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conducting the W Development Coaches Course: Hands on Training at Scamps Gymnastics in Kenosha. Register through the USA Gymnastics website. Oct 13, WALGA's President Meeting with Minister for Planning. Director . Road Construction Program State Black Spot / from 96 countries on the usage of auditory interfaces in. modern and . movements will be recorded with a non-obtrusive eye tracking . people's state ments on fully automated driving,” in. AHFE demand due to the use of in-ve hicle systems.,” Jan ; Proc Hum Factors Ergon Soc Annu Meet.

Style, comfort and unquestionable value. Yellowstone grizzlies were protected under the Endangered Species Act from tobut now a trophy hunt is scheduled to begin Sept. Grizzlies in the lower 48 states occupy less than 5 percent of their historic habitat, with only a few isolated populations in the northern Rockies and virtually nowhere else. Why should these people have the right to kill our precious remaining wildlife, just so that they can hang a trophy animal on their walls?

A female grizzly can take 10 years to replace herself in the wild. We may not see the impacts of this aggressive hunt for a decade. Removing even one female could affect the population. Hunting is a huge source of income for the government agencies who are responsible for managing wildlife and conservation efforts.

It is tragic to think that this trophy hunt could lead to the demise of one of our most iconic predators. In addition to allowing oil drilling in our national parks and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, these actions are destroying what wildlife there is remaining.

Call or write your representative: We have only until Sept. Carter Port CharlotteHollywood script being played outEditor: The brainwashed leader can then make changes to assist the foreign government achieve their agenda. Imagine this updated plot line. An American real estate mogul who has rights to a beauty pageant goes to Moscow for the broadcast and gets kidnapped by foreign agents. The American is drugged and brainwashed.

He returns to the United States to await the mental trigger, so he will do what the, say Russian, government wants. In the interim, Russia develops a computer network strong enough to interfere with the election process in the United States.

When everything is in place, the verbal trigger is given to the real estate mogul and he runs for president. Of course, he wins. Once in office, he follows the cues embedded in his brain. Allow military-style weapons to be sold to the public so school kids can be gunned down, thus leaving the United States with less potential military troops in the future. Try to divide the United States population racially so there is less chance of the people rallying to defend the nation against foreign threats because we are focused on internal issues.

Buddy up to foreign dictators while angering the leaders of our allies. A Hollywood script or real life? Approximately 25 years ago I had a very good friend who I spent a lot of time with.

We fished, scalloped and boated together. Then, my friend died. There I stood in front of a funeral home with his friends and family, and it was my turn to speak about my friend. All of a sudden I realized that I did not know if my friend was saved and was going to heaven or unsaved and going to hell. If he were saved I knew I would see him in heaven. If not, it was all my fault because during all the years we spent together I never asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ as his savior.

If I had asked him and he had said no then I could have witnessed to him of salvation through belief in Jesus Christ and at least I would have had comfort in knowing that I tried to save him. Since that time I have tried to ask everybody I meet if they believe in Jesus Christ. Please let me know if you would like the testimonial I have written about the experiences I have had witnessing for Jesus Christ. Wilson Punta GordaClosed primaries deny free speechEditor: No form of speech is more important, more powerful or more sacred than our right to vote.

No political party or legislator should therefore deny the citizens the freedom to vote for the candidate of their choice, regardless of party affiliation. The people have the final say. The legislators are their spokesmen. The people determine through their votes the destiny of the nation. We are being denied our constitutional right to free speech, to sovereignty and to influence the destiny of this nation.

We are being denied our freedom. Closed primaries are a violation of our Constitutional rights. We, the people, must prevail. In God We Trust: What in the Hell is happening to Americans that they want to mix religion, government and now education?

The amount of people believing in God is decreasing continually. There is no God unless it is imagined. Only idiots, low IQ people, brainwashed or ignorant people that believe in their figment of the imagination no matter what religion.

You might as well believe in a Pet Rock. I totally object to religion been promoted in school, government, currency, been used to swear in people to tell the truth in court they are already liars if they agree to itsports games. The president is always promoting God and is likely one of the most dishonest people on earth.

All churches and cults believing in God should be taxed on all income and property. This is as bad as people honoring military people which have done more damage to the world than good in the past. The USA has the biggest terrorist organizations in the world supported basically by Christians. Not one religion is much better than another.

Look at the Catholics molesting thousands of children then been recommended to work in Disney World. Practice it, but take it out of non-believers lives. This reader was shocked and disgusted by the Bible verse chosen for the Aug. A more appropriate verse would have been Matthew Glass half full; glass half empty. Assorted lots throughout are developed. New neighborhoods are springing up and a new spring training baseball stadium is under construction for and with the Altlanta Braves.

The ballpark will open for a peek at the end of spring season, then will draw crowds for the next three decades, at least. In addition, West Villages will have downtown-style commercial center off U. It will be built. The series spotlighted how life of the city is being transformed. But, she said, newcomers slowly began demanding more amenities.

And that goal has been coming, slowly but surely. Returning from their summer hiatus recently, the North Port City Commission began turning their attention to existing amenities that needed attention and future amenities that will be needed.

One is old standby Dallas White Park, a popular spot that needs upgrades. At the park are a day care facility, an art center, a used clothing exchange and a skate park.

A master plan would guide the redevelopment, but that will take time. Meanwhile, some infrastructure must be addressed ASAP.

The jury is out on that or it has just begun deliberations. This city is still growing into itself. There are a lot of possibilities, good and bad. But leaders are right to maintain an open-minded attitude about their approach and keep an eye on future possibilities.

Please keep them to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these lett ers. Readers may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Further questions or information, call Instead of just taking a victory lap after his blowout win over Adam Putnam what must he be feeling right now?

Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman tweeted the same thing. What a coincidence that the first time I heard that combination of words was is in reference to a black man running as the Democratic nominee for governor. That was about the time my eldest son sent me a text, weighing in on the topic. I mentioned it sure looked like a dog whistle and sounded like a dog whistle. The overwhelming majority of players doing that are black, trying to raise social awareness about issues with police.

Maybe it was just an unfortunate word choice, as the DeSantis camp immediately tried to spin. If so, you would think a man hoping to lead the state for the next four years should understand by now that every word he says will be scrutinized for hidden messages. But Ron DeSantis will also have to understand why many people will assume he said exactly what he meant. Joe Henderson has had a year career in newspapers, including the last nearly 42 years at The Tampa Tribune, where he covered sports, politics and city government.

The column moved on website FloridaPolitics. Just 27 percent strongly disapprove of the president and believe things would have been better if Hillary Clinton had been elected. On the other side, 19 percent strongly approve of the president and believe things would be worse if Hillary Clinton were living in the White House today. The rest have more mixed views. This 8-point advantage among committed voters is the reason that Democrats are expected to do well in the midterm elections this November.

In the House of Representatives, likely outcomes range from Democrats falling just short of winning control to a big blue wave earning a significant majority. The final outcome may be determined by a group of voters that neither political team can begin to comprehend. Like most Americans, these voters overwhelmingly recognize that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have had a bigger impact on the world than presidents of the United States.

Perhaps their ambivalence about who is president simply reflects confidence in the belief that culture and technology lead while politicians lag behind. Only about 11 percent of them trust the federal government to do the right thing most of the time. Seventytwo percent believe that government agencies use their power to influence elections. Another possibility stems from the fact that 61 percent of these voters are ideologically moderate.

USA Gymnastics - Wisconsin

They may be turned off by the shrill tones of activists from both teams. But 45 percent believe he is at least as ethical as most politicians. Their top concerns revolve around economic issues 32 percenthealth care 22 percentsocial issues 18 percent and security issues 10 percent.

Seventythree percent talk about politics with family and friends less than once a week. With our partners at HarrisX, we will provide ongoing research and analysis with a particular focus on those who hold more nuanced views of the 21st-century political environment. The results will often be baffling to those who live and breathe politics, but they will be invaluable for all who are sincerely interested in reconnecting our political world with the nation it is supposed to serve.

Data in this column are from 15 separate surveys of 1, registered voters. Each was conducted between Aug. Scott Rasmussen is the publisher of ScottRasmussen. Please call for an appointment. Central Plaza West Olean Blvd. Im a veteran, but can we still use a National Cemetery if my wife dies first? We believe in giving straight answers to your questions. Nobody likes unexpected surprises. Hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico is forecast to ramp up over the next couple of weeks.

One storm could spin up in the Caribbean over the next couple of days and potentially affect Florida over the Labor Day weekend. The next tropical storm or hurricane in the Atlantic basin will be called Florence. One of the reasons for the predicted uptick in activity is that wind shear, which tends to rip apart developing hurricanes, appears to be decreasing.

Regardless of what happens this year, will be hard-pressed to top the calamitous season, which featured monster hurricanes such as Harvey, Irma and Maria. Overall, 10 hurricanes formed in the Atlantic last year, well above the average of six. The prediction for a busy September this year also follows an unusually quiet August for the Atlantic. For instance, he said that inno hurricanes formed in August, but four major hurricanes blew up in September of that year.

September is the peak month for Atlantic hurricanes, recording more hurricanes in that basin than any other month on record, the Weather Channel said. Both are forecast to become hurricanes within the next day or so, the National Hurricane Center said. Miriam should curve to the north, away from Hawaii, but Norman could have some impact on Hawaii within the next seven to 10 days, Maue said.

Standby staff will be on call for utility emergencies at Commercial customers will notice no change in collection service during the holiday. Curbside collection will occur as scheduled. There will be no waste pickups on Monday; collection will be delayed one day the remainder of the week. Both the West Charlotte and Mid-County are closed.

Siesta Key Breeze will operate from 10 a. Charlotte County government offices will be closed; however limited center activities will be available. The offices will reopen at 8 a. There will be no change in jail visitation hours. August 31, T urnyou r trashinto cash! Advertise youryard sa l e! Visit and share her website! Bring friends and remind them that this countywide vote is August 28th!

Hunter Smith, a blue devil classmate will be on the mic! It will be a great evening! Lender paid Private Mortgage Insurance on loans over We r eserve the right to alter or withdraw these products or certain features thereof without prior notification.

I am immensely proud of this grade and the huge steps forward our district is taking. There were three such school last year in the county. The data takes into account both public and charter schools in the county, and the Lake Wales Charter Schools system also showed gains as well. Three high schools, including Mulberry High, improved their grades: Polk County is now ranked 50th out of 67 school districts in the state, a jump from 56th a year ago, according to a school spokesperson.

Thursday july 19, There are some oft-quoted myths, and truths, surrounding what one should do when lightning is near. When lightning is forecast or near, and thunder is heard, DO: Try to hide in a dugout, shed, pavilion, or other small structure Use or touch electronics, outlets, corded phones, or windows Go under or near a tall tree, or metal pole or object Swim or be near water Some of the common myths surrounding lightning are: An average of 47 people per year are killed by lightning in the U.

On the way home boaters can stop along the shores of Lake Idylwild and enjoy reworks, great music and summer fun at the XanderStrong Battle Bash at the Moose Lodge on Havendale Boulevard. The North and South Chain of Lakes exist at dierent levels so to take a boat from one chain to the other, boaters must pass through a lock system.

Sta were able to make all the repairs without much downtime for boaters. Students who attend public charter schools may also qualify for free meals at school. Kaczmarski said that sta at charter schools could qualify for the same funding.

If your child attends a charter school, simply ask school sta if your child will benet. Previously the executive director for Cat Depot in Sarasota, Thayer has worked with Best Friends Animal Society, assisting with several major rescue operations and co-authoring rapid response procedures. Thayer has led the charge and rallied for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, domestic animal rehabilitation, and big cat rescues.

I am proud to join this amazing team as their new Executive Director. She and her family which includes three rescued cats and one rescued dog will reside in Lakeland. The program, SEU Link, is designed to assist students with mild intellectual disabilities in making the transition from high school to adulthood.

David Grant, associate professor of education at Southeastern University. Grant jumped at the chance to be a part of the new program. The program is based upon giving students the tools necessary for them to take college classes, obtain gainful employment and to live independently. During their rst year, the program of study for the students includes Link-specic courses in employability and independent living. Students will also be able to audit existing SEU courses, such as personal nancial stewardship, history, English, social work, education and many more.

During their junior and senior years, they will be able to put their classes into practice through working in jobs on and o campus. Students enrolled in the program will live in dorms at the university with a trained student mentor who will assist in guiding them through the daily aspects of independent living. Not only will students have the opportunity to experience living on a college campus, but they will also build relationships and gain skills with non-disabled peers both inside and outside of the classroom setting.

It will be a positive experience for everyone involved. While the program is still in the developmental stages, Grant is excited for the opportunities the program will oer to families. When you think about it, for a parent of a child with a disability, the child has been in school most of their life, and now all of a sudden school is completed and the parents do not have other options.

Students planning to live on campus will pay for housing and a meal plan in addition to tuition costs. For more information, please contact Dr. David Grant at dggrant seu. We would see no revenue growth whatsoever in property taxes. That usually correlates to a slight reduction in the tax rate each budget cycle. But that might be coming to an end. The presentation was lled with lots of information but as the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.

The Winter Haven Sun obtained permission from city sta and sta with the architect rm of Straughn Trout to publish renderings of what the complex will look like when construction is complete. More Chain of Lakes Field House details releasedConstruction is scheduled to begin as early as late August with the rst portion of work focusing on renovations of the existing Chain of Lakes Complex, including areas inside of the complex where the gymnasium, Parks and Recreation administrative oces and the meeting facilities in the back of the building now exist.

Outside construction of the new Field House structure is anticipated to start in October The basketball team will not have sole use of the Field House once complete. The new gymnasium will be used to host the basketball team plus other athletic activities, conferences, exhibition space, trade shows, performances, banquets and other special events, city sta said.

The Rowdy Gaines Olympic Pool will remain. The Winter Haven community will be able to use the Field House for public events also.

Manually weeding elds by hand or using hand tools. Participate in irrigation activities. Repair, maintain and clean all hand tools and mechanical equipment prior to and aer use. All tools and supplies will be provided at no cost to workers Worker may be asked to do welding and torch work when needed.

Workers will be operating skid steers. Workers will only use tractor to pull digger. Sweet Potatoes Use of mechanical digging equipment to dig potatoes.

May harvest sweet potatoes by hand with use of buckets. Purple Hull Peas, Beans and Corn. General Specications and Physical Requirements of the Job Cell phone use is only allowed for breaks and emergencies only. Hours and days of work may vary due to weather conditions. Due to possible Date of Need changes, worker is required to purchase travel insurance if available.

Employer may conduct a criminal background check. A copy of the work contract or a copy of the ETA in lieu of a work contract, and any modications, will be provided to the worker on the day the work commences If the employee is unable or unt to perform the duties listed aer the 14 day pretrial, the employee will receive warnings, hours may be reduced to the minimum allowed in the certied petition or terminated.

Housing, equipment and transportation provided at no cost to workers who cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of each workday We participate in the E-Verify program and workers must have valid identication for I-9 preparation when they report to begin work. The girl reportedly had sex with the convicted felon for the rst time at age According to redacted court documents, the two met at hotels over the course of around four years to hide their taboo relationship.

After the young mother recently had a miscarriage, she told somebody who the father was and subsequently, a call was placed to the child abuse hotline. Inside, deputies found Johnson has not made bond and is still incarcerated. Arraignment is July Krieger said the money is used to fund the Summer Brain Gain program, a learning-loss prevention program for area children on summer break from school.

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Eleven teams of local leaders set up bars within the venue. Supporters paid a door fee to get access to an open bar, some food and a few good Bartender Bash showcases Venue rae drawings. Sta with Spectrum Studio, a local salon, served up Twisted Hibiscus, a tequila cocktail with hibiscus tea, pineapple, jalapeo, mint and soda water for example.

Come see our new line of Stingray boats.

USA Gymnastics files for bankruptcy protection | The Japan Times

Jim and Judy Taylor care for Xander and his younger brother AJ in a lovely home lled with musical instruments. Pulling up to their driveway, Xander and his friends were outside playing. Surrounding him, they went to play video games as Mrs. Taylor began sharing her life experiences.

Her son Jason and his wife and children stopped by for a visit soon after. Eventually Xander and his buddies went swimming in the rain. On Friday, Xander got a little short of breath in the pool. Two weeks ago, Xander could barely walk from one room to another in the family home. Such is life around the C-word. As active members of the community, the Taylors have crossed paths with many people. XanderStrong Battle Bash, ChainLife Flotilla July 21Friend Melanie Brown came up with the idea to throw Xander a party and make it an annual event to benet a child going through the battle of his or her life.

Judy Taylor said it was efforts by Brown and many others who have shown that the Winter Haven community is willing to rally and support when called upon. The XanderStrong Battle Bash starts at 11 a. There will be plenty of opportunities to have fun for the kids and the adults including two music stages and a Xander Zone. On the acoustic stage, early risers will be rewarded by a quick set from the Porch Pickers noon to Michael LuBecke will likely play songs from his new album Dragony from 7: The Xander Zone will feature a DJ, slide, bounce house, face painting, a race car simulator, and karate and clogging exhibitions.

Shirts and donations can be made at: Sky Powersports donated a cooler for the rae and golf carts and tents for the event.

Yonderway Outtters donated a kayak for the rae. Express Printing donated yers. Dixie Signs donated banners. Winter Haven Moose Lodge donated space. Wormy Shelnutt is supposed to be giving airboat rides. Tinia Clark will be face painting. Xander loves the Green Bay Packers. Rumor has it organizers reached out to the Green Bay NFL team to contribute something special as well.

Xander was feeling well enough to hang out with friends June On July 21, Winter Haven leaders are throwing him a party he will hopefully never forget.

On July 21, he will have a chance to forget about all that for a few hours. Applicants must be 18 years or older. Duties may vary from time to time. May drive skid stir loader. Use wood to build and repair boxes for digger.

Preparing the ground for planting. All tools and supplies will be provided at no cost to workers Work in extreme weather conditions. Workers may be asked to operate vehicles.

Pulling plastic from covered potatoes. Walk behind potato transplanter and ll in slips by hand. Riding mechanical transplanter and loading slips in planting cups. Dividing plants by hand.

Charlotte sun herald ( 08-31-2018 )

We will reimburse the worker for transportation cost including travel insurance and subsistence to the employers work site from the place of recruitment upon completion of 50 percent of the contract period. Transportation payment will be no less and is not required to be more than the most economical and reasonable common carrier transportation charges for the distances involved.

A copy of the work contract or a copy of the ETA in lieu of a work contract, and any modications, will be provided to the worker on the day the work commences or before work commences. If the employee is unable or unt to perform the duties listed aer the 14 day pretrial, the employee will receive warnings, hours may be reduced to the minimum allowed in the certied petition or terminated. We participate in the E-Verify program and workers must have valid identication for I-9 preparation when they report to begin work.

The origin of some names remains a mystery and some are speculation, but here is a look at the names of some familiar Winter Haven bodies of water. Lake Hartridge was named in by Dr. He surveyed the sections in this area and named the lake after his good friend Dr. Theodore Hartridge of Jacksonville. The lake was shown with this name on the rst government plat drawn in by John Jackson. You will nd that many lakes in our area were named for friends of Dr. It was rst shown with the name on the Lake Region map.

At the time high water connected it with Lake Mirror and Lake Spring making it one body of water. Person responsible for the name is unknown. Lake Spring was also referred to by its name on the map. Again the person responsible for the name is unknown. Lake Howard is thought to have been named by Dr.

Westcott in his survey. Westcott lived in Madison County near members of the Howard family.

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Spann surmised it is highly likely that Westcott named the lake for those friends. Lake May is the subject of Native American lore that says this lake appeared after a serious muck re.

It is known to have deep muck deposits along the bottom. First shown with the name on the Lake Region Map. Lake Shipp is another thought to have been named by Dr. Some of the wood utility poles are being exchanged out for much larger metal poles near the Buckeye Loop Road substation near the bowling alley. The TECO arborist also shared that some trees will be removed and replaced with less impactful alternatives. It is shown with this name on the and Military maps.

No origin of either name has been determined. Lake Eloise was rst shown with this name on the rst government survey of Lake Summit was rst shown with that name on the Lake Region map. No determination on origin of name. That summarizes the names in the southern Chain of Lakes. The Museum of Winter Haven History is closed for the summer as we create new displays. Group visits are available by appointment.

Contact Bob Gernert at or bobgernert gmail.