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swim meet electronic starter

Starter. These training notes cover swim meets in general, with a bias . o The hand held starting device if Electronic Timing Equipment (ETE). Running a Masters Swim Meet requires a minimum number of chronological steps, Clipboards, pencils, watches, electronic starting system or starter gun/ horn. The Starter is the key to insuring that each swimmer leaves the blocks fairly. Before the Meet: coverage for the start. In conjunction with the Chief Timer and Chief Judge Electronics, conduct tests of the electronic timing system and watches.

Our longstanding relationship with CTS has always lead to spectacular finished products and events.

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Everything worked great and we can't wait to host 2 big tournaments this fall. Cerritos College, Sergio Macias We have had one of your systems for over 12 years now and it is still doing a really good job. Thank you for your excellent products. Bulgarian Swimming Federation We use the pace clock daily. Because it operates on batteries, we have a great deal of flexibility in how we use it at the pool. As Masters swimmers, we appreciate the large illuminated digits, which are easily visible to our old eyes, even 50m away!

The new video board your company installed last year has been a big asset to our swim meet experience. They were extremely helpful, this was a long awaited project that has finally been completed. When they are properly installed and tightened, they work very well. The effort by Colorado Time Systems to get the fins fitted to the blocks in such a small window of time was truly amazing.

We all are so grateful that you took on the challenge and exceeded expectations.

swim meet electronic starter

USMS offered us one of your pace clocks, and we were happy to accept! We really appreciate the pace clock that Colorado Time Systems has provided us. Our team has been utilizing it in practices and it also serves as a great marketing tool to recruit new swimmers the display is awesome and can be seen from afar!

swim meet electronic starter

The Dolphin System saves time for the meet manager as well as the administrative official, whom no longer needs to collect watch times out on the pool deck. The backup times are right there on your screen. The Dolphin System provides a much quicker and more efficient way to run your swim meet. I can't thank you enough for the support that Colorado Time Systems gave to that competition.

I never could have gotten through this competition without the support of CTS. We are very excited to be running Colorado Timing Equipment and using the best products on the market.

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Also, more importantly, our experience, from start to finish has been amazing and professional. Everyone has been extremely helpful and made sure that the whole process goes the best possible direction. It is refreshing to work with professionals that not only care about their product, but also take care of the customers and keep the experience positive. You have taken care of extremely well and we appreciate all of your time and efforts!

They make great, reliable scoreboards, second clocks and other water polo electronics, and they provide premium equipment at outstanding prices. They are also innovators, offering new solutions in score keeping as well as training tools. Our partnership with Colorado Time Systems was a key ingredient to our silver medal performances at the Beijing Olympic Games, and will help us as we prepare for the Games in London.

CTS has been more than accommodating with all of our requests and it is evident that they strive for excellence with all of their products. Eric Gunderson - Boys Swim Coach Colorado Time Systems is always trying to create a better experience for the coaches, swimmers, and fans.

The big difference between CTS and other manufacturers is that CTS is a swimming company that makes scoreboards too, versus a scoreboard company that happens to make timing equipment.

CTS is focused on the coaches, the swimmers, and improving both the meets and the training. All around, they are out to improve the sport of swimming. We also use the scoreboard during practice and water polo tournaments. We have connected it to a satellite dish to use it as a big television for our college basketball games as students wait to get tickets. One of the biggest factors in choosing CTS products is that they are used by a majority of teams in our area with good results.

Come dressed appropriately as you will get wet! If your shift starts at the beginning of the session, be in your chair minutes early so that the meet director knows that the session can be started on schedule. In most cases you will share the timing duties with a second timer assigned to your lane. Both of you will be issued with a stopwatch each, and there will be one clipboard to record the swimmers' times on.

In most meets, one of you typically the timer without the clipboard also needs to record the final touch but not the start with a plunger.

Swimming Start Buzzer Tone

The plunger is a simple pushbutton at the end of a cable connected to the electronic timing system. Prior to the first heat, familiarize yourself with the stopwatch and make sure it is ready for the first start.

In particular, know which button starts, stops, and clears resets the watch. If in doubt, ask for help from another timer or from the head timer, who should be standing near the start officials and be armed with a couple of replacement watches.

How to be a timer - Dad's Club Swim Team

Before the race, you should be sitting or standing far enough back so you do not distract the starter or swimmer. Verify that the correct swimmer is at the blocks, e.

swim meet electronic starter

If nobody seems ready, look around and call out their name, in particular for younger swimmers. Officials will not wait! At the start, focus on the strobe light and start your watch on that signal, rather than starting on sound. Once each heat has started, check to be sure your watch is running.

swim meet electronic starter

If it is not, or you think you started late, signal the Head Timer by raising your hand with the watch showing. Keep count of the laps so you don't miss the final touch.