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the glades tin cup ending a relationship

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The Glades - Episode Guide -

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the glades tin cup ending a relationship

This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by this website and how it is used. Sunday, July 10th, 5: Dirty Little Secrets Longworth's investigation of a man beaten to death in a truck stop restroom finds clues leading to a luxury rehab center.

Callie and Jeff are struggling with Ray's absence Sunday, July 17th, 6: Gibtown Longworth investigates a murder in Gibtown, a community populated with human sideshow descendants, and everyone is a suspect. Jim and Callie try to figure out the exact meaning of their relationship. Sunday, July 24th, 7: Addicts have been paying big money for pain medication all of which leads to a long list of suspects.

Sunday, July 31st, 8: Longworth's investigation into the House of God eventually leads him to the Big House and a fatal case of mistaken identity. Meanwhile, Sam's departure has Callie questioning her own relationship with Longworth. Sunday, August 7th, Jeff's mentor, the high school soccer coach, is found shot dead on campus. Sunday, August 14th, Swamp Thing When body parts of a Coast Guard Reservist are found in the belly of a poached wild boar, Longworth hunts the killer into the depths of the Glades.

Meanwhile, Callie and Longworth decide to push the restart button on their romantic relationship. Sunday, August 21st, Beached A body is found at a popular beachside bar with a large diamond ring in his pocket.

Longworth sifts through the sands of the various characters at the bar, revealing a complicated love triange that may have ended in murder.

Meanwhile, Callie has some news for Longworth that will change everything.

the glades tin cup ending a relationship

Sunday, August 28th, Shine An Ernest Hemingway look-alike is discovered adrift under a glass bottom boat with a bullet hole in his head during a "Hemingway Days" booze cruise. Turns out, the victim might have gotten caught in the middle of a family feud between bootleggers.

Meanwhile, an old romance from Callie's past reappears and drops a bombshell, one that could seriously affect her relationship with Jim, the FDLE, and the hospital.

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Monday, September 5th, Breakout In the thrilling season finale, Callie's hospital is on lockdown when a pair of ex-con brothers take hostages. Longworth and Callie work together to ensure the safety of the hostages, but things take a turn for the worst leaving Longworth to defuse the situation before it explodes. Season 3 Sunday, June 3rd, 1: Close Encounters When Jim and Carlos investigate the death of a millionaire who bequeathed all his wealth to an organization of UFO enthusiasts, the organization's leader accuses the FDLE of covering up the true cause of death: Meanwhile, Jim and Callie's relationship heats up, but Callie's job search to keep her in Palm Glade falters.

Sunday, June 10th, 2: Poseidon Adventure A beautiful synchronized swimmer in an elaborate mermaid costume washes ashore dead, and the clues lead Jim to a bittersweet love triangle and a hip hop mogul trying to turn a mermaid show into multimillion-dollar phenomenon.

On the home front, Callie hits a wall in her job search, and Jim realizes the best opportunity for her is the one in Atlanta she passed up to be with him. Sunday, June 17th, 3: He discovers that the cadaver he is dissecting is actually a murder victim who turns out to be a student that was killed while participating in an on-campus pharmaceutical study.

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Sunday, June 24th, 4: Jennifer begins interviewing the substation employees and finds its high case closure rate seems directly related to Jim, in whom she takes an interest that may be more than just professional. Sunday, July 1st, 5: Food Fight When Jim finds the ex-Navy Seal owner of his favorite food truck dead in the truck's kitchen, he ends up embroiled in a heated political battle between the new wave of gourmet food trucks and the established boardwalk restaurants.

Jennifer takes an active and prying interest in Jim's cases, while Callie's attempt to confront Miranda about her hostility backfires. Sunday, July 8th, 6: Old Times The murder of a woman who contacted the Innocence Project to exonerate a death row inmate now forces Jim to team up with the detective who investigated the original case: Jim's former partner when the Florida State Attorney General's office calls her to testify against the IRS agent who handled her audit and tried to extort her for sex a few years back.

Reluctant to take time off to help the State Attorney, Callie is surprised when Miranda is not only supportive of her request, but also learns that Miranda has been the victim of sexual harassment herself, and the two women bond through their shared experience. Sunday, July 15th, 7: Public Enemy Longworth and Jennifer investigate a murder that puts them at odds with the Sovereign Citizens, a bizarre anti-government group that believes they are above the law.

Manus and Carlos soon find themselves victims of the Sovereigns' paper terrorism attacks when they are suspended from duty. Callie desperately searches for her old cell phone where she recorded Elkins blackmailing her into sleeping with him for overlooking her tax issues.

Sunday, July 22nd, 8: Fountain Of Youth When the co-owner of a luxury medical spa turns up dead, Jim and Jennifer investigate the spa's members and discover the high costs the wealthy pay in order to stay looking young and beautiful.

Callie gets anxious while both studying for her boards and preparing for her testimony against Elkins. Her house in Palm Glades is falling apart, but her life in Atlanta is picking up.

Episode List

Sunday, August 5th, 9: Miranda pulls Callie away from her studies to have some fun at a medical sales mixer, but Jim starts to find Callie harder and harder to reach in Atlanta. Sunday, August 12th, Endless Summer On the day of Callie's board exam, Jim must solve the murder of a businesswoman who had founded a new surf clothing line and was about to offer the endorsement opportunity of a lifetime to a young, local surfing champion.

Jim gets more frustrated over Callie's lack of communication, while a sympathetic Jennifer tries to comfort him. As he faces an uncertain future where Callie's career in Atlanta will pull her further away from her life with him in Palm Glade, Jim realizes he must make a decision on where their relationship is headed. Season 4 Monday, May 27th, 1: Yankee Dan Longworth must delve into a year-old ghost story to solve a murder when the dead body of an heiress is found in a haunted plantation house.

Monday, June 3rd, 2: Shot Girls The murder of the spokesmodel for a prominent rum brand sends Jim into the sexy, cutthroat world of liquor promotion to find the killer.

the glades tin cup ending a relationship

Monday, June 10th, 3: Monday, June 17th, 4: Magic Longworth The death of a male stripper forces Jim to seek out Florida's purveyors of flesh and the women that love them. Monday, June 24th, 5: Apocalypse Now After a dead body disappears from a crime scene at a 10K Zombie Run, Jim must unravel a nefarious plot to discover how a corpse can just get up and walk away.

Monday, July 1st, 6: When the VP of a local bank is found dead in the vault, Jim discovers her tattoo and bruises reveal a double life as the star jammer of a rough and tumble roller derby squad. Monday, July 8th, 7: