Thspa state meet 2012 calendar

THSPA/THSWPA Meet Schedule

thspa state meet 2012 calendar

, , 5/7/, BOOZER, STUART, ATLANTA OFFICIAL, $ , , 7/2/, COMMERCE ISD, AREA TRACK MEET, $ .. , , 8/1/, OFFICE SOURCE, School Calendar, $ 1, , , 3/20/, THSPA, State Entry Fees for Texas, $ Heath Nicholson placed 5th (in the lb. wt. class)at the THSPA State Powerlifting Meet this weekend in Abilene. Heath squatted lbs. addressed the audience at the meeting offering their thanks and personal Be sure to mark this down on your calendars and take a little time.

The JV kids have to be scout team players of course but we spend a lot of time with them outside of varsity practice. They are well prepared every week. If you want to change a culture and have kids expecting to win, you have to invest a lot of time in them before they are varsity players.

Our kids are learning how to win for sure. Although there are too many potential names to name players to watch in particular over the next season or two or three, Shipley believes that the 10th grade season for a football player is one of the most critical seasons.

We only had 2 sophomore players on varsity the majority of the season. I think 10th grade is a critical time for players. They need to be playing as much as possible. They need to be getting every snap on Thursday nights so they can continue to develop as players and improve. The Tigers and Lady Tigers Powerlifting teams had a dynamite season and are loaded up again for It is not unusual to see these athletes open a book or do homework at meets.

But while they keep up on their studies, they in tune with their teammates and their lifts. Noah Henry-Fifth place in State backstroke. Speaking of another group that cleans up in the classroom, as well as in the pool, is Belton Tigers and Lady Tigers Swimming. The three-time dual district champions their first two in District A and this season in District A have the potential to get to state.

With being an Olympic year in Rio de Janiero, expect to see Noah make a push for an Olympic spot. Falling just once in District A, a loss on their home field to Midway, they came back and won over the Pantherettes on their own home pitch and took the district crown. The Lady Tigers lost a tough, controversial game against Rowlett in Corsicana in overtime.

They lost Martinez 14 seconds after she put Belton on the board to a leg injury in a collision and Dippel was interfered with during a save attempt with A goal by the Lady Eagles with 7: They have a solid core back for the season. Belton Soccer entered its 30th anniversary looking for another district championship and did so in powerful fashion. The Tigers played a challenging schedule from the start and kept the ball rolling, as many teams found the shots behind their keepers during the season.

Belton made a three-round deep run in the playoffs, including the exciting area-playoff round against Irving Nimitz help at Wilson Kerzee Field. The team is a very young one inbut they turned plenty of state observers in the season. With no reservations whatsoever, the team set the table for their success so far in The team withstood injuries, tight non-district tilts and a difficult District A slate that featured talent across the area, while learning and continuing to buy into Belton head coach Brenda Gomez and her system of play.

In the calendar year ofthe Lady Tigers had a winning record, going in start of calendar year, at the end of it. Belton Track and Field: The inclement weather early last spring cost Belton a chance to get in more competitive opportunities.

But in the meets they were in, they were spectacular. Kaylee Krenek continued her great running in hurdles, Brooke Gilmore was brilliant in the long distance running events and Claire Woodson just missed a state berth in the pole vault.

Both teams had solid depth up and down the lineups and produced consistently. Tiger ONE shot the only sub round at the district tournament and Lady Tigers finished two strokes behind Midway at the district tournament, but finished a stroke ahead of the Pantherettes at the regionals.

Both sides of the program have returned the bulk of their squads for the The Belton Tennis team enjoyed another successful tennis year, as they continued building their stellar foundation. Gilmore and Houlden shaved their times throughout the season, with Gilmore reducing her three-mile time by But the season looks to be a solid one ahead.

The Belton Tigers family lost three community members in Sullivan coached the Tigers from and was a longtime athletic director and educator in Belton Independence School District. The Sarah Kait vs.

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Bail Bonds his charge. Sonia Escamilla and Conceps- Dyer Gutting, Gregory Keiffer Gutting, could be punished by imprisonment agement—officially announced on ion Escamilla, foreclosure. Mona Garcia and Miguel County. Basic Energy Services, LP vs. Western Peanut Growers Adam Gonzales vs. Ricky Sarabia, tax delinquency. First United Bank to Peter Peters. Bourdon, Kathy Smith and Rodriguez, Lt. Officers located the vehicle Committee Chairman and conducted a traffic stop.

The driver was found to be intoxicated. Further investigation showed the driver to be a minor with a detectable amount of alcohol in his system. The Mike Conaway driver was also found to be in possession of marijuana. Seminole Police stopped the vehicle in the block of SW 10th St. Upon investigation it was discovered that the driver had a warrant. Upon further investigation a suspect was identified.

Information was taken and a report was made. Extension Economist Executive Director Mar. Economics Farm Service Agency Mar. The vehicle was located and the driver was found to be intoxicated. Henry Krahn Hildebrandt was placed under arrest.

The juvenile was referred to juvenile probation. A report was taken and an inves- tigation is underway. Deputies arrived and found the dog in a pit the dog had appar- ently been hit by a vehicle and had been in the pit for quite some time as it was in grave condition.

The dog was located. The dog was Lunch will be served! AP — lesser-prairie chicken in New Mexico, The lesser-prairie chicken was listed bird.

They argued that emergency be in danger of extinction. That decision was populations of the bird along the listing, saying it would impede has been reduced by an estimated 84 track the population of a grouse that of this week, which was expected to vacated two years later as a result of a Texas-New Mexico border, in operations and cost companies percent, according to the Fish and has been the focus of an ongoing legal run through mid-May.

Colorado and western Kansas. The population de- battle over whether it warrants federal Locally, populations of lesser prairie Environmentalists responded by To keep the bird off the en- lars in one of the country's clined by an estimated 50 percent in protection.

Fish and Wildlife dangered species list, the states most prolific basins — the recent years, primarily due to drought Officials say aerial surveys for the County and the South Plains region.

thspa state meet 2012 calendar

Service to take another look at the organized their Permian Basin, which conditions within its home range. Still, the Fish and that the and Gaines. Wildlife Service -- in agency The Lesser Prairie Chicken Tympa- -- designated the failed to make a proper evalu- nuchus pallidicinctus a species in the lesser prairie chicken ation of the multistate conser- grouse family, is slightly smaller and Health Ranking out of Texas counties reported in the report, and th out of Gaines County's percent uninsured population and ratios of 5,to-1 for as threatened, one step beneath endangered vation plan.

Texas counties in The classification meant federal officials thought the bird soon would once thrived in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Okla- 'Contributing first rating report year,when Gaines County was ranked th in Health Factors' the State of Texas. Gaines' lowest health outcomes rating observed over the nine years Sentinel Staff Report of reporting, was observed inWhen it comes to length of life and when Gaines County ranked th in quality of life, Gaines County ranks the State of Texas.

Gaines' "These gaps are largely influenced ranking is up from a 58th out of by differences in opportunities — from Texas county ranking observed in a lack of access to quality health care the report, and a 57th ranking to a lack of safe, affordable housing — reported in You're invited to come join us officials on their website, www.

Other ratings of note saw Gaines on March 25, ! Instead of a ticket, bring a workplaces. Contrib- canned food item to donate to the South Plains uting factors to the low rating was Food Bank! Obituaries You can also go to www. Jake Fehr and Rev. He passed away February 28, Jacob and Nela Peters were married August 8, Accountability at the Public Trough By Sam Holbrooks Seminole Sentinel The City of Seminole has a couple of mechanisms by which the melding of public and private funds can be mutually beneficial to the city and to a private company, or to a single individual or group.

They're all about making mostly small investments that are designed to generate wealth for the city and the businesses that support it. The first, of course, is the Seminole Economic Development Corporation SEDCwhich has been covered fairly extensively in these pages in recent months. The SEDC is about the long game, through a more complex array of incentives, financial and otherwise, that are designed to lure new businesses to town, or bolster existing ones.

It's operations are funded with a half-cent sales tax. The other vehicle is more about the short game. Virtually every municipality, large and small, has such a tax.

March 18, 2018

The idea is simple. Provide evidence that your event will Holbrooks have people lodging in Seminole for its duration, submit an application for funding, and the City council will review the request and determine whether it justifies a non-refundable grant from the city. The added advantage to other businesses in town is likely real, but hard to quantify, so hotel occupancy becomes the main standard. Until fairly recently, a person could make an application for funding for an event with a reasonable expectation that the Council would arrive at a dollar figure that fairly closely matched his request.

More recently, however, a greater number of requests has dictated that the Council distribute funds more sparingly.

In most cases now, the event organizer will get less than what he asked for.

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Usually the process goes fairly smoothly, but I recently covered a Seminole City Council meeting in which a couple of things needed to be cleared up. The person making the request for funding was asked a series of questions about her credibility to determine whether some outside complaints were substantive, or just the product of a rumor mill. Satisfied that the person had explained herself well, the Council awarded her about two-thirds of what she requested. And for the sake of transparency, I should say that I've personally engaged this person in business transactions for services rendered in the past, without a hitch.

Though the entire conversation in Council Chambers was not covered line- Leo's Lance: Patrick's Day History by-line in the Sentinel, the general essence of the conversation was a part of the story. It included, in general terms, both the questions that were posed to her, and her explanations. It wasn't long before the person who was the focus of the discussion contacted me and, I must say, most respectfully, relayed her feelings that the newspaper article had damaged her business, and compromised the trust that others have placed in her.

I offered the personal opinion that if the Council had not found her to be credible, she would likely have left empty-handed. The term, But she pressed on -- "but I don't understand why these issues were brought Seminole Sentinel four leafed clover emblem stitched Why the green connection here?

They made him Well, of course, green is the official print in a poem by William Drennan And that is a fair question. At entitled "When Erin first Rose. I felt a bit dumb along least not in the days of St.

The poem reads in part, "When Just as we've historically referred to the White House as "the people's I'm not Irish, but with him because I always thought The official color of Ireland and the Erin first rose from the dark swelling house" in theory, anywayas far as the City of Seminole is concerned, City that is not a reason a shamrock and a four leafed clover color of St.

Patrick from has flood, God blessed the green island Hall is the people's house. From the time the gavel falls at 7 p.

thspa state meet 2012 calendar

Dumb me, for been St. The emerald of other Monday evening or so, every utterance in the room is a matter of public celebration is it? How green got involved is difficult Europe, it sparkled and shone in the record, for the people's consumption, if they so choose.

The Irish seem to While there is no agreement as to to explain. Apparently some Irish ring of the world, the most precious have a lot of fun Some specific issues will bring out members of the public, but often, the the botanical identity of the sham- folks were pretty proud of their lush stone. I've joked to our Police Chief Bernie Kraft before that, while he Naturally, I acetosella, the wood sorrel, which is lands around.

They began promoting Northern Ireland in There and I may not be the smartest voters in Seminole's local elections, we're at thought of the an edible plant with a sour taste. The the color until people began associat- had been strife and hatred between least the most informed. He's there about percent of the time and I'm the shamrock which problem is the wood sorrel is not a ing Ireland with the color green. Catholics and Protestants for ages only one who's there about percent of the time.

Copeland seems to be the "little clover," shamrock. It is not a It may also have something to do and the colors of orange and blue I would say that I know where the bodies are buried, but that's probably not main symbol con- clover at all. Drennan a wise thing to say to a Police Chief. I was hard pressed to find a Confederation flag which was said to sought to bring peace to the strife, As a participant in a free press, the person sitting at the media table is es- to my faithful computer to find an connection between the shamrock feature an Irish harp in a green field and he championed the color green.

More interesting story about the shamrock.

Calaméo - March 18,

Patrick or his celebration day. He helped establish the "Society of importantly, he or she is the ears of the public. Until someone creates a better Instead I found: Patrick used a shamrock in the picture.

Lynn Riggs wrote a play In Drennan retired from his leaders are doing on their behalf. So to make a long story short, coverage of ally is, and, 2. He was average feature story, or a Friday night football highlights reel. This play became so popular one of the first to attempt educating Secondly, whether a request for public funding is addressed privately in the No. The word, "shamrock" ap- Spirit to the unbelievers when it played 64 times on Broadway.

This Catholics and Protestants together. What a half dozen little clover plants were in Emerald Ireland. But, Wikipedia American soldiers were often heard ing his coffin be carried by three you discuss with your banker, or your business associates, is your business, suggested as the one which should says, "It is notable that there is no singing it during the Mexican and Protestants and three Catholics.

Mexican soldiers I'm glad there is not as much reli- But when the City of Seminole awards you a grant to help you to pursue no consensus of opinion as to which Early English Literatureof St.

Patrick or the legend of his using the words "Green Grow", began calling celebration of St. All you've entered into a business agreement with the people. It is now a public There was a solid conclusion as shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. A shamrock has only become known to the English writers written and sung by Johnny Cash in But if you can capture one of those through their elected officials. That commitment comes with all the same im- three leaves. But this conclusion had as a plant particularly associated with further enhanced the connec- little fellows, he might grant you peratives toward good stewardship of the public trust, and the public's money, a bit of a political overtone con- the Irish.

The author of the This plunges us into a discussion Ireland had been called the "Emer- gold at the end of the rainbow. Or And a word to the wise, just in case. The decision to award this money is article online used it to poke fun of the color green. We all know we ald Isle" for centuries, partly because not. Especially before the check has been signed.

That would be biting the hand that feeds you, and exceptionally bad timing. The Seminole Sentinel What is not simple is the fact that determining the real financial benefits Established to a city is not an exact science. Some events bring a lot of people who may spend money in area establishments, but they don't necessarily put people in Publication No. Some events will attract more Seminole residents, who will sim- Postmaster Form ply circulate locally generated wealth, while others may bring out-of-town send to visitors and their new dollars.

Pre-registration is a requirement for attendance by a mostly out-of-town group, making proper Phone: Seminole, Texas I may be sticking my neck out, but what all events have in common is cars. And what all cars have in common is license plates. At one time, license plate Christy Hawkins Publisher serial numbers were assigned with certain prefixes for certain counties.

thspa state meet 2012 calendar

I don't Dustin Wright Managing Editor know if they still are. A Google search didn't turn up much for me, but if that's Misty Ramirez Advertising Manager still the case, it could be a tool for determining how many out-of-towners are Devan Butler Advertising Sales attending what events.

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Staff Reporter Taking the rodeo as an example, a quick scan of the vehicles in the parking Sam Holbrooks Staff Reporter lot with a cell phone video would reveal all the plates in the lot, and later one Marilou D.

Staff Reporter could fairly easily decipher how many were from outside of the area. Distribution the number of tickets sold at the rodeo, divide it by the number of cars for an Lani Rios Distribution average number of attendees in each car, and multiply that by the number of out-of-town cars.

thspa state meet 2012 calendar

At least you're in the ballpark. Periodicals Postage Paid at Another unknown is the amount of money that is generated by local retail- Seminole, Texas The Seminole Sentinel strives to bring you the best ers. Most event attendees probably won't stop to get a haircut or buy a house, in local news, social, and sports coverage for, Seminole, just to kill some time, but they do buy gas and food.

Any convenience store Gaines County and the surrounding area, in a timely manager could only benefit from providing the difference, if any, in the total manner. Imperfect, but at least it would help establish a baseline. If you're seeking a grant from the city, do your homework, both during the The Sentinel does reserve the right to edit and restrict application process, and as a follow up after the fact.

The Council likes to pre-produced stories and information for space limita- know that their award bore fruits. It could enhance your position next year.

thspa state meet 2012 calendar

And if you were awarded more money than you actually spent, be a good For further information or any questions regarding this policy, contact Dustin Wright, Managing Editor, at sport and turn it back in, instead of holding it for next year. Because it's the people's money. And they deserve no less. Last week, that wells have dried up.