttering and getting ready to get really pissed off, like athletes pumping themselves up for a gold-medal performance.

Simone Biles wraps up remarkable worlds with fourth gold medal

I suppose there is something to be said for being professionally angry -- it denotes a higher moral sensitivity, although a world run by these sourpusses would not exactly offer a rollicking good time. You do have to give them and their neighbors one thing, though -- a McDonald's that opened in the neighborhood apparently closed due to complete nonattendance, which may make it the only one in the world to do so and which merits some kind of plaque or official proclamation.

Anyway, as various official pre-torch vehicles passed by, the permanently pissed-off ones began chanting, led by a guy in a big death's head mask that I think was supposed to look like IOC strongman Juan Antonio Samaranch. This was a smart idea, since even among that vast majority of Australians who are well disposed toward the Games, Samaranch is not exactly beloved.

Chants included "More money for schools, no money for Olympics!

svetlana boginskaya gymnastics meet tracker

I was becoming dispirited by the whole scene -- couldn't I have just one sentimental Olympic torch moment? With a big smile on his face, he flipped off the whole line. That's when I knew I was going to like this country.

A little Indian girl was standing next to me in the midst of the protesters, timidly holding a little Australian flag. She appeared confused and intimidated. Then the torch appeared, almost at the end of its long journey across the country, carried by a beaming, beloved Australian athlete named Jane Flemming.

svetlana boginskaya gymnastics meet tracker

The ferals screamed abuse. Flemming seemed oblivious, jogging by with a light step. I clapped my hands feebly as the torch went by. The American star capped a remarkable world gymnastics championships by claiming gold on floor exercise and bronze on balance beam during event finals Saturday, giving her six medals for the meet and 20 overall in the world championships, tied with Russia's Svetlana Khorkina for the most by a female gymnast.

Editor's Picks Biles sets record with 13th career worlds gold Simone Biles made history by picking up her record 13th career gold medal at the world gymnastics championships when she cruised to victory in the vault finals on Friday. That wasn't a guarantee when the meet began. Biles spent the night before qualifying in the hospital, dealing with pain from a kidney stone.

The stone was too big to pass and she couldn't take prescription pain medication because of doping regulations, forcing her to simply deal with it. Biles did more than deal with it.

svetlana boginskaya gymnastics meet tracker

The year-old will head home to Houston with gold medals from the team final, all-around final, floor and vault, as well as silver on uneven bars and bronze on beam. She became the first woman to earn a medal in all four events since Yelena Shushunova did it for the Soviet Union in Biles believes it's just the beginning.

She will visit with doctors to treat the kidney stone, go on a short vacation and then point toward Though she stepped out of bounds on her third pass, her score of Japan's Mai Murakami took third. Biles wasn't quite as crisp on beam, an event that she has struggled with recently. She wobbled during qualifying and fell off during the all-around final.