Swap meet prank

Bride's Epic First Look Prank Where Best Man Takes Her Place In Photos

swap meet prank

Groom David Hoffman was treated to a hilarious first look on his wedding day. Hoffman's fiancee, Brianne Dennis, and his best man, Timmy. Meet YouTube's craziest couple who have been pranking each other for FIVE years Their pranks generated so many hits, the couple decided to create People swap stories of the VERY stupid things they did in In the opening scene Jim dresses up and behaves like Dwight, in the closing scene Dwight copies Jim. Funniest thing ever, what ep is it from?.

This could be as philistine as fart noises or, depending on the person, Justin Bieber or Nickelback ringtones could be equally embarrassing.

This video offers some nice inspiration. Simply swap out the shortcut for a word that your prank victim uses often for something more outlandish. The daughter switched the phrase 'dirty clothes' in her mom's phone to 'acid' for some pretty hilarious results. The options are limitless with this one. Here's a video on how to use the Autocorrect function. Colorful Photo Prank Nextraker shows us how to play some simple pranks on someone if you can grab ahold of their phone for a few minutes.

The first one involves taking off the case of your friends phone and placing tape over the camera. After replacing the case, use any color marker to draw over the tape. When your victim goes to take a photo they won't get exactly what they pictured.

Change Contact Name This easy prank doesn't require anything but the phone itself. It's as simple as changing the name of your friend's contacts. A less dangerous example would be to change some of the names in your friend's contact list to their boss' name.

This way they get freaked out whenever they think their "boss" is calling.

swap meet prank

Notification Prank The notification prank is just as much of a prank as it is a social experiment. YouTube channel Whatever put on this experiment to see how addicted people are to their phones.

The results are pretty telling. At some point, we've all checked our own phones when that classic notification sound goes off on someone else's device. In the video the prankster walks by people in public places with the notification sound going off on his phone, just to see how many people look at their own. It's a harmless prank that can also tell you a lot about human behavior. You may not get to enjoy the results directly of this prank but it's funny idea nonetheless.

STUCK - Glue his shampoo bottle or deodorant's cap so that it can't open and make sure it's the only bottle in the bathroom! Then put it into the shower The victim will be surprised when a bright, sticky mess comes pouring down.

Put the bowl into the freezer. The next morning take it out and pour a small amount of milk and few flakes of cereal on top. Then serve it to your brother and watch the struggle.

Then tickle his nose. Rub some Deep Heat or any other type of warming Muscle Rub on the toilet seat! Tell her, "Oh, you must be Gina" I have heard a lot about you. Even though you know her real name is Helen. OOPS - Hide a big fake spider in her fav handbag! Remove the last two pages carefully! Do keep them for her! Red in Red and Pink in Pink will last a few days longer even when removed!

EX-GIRLFRIEND Prank!! / Бывшая Девушка

Don't mix well, it's meant to be streaky. Underneath and out of sight works best. Not a nice feel, not a nice look on hands! Be prepared to replace them! You do know you are looking for serious trouble and a good spank instead of good pranks? They sink to the bottom and will be a nice last sip surprise! A 5 Star Good Pranks winner for any occasion! You can also put it on door handles, cooler handles or on kitchen utensils.

Small fire crackers will work well! Fire extinguisher definitely, just in case! Eventually they will have to ask to be released, everyone keep quiet as if there is no one around! Either spread some bread crumbs or bird seed all over their campsite. Works especially well if they are sleeping under the stars.

If you are really upset you may want to use honey as well. Honey is not recommended in bear country! Tie the fishing line around the snake and roll out the line. Set this up on the camp site and at some point start reeling in your little friend. SCARY DAY 2 - Tie the snake or spider up in a tree so that when you release the line the snake will fall from the tree onto the picnic table or wherever else you want it to land.

ITCHY - Start scratching your head and pretend to find little tiny spiders in your hair - you'll have every one itchy in a short while. We've seen this one work on many occasions, not only camping! Leave a few minutes of blank tape so that they almost fall asleep before the action start. Once you see them announce that you think they are moose droppings but there is only one way to be sure - then eat one. Chew it up and spit it out and confirm that yes it is Moose Poo.

Sticky Tape can be used for Infrared instead. Edit the properties and change the target to: Be a friend and help to correct it again! If you know the correct format let us know! Thanks for the correct format Jeff, it is updated and working!

Jeff gave another one, if the PC uses Windows, access the system font through the control panel and set it to white. When your prospect types in a word document or elsewhere on a white background he won't be able to see the typing.

16 simple tech pranks to confuse your friends

Hit Ctrl-Alt-up or down to rotate their monitor orientation. If you have some time, you can make this a little worse by going into the Control Panel and setting their mouse to left-handed.

Suddenly, the system is always busy working! Move the pointer speed to either extreme fast or extreme slow to cause a little frustration. We've tried this one on slow and it caused some serious frustration!

To do this, just go to start, settings, control panel and then mouse. Make it so fast that it is nearly impossible to do. BUSTED - This prank is for that annoying co-worker who is always sending out tons of emails to other workers - All you have to do is go to their email when they are away and set it to "send blind carbon copies" to your boss's email address.

swap meet prank

This is rather cruel if the person is computer illiterate. Very effective before a big project is due! An absolute Good Pranks must do! We've had great fun with good pranks like this one!

Best Man and Bride-to-Be Prank Groom in First Look Photo Shoot | Inside Edition

For more of the Best Computer Pranksuse this link! Put a couple in the salad at a BBQ. When the next student flushes the toilet there will be bubbles everywhere. Bang Snaps - Door Prank Place "Bang-Snaps" in precarious positions on a door so that they will drop and explode when the door is opened.

When the phone rings and your victim goes to pick up the receiver, he will up with the entire phone base with it. Fiberglass Fun - Public Prank Most people don't know that fiberglass dust can be used as itching powder and is for the most part harmless. So get creative and have fun at the local laundermat.

Bride Pulls Off An Incredible ‘First Look’ Prank On Her Husband-To-Be

Then when you go to pay for your bill at the cashier, tell her the table next to you has offered to pay your bill. Tell her they said just put it on their tab. Then look over at the table you just mentioned and give them a nod and a smile, they will do the same thing back When he returns act like you don't know where it is. A great place to hide the chair would be in the opposite sex bathroom Yummy!

Take out a fly swatter and act like you are chasing it around. After awhile, take out a raisin when no one is paying attention.