The slipper and rose ending a relationship

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the slipper and rose ending a relationship

The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella () Connections on IMDb: in which Armand's father tells Marguerite to end her relationship with Armand. Cinderella retold in The Slipper and the Rose Classics), the film that in many ways marked the end of a golden era for the genre. Marie has begun a new relationship with Samir (Tahar Rahim), who has brought his. a marriage pact, the King beseeches him one last time to sacrifice his personal feelings. Nothing more, it seems can stand in the way of a happy ending. But one “The Slipper and The Rose,” made on a week schedule, went before the.

But no-one can be found.

the slipper and rose ending a relationship

The case grows dustier as the cause grows more hopeless and in a fit of despair the Prince smashes the case and flings the slipper from the castle battlements. Later, John sees a dog carrying the slipper in its mouth.

Before he can act the dog has delivered the prize to Cinderella, who slips it on. At once the matching slipper appears on the other foot. John returns to the castle to inform the Prince who rushes to the scene on his white charger and carries Cinderella to the castle to present her to the Royal family.

Nothing more, it seems can stand in the way of a happy ending. The wily Lord Chamberlain in a private audience with Cinderella manages to convince her that it is imperative, for the future of her country, that the Prince marries a princess of royal blood. A sacrifice has to be made. A proper dowry will be provided and she will be escorted to a secret place of exile. All hopes of happiness now gone and enraged by this latest subterfuge, the Prince tells his father that in the name of patriotism — the Court is free to select a bride for him.

And so the royal marriage proceeds in all its gorgeous splendor in the Cathedral. The bride, heavily veiled, makes her way to the Altar. All this time, however, the Fairy Godmother has not been idle. The wedding ceremony is halted. Faced with affair accompli the King realizes that it is just as much in his power to un-write a decree as it is to write it.

Honor is satisfied by Montague accepting the rival bride as his wife and Prince Edward is free to marry Cinderella at last. Just like a fairy story! However, parts of it — such as the old clock dating back to — are much older. A wooden bridge, guarded by two stone-carved knights, connects the building with the lake shore and with the acres of green woodland which the count also made available to the film crew. A realistic-looking cemetery was built by the unit on a grassy knoll for a scene where Cinderella hides from the Prince who, with his companion John, passes on horseback.

The old crosses looked so ancient and weather-beaten visitors inevitably presumed the cemetery belonged to the Moy family. Many months earlier, director Forbes and producer Lyons had come to Anif to film the same setting in deep snow for the opening sequences of the picture. The second major Salzburg location was at the fortress of Werfen, a grim and imposing-looking castle sitting 1, feet above the road and providing all sorts of transportation and communication problems for the crew.

Gemma's second blooming

Built inand never captured, Werfen could only be reached on a steep incline which defied the gears of ordinary cars. Special heavy-duty trucks had to be used to transport people and equipment to the top. Werfen for centuries was the seat of the Archbishop Regent and in fact was constructed at the same time as the famous castle in Salzburg itself.

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Used as a training ground for the Austrian gendarmerie today, it was a showplace until when most of it burned, with only the imposing clock tower being saved from the flames. It was a training school for party cadres from to and in the final days of the war provided headquarters for a German division. The Americans occupied Werfen for 13 weeks before turning it back to the Austrians.

While its exterior is forbidding, it makes an ideal contrast to the lush and colorful sets such as the exquisite throne room, the lavish ballroom and the elegant library built at Pinewood. On a quiet Sunday morning, the Alte Market was cleverly altered, costumed extras peopled the square and carriages paraded into view.

It rained more than the time of the year warranted, which forced the unit to change plans and seek weather cover mostly at Werfen.

the slipper and rose ending a relationship

One such vehicle was purchased by producer Lyons in a dilapidated state and beautifully restored at Werfen. It had to be taken up the steep incline on a special flatcar. The art department bought four wheels and the axles and constructed their own chassis of steel, which was then covered with timber. The coachwork and harness were also built by hand in a style befitting the period.

The decorative features were then added before it was painted in gold and sprinkled with glitter dust. For her, the most demanding sequence in the picture was the huge ballroom scene at Pinewood in which stars and dancers showed at their most opulent. But pride of place was taken by Gemma Craven who looked absolutely stunning in a gown and hair-do that left everybody breathless — not to mention the glass slippers.

It was as though Miss Harris had waved a magic wand, not the Fairy Godmother. The gown was made from over ten yards of pink silk with three dozen roses. The Cinderella story first appears in writing in a Chinese book about AD and, centuries later, the resemblances of the tale to that first telling is remarkable.

the slipper and rose ending a relationship

This first record of Cinderella in Europe appears in Italy, inand in it Cinderella plots with her governess to murder her stepmother.

In fact, she manages this by letting the lid of a great chest fall on her neck while she is looking for some old dresses. Then she persuades her father to marry her governess, unaware that the woman has six daughters of her own who are then placed above her.

Many Cinderella versions have appeared in Europe including, of course, that of the Grimm brothers which was translated into English in They dance towards the pumpkin which looms large in the foreground.

As they draw near it, the Pumpkin is transformed into a golden coach. The picture company made the most of its opportunity, filling the vast nave with some brilliantly costumed extras in glittering finery.

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Gemma wore a white satin dress and a pair of magnificent slippers made of silver and studded with rhinestones. It was during that scene that Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and her children visited the set at the invitation of Forbes. Cast and crew were presented to them. Extremely modern in its execution, it contrasted well with the classical minuet, polka, polonaise and waltz of the great ball.

Trying to describe the many remarkable sets in words would not do them justice — they really have to be seen to appreciate their sumptuous quality. Production designer Ray Simm believes they are the most remarkable he has ever created. This gave me a free hand to use my imagination within, of course, the realms of credibility. The throne room was 60 feet by 35 feet.

the slipper and rose ending a relationship

The vast hall was 60 by 35, which then became the library at 10 feet wider, and then changed again to the dining room and below stairs kitchen. There were elements in most of the sets which were based on a palace in Salzburg, a castle in Bavaria and several other mid-European structures.

Over 10, candles of different sizes, were employed as period illumination. Not because this was the period that Cinderella had most been set, but because of the decorative qualities of the architecture. It was the Baroque period; classical architecture that had taken flights of fancy. It had become free of the tight rigidity of the classical — something like a fairy tale. And this is just what the producers wanted. I waited a few minutes while the athletically, tall, handsome American actor formerly known to millions as Dr.

Kildare, came down three floors and personally ushered me into the hallway. As we travelled together up in the elevator, I remarked to Richard that it was a far cry from Kildare, now long dead and buried on the TV screen, to Prince Edward of Euphrania.

This is the singing-acting starring role he is now playing at Pinewood Studios in a two-and-a-half million pound British film musical, The Story Of Cinderella. Kildare, because someone had heard I was taking singing lessons and wanted to cash in on the publicity. I think the time is right for a big romantic love story like Cinderella, which all the family can see. I wear wigs and have about ten changes of costume all designed by Academy Award-winner Julie Harris.

We spent a month on rehearsals at Pinewood and pre-recording the songs. I enjoy rehearsing, which is catching the mood with the other actors, but then you start to get anxious.

the slipper and rose ending a relationship

There comes a time when you want the cameras to roll so you can do it all for real. His relaxed manner completes the picture. But since then my motivations have deepened and I now enjoy the world around and life much better.

I was an art major in college. I enjoyed painting, and I was going to be an artist. I got good notices and everyone was very nice to me. I liked doing it, so I chucked art and took up acting. Finally, I began to get some jobs in television and then Dr. Kildare came along and that was the most solid kind of training I had. It was five years of constant work but, needless to say, playing the same role for five years is not exactly the way to progress as an actor.

It was incredible to be suddenly so much in demand. This kind of adulation from the girls had never happened to me before. After a few years I felt I had to prove I could do other things, to break out of the mould that had been created for me. When I first came over, I had a strange feeling that Britain was the place to be. I like your English repertory system.

The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella () - Connections - IMDb

One helps to enrich the other. Now The Story of Cinderella will see him in costume again. On location in Spain there was always the chance of the horses slipping on the courtyards. And the stuntmen we had in the fight scenes were all hackers - they just hacked at the actors and everything in sight with their swords. Fencing is always dangerous, although every movement is carefully choreographed in advance.

You have to learn the moves. It was partly because Richard Lester is one of my favourite directors. I did Petulia in San Francisco with Dick a few years ago. His films were ahead of their time.

I think they would be a big success if they were released today. I played a vain, rotten guy and pulled out all the stops. If you need any help, ring me, I know how to handle them. So I couldn't believe it when Sally, his wife at this point, called the day before we were due to meet and said Richard had died. She actually rang and told me before it was on the news and I felt really privileged but, still I was totally devastated.

Instead, she released a press statement announcing they were parting after two years of marriage. Not exactly a long marriage, was it, Gemma? So it was three years in all. But that statement just said I was separating from my husband and since then I've never spoken about it, and I still don't. Parents and relatives, on the other hand, can often tell Catholic wives, "You married the man for better or worse, you have to stay with him. It was my life, I've only got one and it's up to me how I live it.

So, yeah, you'd get 'You made your bed now lie in it' and I'd just say, 'I'm changing the sheets! But it was only when I was getting divorced I found out that they absolutely detested him. Before then, they never said a word because it was my choice and they respected that. Also, doctors don't know what will go first - your speech, eyesight or legs - because it's a mixture of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and motor neuron disease and in the end, the only thing you are left with is your hearing.

They tell you that you will be dead within seven years. But it really was heartbreaking to see someone who had been so agile and vibrant just slowlywaste away. But instead I'd talk and talk to him and the love in his eyes was wonderful. Yet the worst thing was the day dad finally was diagnosed with PSP.

I couldn't be there so my husband, David Beamish brought mum and him to see a specialist. But after he did all the tests he said, 'Yes, you have Progressive Supranuclear Palsy' and dad was calm, although this news had gutted him. Yet then the specialist said, 'Mr Craven, when you do die, may we have your brain for research? Near the end, she lied to him about one aspect of the break-up of her marriage to Beamish, a financier.