Venomoth butterfree swap meet

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venomoth butterfree swap meet

B ~ The player next meets their rival at the Pokémon Tower in . Game Freak accidentally swapped sprites for Venomoth and Butterfree. This is a list of files, pages, and categories for Butterfree. File:Swap Meet Various T. File:TCG2 B04 File:Venomoth Butterfree Sleep Powder TA. png. Koga's evolved into a Venomoth in the same episode. A Venonat appeared in Tricks of the Trade as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Swap Meet in Palmpona. A Venonat .. Butterfree Beedrill Paras Parasect Venonat Venomoth.

When it was a Ratatta, it wasn't even in "the top percentage of ratattas"! KriegStein February 4th,9: My favourites have all been said. Its hard to think anything. Wait now I know. And his possible suicide. This happens in Hg and Ss. You need the Celebi event. Celebi takes you back in time and eventualy to Tohno falls. There you find Giovanni listening to the team rocket broadcast. He then says various things and fights the player. After his defeat he says something like "again? I lost to a kid?

All this training worthless? Now interesting is the sound that plays is not the vasic exit sound. Its more like a splash.


So he jumps to the falls? This is the basic form of the theory. Now few other theories emerge from this. Fans argue about does he actualy drown or does he survive and what happens. I think its sad if Giovanni would die after just having made his way back to the series.

KriegStein February 4th, D I havent played those yet Here is another theory. Gengar us actualy clefables shadow etc.

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They have similar body structure and Gengar is referred as shadow pokemon. Also the name might come from Doppelganger which is a mythic being impersonating someone.

SaniOKh February 6th, The first one is about Wobbuffet: More precisely, its brain is located in what looks like the tail, which is actually its head, that's why it has eyes, while the blue "body" is something like a decoy with a fake mouth.

The second one, and I admit I believe it is true: Metapod's eyes look more like Venomoth's than Butterfree's, and especially in the original Red and Green Butterfree looks exactly like Venonat, only with wings, a neck and less hair. GhastlyGastly February 6th,8: I'm a proponent of both of those theories as well. A related theory to the Venomoth-Butterfree idea is the hypothesis that Psyduck's and Golduck's names were swapped accidentally during development; I mean, Psyduck is the one that's actually gold-colored, and Golduck is the one that has more notable psychic abilities.

It just makes sense to me.

venomoth butterfree swap meet

Sweets Witch February 7th,1: Remember your rival Gary? The first few times you fight him he on your travels he uses a Raticate to sink his teeth into you. Later on you meet him in Lavender towns Pokemon tower - a massive gravesite for your little monster friends - and he asks you if you know what it feels like to have one of your Pokemon die.

He also never uses Raticate again. Its theorised that in the crowds and confusion after your last battle aboard the SS Anne he was unable to get to a Pokemon Center in time to help his friend and Raticate passed away, making you implicit in his murder. And let's not forget how you beat him down mere moments after he achieved his dream of becoming a Pokemon champion, stealing all of the praise from his own Grandfather.

Not such a nice guy after all, are you? Pokemon are energy beings that manipulate physics It takes a real stick-in-the-muk to demand sound science from a world that contains electric mice, moon creatures, and malevolent balloons.

It's usually easier to just cry wizard and move on, but Reddit user nameless88 apparently isn't one for easy answers. In earlynameless noted that the inside of a Pokeball seems to be covered in mirrors, and hypothesized that "the pokemon is converted into light, and then bounces around inside the pokeball at lightspeed Pokemon possess the ability to convert matter to energy, and the pokeball just exploits this.

Pokemon convert energy into matter, allowing them to manifest fire, stars, giant hands and such for their attacks. Humans and unconscious Pokemon can't be captured with a pokeball, because they can't execute the conversion.

Pokemon store energy as they gain experience, and when they evolve, the massive amount they release is converted into their new bodies. Basically, this theory suggests that Pokemon is more scientifically sound than the entirety of The Core. Cubone is a mutated baby Kangaskhan Sometimes a theory becomes so prominent and widely accepted that fans start to believe it was developers' intention all along, and were just waiting on some leaked concept art or creator commentary to seal the deal.

One widespread theory on the nature of Cubone's origins fits that bill: This theory is supported by the fact that a baby Kangaskhan has a model nearly identical to that of a Cubone, with only slight color differentiation. Further, both Pokemon share a uniquely strong mother-child connection, and no one really knows what happens to a baby Kangaskhan as it ages.

The idea has become so popular that some claim it to be fact, and assert that Red and Blue's infamous Missingno glitch was actually intended to be the bridging evolution between Cubone and Kangaskhan before it was removed. Man, talk about mommy issues. Dittos are corrupted Mews Generation I's favorite legendary critter, Mew could be regarded as the ultimate Pokemon, since it's technically all of them at once: There's only one other Pokemon capable of pulling that trick: Ditto, the mimic blob, and that's not the only similarity they share.

In fact, they have enough in common that some have theorized Ditto are Mew. They've just been corrupted. The evidence for this one is simple, but compelling.

Ditto and Mew are the only two Pokemon that can use Transform.

venomoth butterfree swap meet

They have the same coloration, both in their normal and Shiny forms. They--stay with me here--weigh the same amount, at 8. Altogether, these small commonalities create a semblance that's actually pretty convincing. What corrupted the Ditto-Mews is anyone's guess--maybe they were failed clones there's established lore in Pokemon that scientists have tried to clone Mew, that's why Mewtwo existsor transformed so much that they forgot what they used to be.

But in any case, the resemblance is uncanny--and really, what's a little amorphous blobbery amongst family?