Team 7 meet minato photo

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team 7 meet minato photo

Meet team Minato, consisting of Minato Namikaze before he was the fourth Hokage, young Hatake Kakashi, young Obito Uchiha, and Rin Nohara. This is a story. Team 7 (minus their teacher) sat in silence for ten minutes, thinking hard. "I give up," "We'll meet back here in an hour." . The small picture of his father stood proudly next to the pictures of Team Minato and Team 7. Find images and videos about anime, naruto and sakura on We Heart It - the Future meets Past Team 7, Kakashi, Naruto Sasuke Sakura, Naruto Art, Sakura.

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It wasn't too bad, coming from Naruto. Team 7 minus their teacher sat in silence for ten minutes, thinking hard. Sakura looked at two boys, feeling outvoted. Naruto wandered through the market, fingering his frog wallet sadly. It was already thin, but for Kakashi-sensei, he was willing to make it anorexic.

Naruto turned around to find none other than the Hokage standing behind him and waving. So I'm looking for a gift for him. They reached a stall filled with all sorts of ninja things, from pictures of the Yondaime to antique kunai and shuriken. There was something that wasn't a tool that would probably delight Kakashi. Naruto craned his neck over, trying to get a glimpse of said object. That is Konoha's famous White Fang. Yet, I think he's a hero. How much for this? Sakura was completely lost at the thought of getting her sensei a present.

She ended up wandering into the Yamanaka flower shop, of all places. And I'm just looking around Konoha for something he might like. Sakura shrugged, her lips twisting into a frown.

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The pink haired girl looked them over carefully, breathing in each flower's unique scent. Ino noticed that the first flowers she hovered over were the red roses. Ino went back behind the register and pulled out a plain card.

She handed Sakura a pen, which she accepted with a nod. However, Sasuke revealed his alliance with them was a means to an end, stating his plan to start a revolution by killing the tailed beasts and the current Kage.

Team 7 (Kakashi)

Naruto opposes him and they fight in order to settle their feud once and for all. Ultimately, after they are injured to the point of being unable to move and lost a respective arm, Sasuke surrenders and accepts his friendship with Naruto. For his contributions during the war, Sasuke is pardoned for his previous crimes on the good words of Naruto and Kakashi.

He re-allies himself with Konoha, but leaves the village to wander the world.

team 7 meet minato photo

At the same time, Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage and Naruto, Sai and Sakura all take on new roles, effectively dissolving Team 7 on good terms. Sasuke and Sakura get married and have a daughter, Saradaand Sai marries Ino with whom he has a son, Inojin. C-rank actually an A-rank Status: Success Per Naruto's request for a more challenging mission, Team 7 was assigned to escort Tazuna to the Land of Waves. Tazuna did not have enough money to pay for bodyguard services, and so lied to Team 7 that he only needed escorts.

Upon reaching their destination, Shibuki extended their mission to also include cleaning lake beneath the waterfall for garbage. This led them to have a prolonged visit, which enabled them to prevent Suien 's invasion plans. D-rank turned B-rank Status: Success In the anime OVA special, Team 7 had to search for a villager from the Inaho VillageGenmaiwho was kidnapped by a group of missing-nin and their leader, Kajika.

Kakashi gets trapped in a sealing technique with Genmai after finding him and Kajika and his group kidnap Sakura after a little scuffle with Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke defeat Kajika and his teammates and Team 7 return Genmai to his son. Success In the anime, Team 7 are assigned to take a runaway ostrich to his home despite a misadventure at a village.

team 7 meet minato photo

Success In the anime, Team 7 was assigned to retrieve a golden statue of a feudal princess that was taken by a band of thieves from a Feudal Princess. Though Naruto and Sasuke retrieve the statue, Sakura gets taken hostage as her teammates got their hands stuck. Though Naruto and Sasuke defeat the bandits in their condition, dismay of being stuck together for a few more days, the mission success despite the statue being damaged.

Miscellaneous D-Rank Missions Rank: D-rank When Team 7 returned from the Land of Waves, they were given a number of uneventful assignments. These included pulling weeds, picking up litter, and walking dogs.

Kakashi noted that their teamwork has deteriorated during these missions. This stated to be the first A-rank mission since the Land of Waves. Success In the anime, Team 7 was assigned by Nekobaa to obtain Nekomata 's paw print. This mission was meant for Sasuke Uchiha when Itachi Uchiha assigned Sasuke a small game to get all the ninja cat paw prints. However, it was revealed that Itachi wanted Nekomata to test Sasuke when he's older if he's strong enough.

Team Minato

Success In the anime, Team 7 are sent on a mission with Gaarahaving become a new person since his defeat by Naruto, to stop a group of bandits located between Konoha and Suna, resulting in the first time that two villages work together after the Konoha Crush. Though Naho wanted him to escort her, Sasuke went with Kakashi to investigate an international criminal named Sadaiwho kidnapped Naho and defeated Naruto and Sakura.

However, when Sasuke appears and takes his insults of being weak and of his clan personal, he beats Sadai to an inch of his life before Kakashi restrains him. Sasuke leaves for Konoha as Naruto and Sakura complete their mission.

B-rank possibly A-rank as Tsunade stated Status: